10 GETIDA Tips for Amazon Sellers Working from Home

10 GETIDA Tips for Amazon Sellers Working from Home

Here are 10 GETIDA tips for Amazon sellers working from home that was crafted by the GETIDA team members working and living in self-isolation at home. These are real tips that our team members have been utilizing while keeping the company fully operational during the crisis of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

10 GETIDA Tips

Work out – Download a workout app on your mobile device so you remain active. It’s important to set some time aside during the day to get your heart rate going. Runkeeper & the Nike mobile app are GREAT for running. They provide you with different challenges and intervals for running. The Seven App is also a great 7 minute workout, which effectiveness is based on scientific studies to help you reap the greatest benefits in the shortest time frame. Instagram is also extremely helpful! Many Instagram fitness influencers and fitness publications like Women’s Health go live at various times of the day so you can follow along with the workout. Some days it’s strength training, other days HIIT or Yoga!

Sound – Invest in a good headphone and microphone set that can mute surrounding sounds so you can tune in and out of phone & video calls. We are living on Zoom these days! Here are a few recommendations:  Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC headset, Jabra Evolve 80 and Logitech H820e

Music – Play some music or a podcast in the background when possible. It helps with anxiety, disconnecting a bit with reality, and not feeling isolated! The Calm mobile app is great for meditation and relaxation, and can even assist with you falling asleep! TuneIn Radio app or Google Podcasts is essential for our team when it comes to streaming podcasts! Music artists on Youtube like Bon Iver, Stormzy, Eminem, Ms. Lauryn Hill, and much more get the GETIDA team through the workday!

Efficiency – Do all things away from your computer in one shot so that you limit the times you need to get up and disengage from work. Stretch your legs, go to the bathroom, fill up your water bottle, get a snack  – and then, back to work!

Breaks – Studies show 15 minutes break every two hours is ideal for refreshing your mind and focusing again. Every two hours it’s important to get up, get water, have some coffee or a snack, check the news, and then – back to work!

Dress code – optional. Some people need to get dressed as if they’re going to an office or attending a virtual meeting, and there are those who are at home in sweatpants and T-shirts

Routine – get some exercise in, shower, and get dressed. Wearing sweatpants and watching Netflix all day isn’t always ideal. Keeping a routine is important for your mental health. You don’t want to be waking up some days and wondering what day of the week it is…

Go outside – it is important to still get some fresh air while keeping your social distance of course and wear a mask if needed, and maybe even catch up on some vitamin D if it’s sunny outside. Whether standing on a porch or circling the perimeter of your house, you will find that going outside will immediately refresh you. 

Self-improvement – If you experience any downtime in your work, look for an online course that can help you develop your business or technical skills. It can be digital marketing, writing computer code, mastering Excel, Photoshop, and much more. Challenge yourself – you will find that it will pass the time quickly and you will get rewarded. Skillshare is a great website that provides thousands of courses, with a tremendous variety of niches. 

Read books – another way to improve yourself is by reading books. Since most local libraries are closed, the NY Times Best Sellers List is a good place to start looking for a read, and Amazon also has a good bestsellers list and is still doing a good job shipping these types of paper products (much more than toilet paper and paper towels). If you have children, get a few kids’ books that you will also enjoy reading to them and use the opportunity to bond with your children at the same time. ScribD is a popular app among our team that is essentially unlimited for audiobook reading for a small fee per month. 


We hope that you find the 10 GETIDA tips for Amazon sellers working from home helpful in getting some ideas about how to live and work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. If any questions or further advice is needed, feel free to reach out to us at support@getida.com.

Good luck, and stay safe and healthy out there!

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