3 Affordable Areas To Outsource in Your Amazon FBA Business

Outsource Amazon Business

3 Affordable Areas To Outsource in Your Amazon FBA Business

Suppose you’re a seasoned Amazon seller but struggling to find a balance between an entrepreneurial life and your personal life. In that case, it may be just the time to consider some tools to outsource in your Amazon FBA business.

The beginning journey of an Amazon seller holds much excitement and anticipation of building a brand and selling products on the world’s largest marketplace. You carve out time to make all the vital moving pieces of your Amazon launch come together. The ultimate goal, if we are honest with ourselves, is some type of freedom or flexibility.

While eCommerce holds plenty of opportunities, stress can mount if you’re unable to find the sweet spot of your personal and business affairs. The impacts are minor, but over time, continuous mistakes are made, and money is lost. In reality, what needed to happen to leverage your time and some of your pocket cash, is expansion.

Expansion is different for every seller, and it does not necessarily mean hiring a team of 20 employees dependant on you for direction—just the opposite. Expansion means outsourcing tasks that you are no longer motivated to perform, don’t have time to do, or aren’t good at doing.

This article will break down the top 3 areas you should outsource to grow your business and get some of your time back. 

Outsource Amazon FBA business
Outsource some of your tasks in your Amazon FBA business.

#1 Virtual Assistants

With so many methods to hire and genuinely affordable pricing, it makes sense to hire a virtual assistant sooner than later in your Amazon business.

Virtual Assistant Tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Social media management
  • Listing optimization
  • Flat files
  • Account health issues
  • Product sourcing
  • Customer Feedback

Amazon Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant Agency – You can work with a virtual assistant agency like VAA Phillippines, where your team of Virtual Assistants is handpicked on your behalf. Costs with agencies vary, and often you are charged a small enrollment fee. The fee is paid at the initial contract signing, and from that moment on, you make payment arrangements directly with your virtual assistant. Pricing is negotiated base on your needs at an hourly rate. 

Independent Virtual Assistant – Hiring a VA through sites like FreeUp or UpWork allow you to search for independent freelancers who may suit your specific needs. If you have the time and want to save a bit more money, this option could suit you. The hourly rates for VA’s in the Phillippines range from $3-8 an hour. Not bad when you consider the work you can outsource to leverage your time.

While hiring is always a cost to your business, you must look at it as an essential component of your growth strategy. Hiring will save you money in the long run by allocating your resources to help you expand your business.

#2 Accounting, Accounting, Accounting

One of the most significant mistakes sellers make is not operating with proper accounting structures early on in their business. While we won’t lecture you on the do’s and don’t of accounting, if accounting is not your strong suit, then it’s time you hire it out. 

We’re sure you’ve heard of Quickbooks Online, and while we think this is excellent accounting software, we also know sellers at times purchase this accounting software without the ability to learn all its sometimes complicated features. (If that’s you, don’t feel bad, you are certainly not alone!)

Amazon Accounting

What you should be looking for is an accountant and accounting software catered to help Amazon sellers. Often typical accountants lack the scope of understanding for Amazon FBA. So here are a few Amazon accountants and software that can help you depending on your location and needs:

Puffin – Cloud-based and therefore great for Amazon sellers because everything is done online and in the cloud. With transparent pricing and personalized service, you can’t go wrong. 

Clearly, Financials – With different tax laws than most sellers who focus just on the American market, Canadian sellers need an accounting firm versed in the various Amazon markets. Based out of Edmonton, Clearly, Financials operates remotely and can schedule all of your onboarding calls through zoom calls.

Muse Minded – Boasting 750 million in Amazon transactions since 2014, we’re guessing they know what they are doing! With focused attention on the Amazon market, they may be in tune with the rapid rate of change in Amazon FBA. It’s worth checking them out to gather more info!

Many Amazon businesses close their doors simply due to cash flow. If you don’t know where your money is going, you don’t know your cash flow. Hiring out Amazon accounting is another significant step towards securing your footing in the Amazon FBA space. As always, do your research and find the best fit for your specific needs.

#3 Amazon FBA Reimbursements

Another factor that becomes too much for sellers to routinely monitor is their Amazon FBA reimbursements. As the business continues to grow and evolve, so does the SKU count or product offer. With more products comes the need for more robust auditing services and more significant amounts of reimbursements owed. 

Virtual assistants aren’t always the best go-to option for your reimbursements, unfortunately. While Amazon sellers may think VA’s are equipped to perform routine Amazon FBA audits, they don’t always know to do so correctly. As much as we love VA’s for freeing up your productivity, there are some things best left to the experts.

GETIA meets your Amazon FBA recovery needs by performing routine Amazon FBA refunds and full Amazon FBA audits. You don’t have to sift through the barrage of spreadsheets trying to figure out what Amazon FBA pick and pack fees or amazon fba removal orders you’re owed for.

If you’re looking to leverage your time, scale your business, and put some of your own money back in your pocket, then GETIDA is for you.

Final Thoughts

Growing pains are expected in an Amazon FBA business, and while some make it on the other side, others struggle to keep afloat. It’s wise to invest in specific tools that can help you increase productivity and what’s in your bank account at an early stage. You don’t want to be scrambling to figure out what’s next in your business; the key is to being prepared as much as possible!

Which one of these three options will you consider first? Comment below!


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