3 Steps to Selling your Amazon FBA Business for Top Dollar

3 Steps to Selling your Amazon FBA for Top Dollar

3 Steps to Selling your Amazon FBA Business for Top Dollar

How exactly can you sell your Amazon FBA for top dollar? What are the best, absolutely unmissable steps? We’re ready to share with you the 3 steps that are most commonly disregarded by entrepreneurs. Missing these steps is harming their chances at a fair valuation and therefore a better sales and exit strategy.

By the time you finish this article we hope you realize just how easier selling your Amazon FBA for top dollar can be.

Spoiler alert: these are 3 steps you may already be taking into your business but not from a selling perspective. And this is exactly where most entrepreneurs fail.

But first, let’s get a quick glance at how you can sell your Amazon FBA.

The process of selling your Amazon FBA (simplified version)

Selling a business, regardless of its type or niche, does not come easy.

We’ll present you a simplified version of the whole process so you can grasp the article content easily when we present you the 3 steps of selling.

Stage 1 – Getting the house in order

When deciding you’re ready to sell your eCommerce business, making sure your business information is organized will make the selling process easier.

To be more precise, this means:

  • Getting all your numbers straight. Knowing where each cent is being spent and why.
  • Understanding what the future holds. So you can advise future buyers on why your eCommerce will be a good investment for them.
  • Client and company culture. How is it, how did you build it, what does the future hold? You wouldn’t want the next buyer to ruin everything you worked for.
  • Understanding your reasons. This will also come up, we can guarantee you. Why are you selling? Why now?

This could easily be called Stage 0 because this is where you can decide whether or not this is a good time to sell.

Sometimes, the best time is not now. Sometimes, you need to grow your business to then sell it for top dollar.

Stage 2 – Marketing

Marketing your business with discretion should be your no. 1 priority as soon as you decide to sell.

You need to understand that most people see the selling of a business as something negative, so clients may feel edgy if they hear you’re looking to sell.

They may think you’re going bankrupt, that their purchases are not assured, and so on. Which is not your particular case.

Our advice: don’t go telling everyone you’re selling your Amazon FBA. Choose your buyers carefully, study them in advance, then pitch them your business.

Managing offers

Stage 3 – Managing offers

As soon as you get some offers on the table, you need to start negotiating and managing them.

This means taking the time to review all of them, coming up with counter-offers on the best ones, and even starting to consider who would handle the business better.

Once again, we advise you to try and always find the best buyer. The best one isn’t always the highest bid.

Sometimes, counter-offers and settling for a lower bid will be the best-case scenario to ensure your Amazon FBA and all your clients and team will be taken care of.

Stage 4 – The Exit Strategy

The Exit strategy is, almost literally, a relay race between two parties. You’ll be preparing the ground to make sure the other party can continue the work hustle-free.

Upon sealing a deal, it’s time for a business relay race.

This is a sensitive part of selling your Amazon FBA and you need to make sure it’s well handled.

Otherwise, the whole business will suffer the consequences and you’ll be mislabelled in the buying and selling entrepreneur community. Trust us: as an entrepreneur, you don’t want this to kill your chances at another potential business sale.

The Exit Strategy

The 3 Steps to Selling your Amazon FBA for Top Dollar

We’re on the same track now, as you are now familiar with the simplified version of selling an eCommerce.

Now’s the time to share some tips on the 3 most simple steps to guarantee you’ll be selling your Amazon FBA for top dollar.

Once again, we’re sure you’ll think this is already being taken care of but stay with us because these are actually the golden rules of all of it.

Step 1: Culture

Remember we talked about this earlier?

We don’t just mean company culture with your employees, but client culture as well. It goes without saying that brands that create the best hype are sold for top dollar.

Creating hype doesn’t mean doing content on social media to get more likes… It actually means getting your clients to become your ambassadors and become so eager to be a part of your client’s list that your Amazon FBA will not go unnoticed by anyone.

You need to come up with a strategy that will make your brand the Apple and Coca-Cola of your niche.

Here are a few simple ways to do this:

  • Promote within your mailing list. You have a client’s database and all their contact information. You could start mailing your clients their purchased products and ask for an unboxing and testimonial video in exchange for a voucher. Clients can easily share that video with you and in their own personal social media accounts (where they tag you). This will create wider reach for your brand.
  • Product launch is a great way to get hype from clients (current or potential). Notice what Apple does everytime they launch a new product: they leak information, get the fuss going, then they’ll pitch it. Launching a new product and getting this information out there (maybe with the help of social media influencers) will also get you noticed.
  • Remarketing PPC Strategy is overlooked by many, for some reason. Because it works wonders! You can create a specific strategy and campaign for clients who have made a purchase in the last 30 days to encourage them to review your brand and tell all about it to the world.
  • Surprise your clients. Get an extra something in their order, especially if they are a recurring buyer. This is used by many brands already and it works wonders to guarantee brand loyalty. These are also the clients that will most easily become your brand ambassadors and will tell everyone about the great experience they have with you.
  • Get your email marketing to work for you. You know when a client will eventually need face cream, more coffee and so on. You can email clients who have made purchases in the last 3 months but have not yet come back. Sometimes people forget to order new products and are disappointed when they have none. Be ahead of this and delight your clients while also making money.

If your Amazon FBA has faithful clients, there is no way your numbers won’t be pleasing for top dollar buyers.

Ask for help

Step 2: Ask for help

This is hardly a sign of weakness – it’s the exact opposite, actually.

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs believe that selling their eCommerce business is an easy process.

Most times, though, they eventually sell their businesses for less than they should have, there is no discretion in the process, and the Exit strategy is not even taken care of.

These three things, all by themselves, will harm the whole selling process.

Talk to a facilitator or advisor before doing anything, as they are the ones that can help you understand if this is the best time to sell your Amazon FBA for top dollar or if there’s something to work on before getting your business off the market.

This is actually the main difference between a business broker and a facilitator: we will help you grow before selling if that’s what it takes to sell your business for its fair value as if it was our own.

And, of course, then help you through the whole process so you won’t get any headaches at all.

Get advice before selling your Amazon FBA or even before you consider selling it because a facilitator will also help with step 3.

Step 3: Discretion

Do you know how people are always curious and eager to know what’s going on and how they can get in?

Well, the same happens when selling your Amazon FBA.

Discretion in the whole selling process will help you in two ways:

  • You’ll negotiate with the best possible buyers;
  • You’ll get some fuss when the word comes out without jeopardizing your sales. The first benefit is, you’ll avoid potential offers that may come out as offensive.

When the word is out there that you’re selling your Amazon FBA, there are a number of people who will want a piece of it. Some just want to understand what you’re asking for and how you’re trying to close the deal.

Discretion in marketing your business to potential buyers will save you time and guarantee good offers on the table.

When it comes to getting some good quality fuss going on without jeopardizing sales, well… As we’ve said before, selling can come as something negative for outsiders to the business industry (like your clients) and you don’t want them worrying about their orders and their money is lost.

Most of all, when the media finally finds out there is a sale going on, this could become good press for you and your buyer.

Make sure your PR department works on this the proper way (your selling facilitator can help with this too).

don’t overlook anything

A final tip

Anytime we participate in events or talk about selling eCommerce businesses like yours, we are always asked about the best top of all, the unmissable one, the one that really gets things going and done.

After giving it some thought, we always end up coming back to the same thing: don’t overlook anything.

Selling your Amazon FBA is a delicate process and you’d be amazed by how much is forgotten, how much is overseen and overlooked, and how much money you lose from missing out on the simple tasks.

The most simple thing can turn into a nightmare if not properly assessed. That’s why we suggest you get help from a facilitator.

If you’re not a mechanic, you wouldn’t fix your car. You’d hire a proper mechanic. The same applies to selling your Amazon FBA.

Get help, get things going, and that will ultimately allow you to sell your business for top dollar. Contact AEPIC Partners for help.


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