A Guide to the 5 Best Amazon FBA Fee Calculators

A Guide to the Best Amazon FBA Fee Calculators

A Guide to the 5 Best Amazon FBA Fee Calculators

Are you looking to operate a profitable Amazon FBA business in 2021? You’ll need the best Amazon FBA Fee Calculators to help you achieve solid margins!

Are you eager to sell your products on Amazon? To be an Amazon seller, there is a slew of things one needs to figure out. From sourcing products, manufacturing, pricing to finally launching your product live on Amazon. From keyword research to crafting your first Amazon listing, these are all examples of essential steps you’ll need to take to get started. 

Another major factor that you must consider to launch your products on the Amazon platform are costs. Costs and numbers are everything to the viability of your business. You’ll need to understand Amazon fees, profit margins, ROI, etc., to grow a healthy business. Frequently sellers fall short in understanding numbers, and the excitement to sell their brand on Amazon overshadows this critical stage of business. When sellers begin to navigate their exit or sale of their Amazon FBA business, this is when their lack of financial due diligence can be most noticed. 

This article discusses costs and how to calculate the vital metrics of profit margins and expenses. See this link for more information on how to increase profits in your Amazon FBA business.

We will outline the best available choices of free Amazon FBA calculators, their respective advantages and disadvantages. 

Before getting started, here are the primary cost factors you may want to consider:

  • Upfront Costs – The cost of goods, cost of the samples you ordered, freight & shipping costs, as well as packaging design, etc.
  • Variable Costs – These are your fee costs—fees such as Amazon FBA fees, returns & defects, 3PL costs, etc.
  • Promotional & Advertising Costs – PPC costs or pay-per-click advertising, and any costs associated with marketing and advertising
Use an Amazon FBA Fee Calculator to discover your costs & profit margin.

What is an Amazon FBA Fee Calculator?

An Amazon FBA Calculator is a valuable tool that helps sellers understand what fees they will pay to sell their products on Amazon and whether or not to use Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) or pursue another sales channel. Amazon FBA calculators facilitate making informed decisions on products and prices for better productivity. Finding the most profitable price point throughout your Amazon business is vital.

Here is an overview of some of the fees each free Amazon FBA calculator can help sellers evaluate:

  • Amazon FBA Fees
  • Shipping & Handling Costs
  • Amazon FBA pick and pack fees
  • Costs of Goods
  • Marketing Fees
  • Amazon FBA logistics fees
  • Product Costs

Amazon FBA Fee Calculators

The 5 Best Amazon FBA Fee Calculators

We’ve gathered our favorite Amazon FBA fee calculators below for your review. Each calculator will offer different accuracy levels, and you’ll need to do your research as to which one is most accurate for your product. 

1.  AMZscout

If you are scouting for a fully loaded tool to calculate FBA profit, then AMZscout is worth considering. This tool allows sellers to estimate sales, FBA fees, listing quality, and the ability to verify FMB / FBA and international values. The chrome extension makes this tool easy to navigate and user-friendly. You’ll copy and paste your product’s ASIN into the calculator to get started.

2.  Fetcher Profit Calculator

It is one of the numerous influential tools designed to calculate seller profit. It calculates net margin per unit and gross margin costs, which aren’t as standard across all the FBA fee calculator tools. The seller can make accurate estimates for product launches or evaluating existing profits. You can access the calculator by entering signing up to their email subscription list.

3.  eComEngine

eComEngine offers one of the best Amazon FBA calculators available to Amazon sellers. Sellers can also download the free eComEngine spreadsheet that organizes all of the information they need to run the most accurate calculations. While FBA calculators are essential to understanding margins, managing data points ahead of using FBA calculators are also vital. eComEngine makes the calculation process easy to understand and manageable for both new and experienced Amazon sellers.

4.  Seller App

The Seller app is the basis of a calculator that lets you know the precise estimate of potential revenue and net profit with a simple copy and paste of the URL of the product you want to search. It has several features like web availability and a Chrome extension, making it user-friendly. This tool can help sellers evaluate net profits and profit margins to make an informed decision on final product selection.

5.  Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is a staple in the Amazon world, and their FBA Fee calculator is no exception to the reliable data they provide. Jungle Scout offers its users an accurate estimate of product profitability, net profit or loss, net margin, and FBA fees. Sellers can understand their numbers in a high-level overview by seeing where their largest expenses lie and if the opportunity exists to optimize numbers across all metrics to create a profitable business.

5.  Fulfillment by Amazon Revenue Calculator

Amazon Revenue Calculator is a web-based application that gives you accurate estimates of FBA fees. With this tool, you can easily research a product and calculate running costs and profits. The best part is that it helps you decide whether you should go for FBM or FBA and the best price point for your product on Amazon. You’ll need to sign in to your seller account or operate the calculator as a guest. 

How to Choose The Best Amazon FBA Fee Calculator?

Every level of experience can take advantage of Amazon FBA fee calculators, but a few considerations should be made to experience levels.

  • Beginner Seller

Often, beginners may face some problems when estimating profit. In such cases, they can opt for the tool with a URL copy-paste function like Seller App and then take a length of advance in calculating what you need.

  • Intermediate Seller

Intermediaries always have a good understanding of this type of tool. But in case you’re having a hard time deciding, you can go for the platform with more info and more accurate estimates like Jungle Scout.

  • Pro Seller

Seasoned Amazon FBA sellers probably have extensive knowledge of Amazon FBA fee calculators and how they work. They use a combination approach of their calculations and that of calculators to analyze the data.

Determining the best FBA calculator depends on the business needs and goals you want to achieve.

How are Amazon FBA Fees Calculated?

Every tool will operate slightly differently, and the calculation of FBA fees is based on several factors, which can change over time. Below we have created a simple overview of what to expect in using the fulfilled by Amazon FBA fee calculator:

  1. Join Amazon FBA and open the product page on Amazon.
  2. Switch to the Amazon FBA fee calculator and search for the product using the correct identifier (ASIN, ISBN, or any other search keyword)
  3. Add all the values, dimensions, prices of the products in the fields.
  4. Fill in the shipping field and mention the cost of the final product.
  5. Tap on the Calculate button and wait for the result.

You can now see your Net Profit or Loss. You can also view the charts and the estimated increase or decrease in sales.

Closing Words

Amazon FBA Fee Calculators play a vital role in the sustainability and growth of an Amazon business. With the right tools, you can simplify understanding costs and profit margins, and you can create a healthy Amazon FBA business in the process.

Be sure to seek the right tool for you and your business and take advantage of anyh of the free 5 Amazon FBA calculators listed in our article. Happy Selling!


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