About Us

Max and Yoni founded GETIDA in 2015 after nearly a decade of successfully navigating the pitfalls and intricacies of the ever-changing Amazon Marketplace structure. As sellers themselves, they realized what a minefield selling on Amazon can be!

They recognized the tasks all sellers face as they filed FBA reimbursement claims, requested FBA refunds, tracked FBA inventory reports, and strived to make sense of the mountains of data that Amazon perpetually supplies. They came to realize that there wasn’t an efficient system and service in place to handle Amazon sellers’ FBA auditing needs properly.

Our Team

Something needed to be done.
And so, with a lot of blood, sweat, and some tears, GETIDA was born.

From a humble beginning and in just a few short years, GETIDA has become a world-class industry leader in online marketplace auditing. Our auditing technology puts a great focus on discovering and resolving logistical and financial discrepancies in a relentless effort to reconcile every single transaction. With over $2 billion of yearly transactions managed by GETIDA, our technology and solutions keep refining and improving all the time.

GETIDA takes pride not only in the data analytics and the services it provides, but also in consulting with a myriad of businesses all around the world on implementing the best practices in eliminating logistical and financial discrepancies. By helping so many organization improve their overall performance, GETIDA is empowering the eCommerce seller community to a great degree. The philosophy is simple, if the businesses in the eCommerce industry are strong and successful, we too will be.

At GETIDA, we know that the marketplace needs a systematic, results-oriented service for sellers everywhere. What we offer is a service that tracks your FBA reports, finds overlooked FBA discrepancies, provides actionable insights from data, and use those FBA insights to ensure maximum recovery.

Let our Intelligent Data Analytics and our service work for you. Get empowered. Get GETIDA.

Get Empowered

We monitor the status of your FBA claims until the funds from your FBA reimbursement is in your account.









Headquartered in Teaneck, New Jersey USA

Our offices are located in New Jersey, USA. We have team members all around the world working on your behalf.