GET Reimbursed

GETIDA works with you to ensure you make the best decisions for your business. E-Commerce is growing annually by at least 30% and this incredible growth means more inventory is moving and more possibilities for errors. We use our software to analyze your data, reconcile your inventory, and then we file claims for reimbursement on your behalf. Below you can find the types of claims we have experience in managing:

Amazon Account Audit

Returns Audit

Returns Reimbursement:

A reimbursement was never actually paid out

Returned Not Refunded after 45 Days:

The customer received a refund but they never returned the item

Return Overcharge:

The customer was refunded more than they originally charged

The wrong item returned:

A customer sent the wrong item back and Amazon accepted it,

Damaged Returns:

The product was returned and then damaged

Return after 60 days:

A customer was granted a special after the usual policy window

Amazon Account Audit

Warehouse Audit

Receiving Discrepancy:

Inventory was improperly received or miscounted from inbound shipments in past 9 months


Inventory was lost in the warehouse


Inventory was damaged at the warehouse


Inventory was destroyed without seller permission

Amazon Account Audit

Accounting Audit

Credited more than Charged:

The account was billed more than initial order amount

Seller Fee:

The seller was wrongfully charged for weight or dimension of inventory

Unfair Reimbursement:

The reimbursement the seller received was not correlative to lost value

Chargeback not Refunded:

A consumer received a chargeback but the seller was not reimbursed

Reimbursement Error:

Reimbursement was issued but the seller never received the money

Amazon Account Audit

Inventory Audit

Inventory Replacement:

A returned item is said to be back is your inventory but is not

Independent Inventory Analysis:

GETIDA monitors inventory levels independently to ensure that no inventory goes missing

Missing Inventory:

The seller was reimbursed for less quantity of inventory than what was supposed to be reimbursed

Removal Order:

Items are missing from inside the removal order

Amazon Account Audit

Shipping Audit

Inbound Shipping Damaged by Carrier

While shipping FBA, the carrier damaged incoming inventory

Damaged Return by Carrier:

Inventory was returned by the consumer and damaged during the return by the carrier

Removal Order Damaged or Lost:

The removal order was damaged or lost in transit


Item sold on different marketplaces were said to be delivered that consumer never received product

Amazon Account Audit

Seller-Fulfilled Audit

Customer Returned Damaged Item:

Customer sends back an item that was damaged by the customer or by the carrier

Customer issued Return Not Received:

The customer never sent back a granted return item