Max B. founded GETIDA in 2015 after nearly a decade of successfully navigating the pitfalls and intricacies of the ever-changing Amazon Marketplace structure. As a seller himself, he realized what a minefield selling on Amazon can be!

maximum fba reimbursements

The Story Behind Our Story

Max worked personally and in collaboration with other agencies to manage the entire Amazon process. He recognized the tasks all sellers face as he filed claims, requested refunds, tracked inventory reports, and strived to make sense of the mountains of feedback Amazon perpetually supplied. He came to realize that there wasn’t an efficient system in place to handle sellers’ needs and protect profits. So much can fall through the cracks, especially for sellers who are new to the market and need to focus more on the overall picture, rather than the myriad of details that one learns with time. We realized that sellers cultivating a business face a multitude of things that require constant focus, and filing claims and tracking reimbursements can be an unrelenting distraction. Something needed to be done.

And so, with a little bit of luck and blood, sweat, and a lot of tears, GETIDA was born. We knew that the marketplace needed a systematic, results-oriented service not just for us, but for sellers everywhere. What emerged was a system that tracks your seller reports, finding easily overlooked discrepancies, finding your money, and works to get it for you.

GETIDA analyzes your data, reconciles your inventory, and then our case managers file claims for maximum fba reimbursements on your behalf.
Let our intelligent data analytics work for you. Get empowered. Get GETIDA.

Sellers Success Stories

My business experienced very inconsistent sales due to returns errors and damaged stocks in one of my fulfillment centers. GETIDA’s service was such as blessing. In the first few weeks of signing up with GETIDA, I have already been reimbursed the equivalent of 75% of one of my Amazon distributions. The monies would have been almost impossible to get back on my own, and I did not have time to spare for trial and error. I am so relieved again that I signed up!

Avatar Natalie Moore

We developed a physical training program together – it became a hit and started selling fast. However, we encountered some Amazon payment issues. We needed reimbursements to be paid on time so that we can scale our business quickly and stay ahead of the game. We are really happy and love GETIDA’s service and platform. It has made it extremely easy for us to claim for reimbursements from Amazon.

Avatar Randy & Amber Jackson

Although we own a traditional bakery storefront, we are required to ship our goods nationwide. We sold our baked goods on our website before expanding to sell on popular marketplaces like Amazon. However, we have been experiencing payment delays and these issues were really putting a strain on our cash flow. We could not replenish our inventory fast enough to keep up with demand. Thanks to GETIDA’s expertise in Amazon seller reimbursements, we got our inventory up again and fulfilled orders sooner. This has helped to increase our overall revenue!

Avatar Danielle Jones

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Let our intelligent data analytics work for you. Get empowered. Get GETIDA.