Creating Amazon A+ Content in 2022

Creating Amazon A+ Content in 2022

Creating Amazon A+ Content in 2022

Make the Grade with Amazon A+ Content

Amazon sellers can differentiate themselves from their competitors by creating Amazon A+ Content. It’s a great way to establish and enhance your brand identity, not to mention increase sales. And it’s free for brands registered with the Amazon Brand Registry Program.

In this post, we take a deep dive into:

  • What is Amazon A+ Content
  • Why you want to use Amazon A+ Content Benefits
  • Amazon A+ Content eligibility requirements
  • How to create, optimize and test Amazon A+ Content
  • GETIDA gets A+ grade to audit FBA detail

What is Amazon A+ Content

There’s an old expression that a picture is worth a thousand words. Amazon A+ Content allows you to “paint a better picture” about your products. Instead of plain text, you can use images, customized headings, charts, infographics, and other visual aids to make your product listings stand out, engage customer attention and achieve higher conversions. 

Why You Want to Employ A+ Content

Why You Want to Employ A+ Content 

It seems obvious that an eye-catching product listing with colorful logos and images better connects with customers. Various estimates claim the conversion rate increases anywhere from 3% to 10%. Higher conversion rates not only mean more sales, but they can also increase your ranking, even without an increase in traffic.

In addition, by providing more in-depth information about your product using Amazon A+ Content, customers can make more informed purchasing decisions, decreasing the chance of returns (which costs you money and possible lost inventory) and negative reviews (which cost your brand reputation and future sales potential). 

Amazon A+ Content also grows your brand awareness. Even those customers who don’t ultimately buy one of your products at least learn more about your brand and the benefits you offer. You build a loyal customer base, increase the likelihood of repeat business and further differentiate your brand from the competition.

Amazon A+ Content Eligibility Requirements

While there is no charge to create Amazon A+ Content, only trademarked brands enrolled and approved as registered in Amazon’s Brand Registry Program are eligible for Amazon A+ Content. Note you can only create Amazon A+ Content for the brand name that exactly matches how it is enrolled in the Brand Registry and that the brand trademark must appear on the product and/or product packaging. 

How to Create, Optimize and Test A+ Content

There are currently 17 different modules you can use to present your product in a unique way to better engage customers and increase sales, though you can only use up to seven. One module should be your logo, the others for any combination of graphics, product images, and/or product comparison chart. 

Follow the steps below to create, optimize and test your Amazon A+ Content.

 Create Amazon A+ Content

To create Amazon A+ Content, from your Seller Central account:

  1. Hover over Advertising and click A+ Content Manager from the submenu.
  2. Click Start creating A+ content.
  3. Under Select the type of A+ content you want to create: click either:
    1. Create Basic 
    2. Create a Brand Story
How to Create, Optimize and Test A+ Content

Note: You can create up to seven modules (though technically Amazon says you can only create five) to highlight product features when you select Create Basic. When you select Create a Brand Story, you add details about your brand across all the products you sell. This includes logo, brand description, and FAQs. Once you create a brand story, the content is displayed over each product with A+ Content; so if you’re doing this for the first time, we recommend creating your brand story first as that becomes part of the Amazon A+ Content for each product you go on to create. The rest of these steps follow how you Create Basic content for a product.

  1. Enter the Content name (the product name) and select from the Language dropdown. 
  2. Click Add Module

Note: You can choose up to seven modules. We’d say make the most of all seven. Except for Module 1: Logo (which you should always select), you can choose to select various combinations of optional images and text to talk about product specifications, benefits, and other important features. You can choose a right-side image, left-side image, 4-image quadrant, multi-image module, comparison chart, whatever you think looks good and presents your product in the best light. Note that there are varying pixel size restrictions for images used in different modules.

  1. You can save content as a draft, but once you are satisfied the content is ready for publishing, click Next Apply ASINs.
  2. Select the ASIN(s) to apply the content.
  3. Review your content, with particular attention that you are in compliance with all Amazon A+ Content Guidelines. 
  4. Click Submit. It takes on average a week for Amazon to approve your content. If not approved, you need to fix the errors and resubmit.

General Guideline to Optimize A+ Content

Top tips to keep in mind when creating Amazon A+ Content:

  • Provide as much pertinent information about your product as possible.
  • Avoid wordiness, technical language and long paragraphs. Brief, too-the-point descriptions get read, verbose descriptions skimmed or ignored.
  • Create a “brand voice” and apply it to your promotional text.
  • Uee images that literally put your products in the best light. If the graphics don’t look good to you or aren’t of professional quality, they won’t look good or professional to potential customers. 
  • Add keywords to each image. Amazon requires this.
  • Review the Amazon A+ Content of your competition and do them one better!
Test Your Amazon A+ Content

Test Your Amazon A+ Content

You may have created great Amazon A+ Content. At least you might think so. But to know for sure if it’s getting results, there are a few things you can do to test how great it is:

  • Track your conversion rate, which Amazon terms “Unit Session Percentage.” You can find this information in Seller Central. Drill down from Reports to Business Reports to Detail Page Sales and Traffic by Child Item and find your product. The higher the Unit Session Percentage, the better.
  • A/B test. (Amazon is currently offering a tool to do this, but it is currently in beta and not available to every seller, so for now you have to do this on your own). Experiment with a different layout and/or images and see which gets better results. 
  • Amazon A+ Content is automatically formatted for mobile browsers. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it looks as good as it could on mobile. You do get a preview of what your Amazon A+ Content is going to look like on mobile, but it’s always good to double check once it goes live.

GETIDA Provides A+ Services 

By creating effective Amazon A+ Content, you can expect an uptick in sales. Which means more products moving in and out of inventory. Which if you’re an FBA seller, means there’s more data to keep track of, not to mention errors that can occur by Amazon in managing your inventory.  

You probably don’t have the time to constantly audit Amazon for possible discrepancies. But you need to because when there are discrepancies, you might be owed reimbursement. The average discrepancy rate ranges between 1%-3%, representing what could be a potentially significant amount of money.

GETIDA auditing software keeps track of your Amazon FBA inventory transactions, refunds, seller data analytics, and FBA reimbursements easily and clearly. Plus, you get a dedicated Amazon FBA experienced account team that follows up on your claims for as long as it takes to get you the money you are owed.

Best of all, it doesn’t cost you anything to use. Sign up for free. GETIDA only charges for when a claim gets the FBA reimbursement you are owed.

If that weren’t enough, you can get $400 in Free Amazon Seller Refunds with GETIDA with zero risk. 

Find out why so many Amazon FBA sellers grade GETIDA as an A+ service and business partner.