Amazon Automation to Grow Your Amazon Business

Amazon Automation to Grow Your Amazon Business

Amazon Automation to Grow Your Amazon Business

What is Amazon Automation?

Amazon automation of certain business processes frees up time and resources so you can look at new ways to grow your business, effectively compete with and differentiate yourself from the ever-increasing number of online sellers.

Potential benefits of Amazon automation include:

  • More efficient inventory management and order processing
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Better data collection 
  • Enhanced scalability

Perhaps most important of all, Amazon automation frees up your time to devote to other aspects of your business and increase bottom-line performance. So instead of spending time managing and fulfilling orders, it gets done automatically; the time you save now goes into expanding your business into new product categories or developing market strategies to expand and grow your Amazon business. Or even feel more comfortable taking the weekend off and spending some time with your family and friends without worrying about how your business is doing.

So what business process can you automate? Let’s look at five key Amazon automation opportunities. 

  • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)
  • Inventory management
  • Email marketing
  • Price tracking and repricing
  • Chatbot virtual assistant
Amazon FBA and Amazon Automation

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Technically, FBA is outsourcing, but since there’s a certain amount of automation used to fulfill your orders, we consider it Amazon automation. FBA picks, packs, and ships your orders from Amazon-managed warehouses. In addition, FBA handles your returns and any customer questions related to order status.  An added plus is that if there’s a problem with an order, it’s not your problem, it’s Amazon’s.  

The cost? FBA sellers pay for warehouse storage space and each fulfilled order. Which more than pays for itself in the time you space by letting Amazon automation do the work for you.

Email Marketing

Email is both the bane and the boon of ecommerce business. It’s your direct link to your customers. It’s also one of the most effective marketing strategies, with the highest potential ROI.

But it’s also highly time-consuming. The time you spend responding to one set of customer inquiries is time you aren’t spending on a different set of customer inquiries. According to some estimates, failure to respond within five minutes to a customer inquiry significantly reduces your chances of converting that lead into a paying customer.

There are a number of third-party software providers that provide Amazon automation for email marketing. Besides saving you time and providing more immediate responses to customer inquiries, additional features include:

  • Automated emails to correct issues in response to negative feedback reviews
  • Data collection to measure email marketing campaign effectiveness 
  • Email templates to customize email responses and campaigns
  • Automatic scheduling of emails with personalized messages
email marketing and amazon automation

Price Tracking and Repricing

The price of your products depends on the margins you need to cover your expenses combined with anticipated order volume to achieve profitability. Equally important and perhaps most critical is the pricing of competitor products. 

Sometimes a winning marketing strategy is to undercut your competition for certain products as loss leaders as a way to convert customers to more profitable products. In other cases, higher quality wins out over lower pricing; however, you do have to consider whether the quality is so much better than you can charge significantly more than your competition.

In any event, to make good decisions about pricing, you need to know what your competition is charging for the same or similar products. And not just what the competition charged a few days, or even five minutes ago, but just as soon as there is any change in competitive pricing.

There are a number of free tools and browser extensions that allow you to automatically monitor product listings and pricing on both Amazon and other ecommerce marketplaces. There are also Amazon automation tools that automatically reprice your products up or down depending on your pre-set parameters.

Chatbot Virtual Assistants 

Technically, a virtual assistant is not  Amazon automation, at least not in the sense of software that performs a business process. But if you need to offload certain repetitive tasks, a virtual assistant is a kind of Amazon automation, even though you are outsourcing to a person or third-party service. You are, in a sense, automating a process with a virtual assistant to perform regular administrative tasks. 

What is an actual Amazon automation is a chatbot. This is a software tool that mimics human interaction to respond to customer requests and provide support. There are a number of third-party chatbot providers with templates to build and launch chatbots you can use for Amazon automation, no coding skills are required.

Chabot and amazon automation

Inventory Management

Amazon FBA sellers still need to manage their inventory. Besides knowing exactly what products are inventoried in what warehouses and setting inventory levels to trigger reorders, good inventory management helps forecast future sales strategy. 

Another important consideration is that given the literally billions of transactions Amazon handles, errors sometimes occur. Errors for which you are owed reimbursement. And Amazon doesn’t always detect and report those reimbursable errors to you.

There are a host of inventory management solutions, but not all these solutions are an exact fit for Amazon automation. Investing in an inventory management solution that accurately reports large volumes of data in real-time with key performance indicators (KPIs), including FBA reimbursements, is a critical Amazon automation strategy that not only helps ensure profitability but enables you to create a sustainable and scalable online business.

Amazon Automation Summary

GETIDA provides a  software service designed specifically to track Amazon FBA inventory and reimbursements. Our auditing software keeps track of your Amazon FBA inventory transactions, refunds, seller data analytics, and FBA reimbursements easily and clearly. An easy-to-read dashboard displays robust analytics to help you fully understand what we are doing on a daily basis.

Equally important, dedicated case managers with Amazon experience follow up on FBA reimbursement claims on your behalf. They help ensure you get back what you are owed.

GETIDA makes the process of claiming Amazon fee reimbursement easy. So easy it’s free to use.  There is no commitment and no monthly fee. And there is free consulting on how best to improve your Amazon business. GETIDA charges only when a claim we file is successfully reimbursed. 

It’s the Amazon automation tool that can make a real difference in your bottom line performance. Get $400 in Free Amazon Seller Refunds with GETIDA.