Amazon Glossary of Terms and Acronyms

Amazon Glossary of Terms and Acronyms

Amazon Glossary of Terms and Acronyms

What It All Means

If you are new to Amazon selling, there’s a lot to learn, which is why we put together this Amazon glossary of terms for your ongoing reference.

Every business has its own set of abbreviations and acronyms. A quick shorthand leads to faster typing. And it makes us feel like part of the group to know the meaning of a term that most people don’t use.

To avoid needless head-scratching trying to figure out what some abbreviation might mean, refer to this Amazon Glossary of Terms and Acronyms. 

Amazon Glossary of Terms: 3PL and 7-Day-Deal

  • 3PL – Third-party logistics, a partner or service that helps merchants manage warehouse and inventory management, order fulfillment, shipping, distribution, customer exchanges, and returns. 
  • 7-Day Deal – A time-bound promotion offer featured on Amazon’s Best Deals page.

Amazon Glossary of Terms: A

  • A+ Content – A product description page containing enhanced content and branding that features graphics and embedded images. Formerly known as EBC or Enhanced Brand Content. 
  • AA – Amazon Associate. 
  • ACoS – Advertising Cost of Sale. Total sales spend divided by ad sales, the percentage of attributed sales spent on advertising. 
  • ACS – Amazon Creative Services
  • Affiliates – Social media (e.g., YouTube, Facebook, blogs) marketing referrals that drive traffic and sales to Amazon.
  • AGS – Amazon Global Selling.
  • AMG – Amazon Media Group.
  • AMZ Amazon’s stock listing abbreviation.
  • AMZL – Amazon Logistics.
  • Andon (aka, Andon Cord) – When an Amazon support agent pulls a product from buyable status due to a significant issue, usually related to safety and quality. The term refers to a process at Toyota factories in Japan to pull a physical cord to immediately stop production when a problem occurred.
  • API – Application Program Interface, a standard industry term than is not Amazon-specific.
  • AR – Amazon Robotics.
  • ARA – Amazon Retail Analytics.  
  • ARAP – Amazon Retail Analytics Premium. An add-on option to ARA with more detailed and varied reports that look at vendor traffic and customer behaviors.  
  • ASIN – Amazon Standard Info Number. A unique 10-character alphanumeric identifier. ASINs can have parent and child ASINs, e..g,  a product style (the parent) with multiple choices when it comes to color, size, pack size, etc. (child).
  • ASN – Advanced Shipment Notification. Indicates a shipment’s tracking number and information to Amazon in advance of delivery.
  • ASP – Average Selling Price. Calculated by net sales divided by the number of products sold. 
  • AWS – Amazon Web Services

Amazon Glossary of Terms: B

  • Best Deal – A time-bound promotional offer type for vendors on Amazon. 
  • BISS – Business Industrial & Scientific Supplies. 
  • Blue Badge –  An Amazon full-time employee (as opposed to a temporary or contract worker.)
  • BOGO – Buy One Get One. 
  • Brand Analytics – A suite of features available to brands enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry.
  • Brand Registry – Amazon’s program for brands to verify and control their brand.
  • Brand HQ – Sellers on the Amazon Brand Incubator and Amazon Exclusives program can connect with other brands via a forum, expand their knowledge with Amazon’s eLearning courses and ask pressing questions. Brands can also submit Best Deals and merchandising opportunities such as category page placements.
  • Brand Store – A customized page that features logos, products, and a curated brand experience for an Amazon seller. The page is created using a free tool.
  • Browse Node – Numerical codes to identify Amazon product categories. Nodes may be top-level and contain subcategories (sub-cats) that can change. Amazon uses thousands of these per location, which are unique to each location,  (i.e., UK and US numbers are not the same).
  • BSR – Best Seller Rank. The order and ranking of a product in the category where it is listed, taking into account both recent and past sales history. Updated hourly. If the product listing is new, the BSR is “None.”
  • Bundle – A group of complementary products sold as one ASIN unit.
  • Buy Box (BB) – White box on the right-hand side of the Amazon product detail page is used for customers to purchase items in their cart. When a customer makes the purchase from the Buy Box, the selected seller  is said to “win the Buy Box.” Buy Boxe listings are determined through complex algorithms.

Amazon Glossary of Terms: C

  • CA – Canada.
  • CAGR – Compound Annual Growth Rate.
  • Category Page – A landing page for a specific group of products, such as books, electronics, or toys & games.
  • CCR – Counterfeit Complaint Rate.
  • CD – Continuous Deployment.
  • Child ASIN – An option of a parent ASIN, such as size or color. All child ASINs are on one detail page under the parent ASIN.
  • Climate Pledge Friendly – A badge that indicates an eco-friendly, sustainable product. 
  • COGs –  Cost of Goods Sold.  
  • Concessions – Customer refunds. 
  • Coupon/Voucher – A limited promotional deal for a percentage or monetary amount off to purchase a product.
  • COW – Consumer Order Workflow.
  • CP – Contribution Profit.
  • CPC – Cost Per Click. The charge for whenever a customer clicks on a sponsored ad.
  • CPT – Critical Pull Time. The time when an order is in danger of not shipping in time for customer delivery cut-offs.
  • CPS – Costs Per Shipment.
  • CPU – Contacts Per Unit.
  • CRAP – Can’t Realize a Profit. Based on Amazon algorithms, a product is CRAP factors such as shipping costs, too much inventory or pricing issues make it unlikely sales can generate profits.
  • CTI – Category Type Item.
  • CTR – Click Through Rate. The number of clicks per impression of an advertisement. 
  • CSCustomer Service.
  • CWGR – Compound Weekly Growth Rate.
  • CX – Customer Experience.

Amazon Glossary of Terms: D

  • DEA – Dynamic eCommerce Ads. Contain extra features such as retail price and review ratings.
  • DEA – Delivery Estimate Accuracy.
  • DOTD – Deal of the Day. As shown on Amazon’s Gold Box or Deals page, a single item or set of closely related items is discounted for one day only. 
  • DNR – Delivered Not Received. 
  • DMG – Damaged.
  • Dropship – A fulfillment method for when a merchant does maintain inventory, but places orders with a third party that ships it directly to the customer. This can save on costs associated with storage and fulfillment.
  • DP – Detail Page. A product page for an ASIN on Amazon that displays relevant product information such as price, title, description, customer reviews, etc.
  • DPMO – Defects Per Million Opportunities.
  • DPV – Detail Page Views. The number of impressions per a detail page.
  • DPVR – Detail Page View Rate.
  • DSP – Demand Side Platform. Amazon’s display advertising program.
  • DSP – Delivery Service Provider. 

Amazon Glossary of Terms: E

  • EAN – European Article Number. A 13-digit number system that identifies retail products in Europe.
  • Early Reviewer Program – Incentive program to encourage Amazon customers to write honest reviews.
  • ECR – Executive Customer Relations.
  • EDD -Estimated Delivery Date.
  • EDI – Electronic Data Interchange. 
  • EFN -European Fulfillment Network. Allows Amazon Europe Marketplaces sellers can store inventory in their local fulfillment center and fulfill orders coming from other European marketplaces.
  • EOD – End of Day. 
  • EXSD – Expected Ship Date.

Amazon Glossary of Terms: F

  • FBA – Fulfillment by Amazon. Amazon picks, packs, ships,\ and provides customer service on behalf of Amazon sellers.
  • FBM – Fulfilled by Merchant. When Amazon sellers handle all logistics, warehousing, order fulfillment, and inventory management.
  • FC – Fulfillment Center. An Amazon warehouse.
  • FNSKU – Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit. An Amazon product identifier for Amazon fulfilled products.
  • FFP – Frustration-Free Packaging. Eliminates excessive packing and over boxing to improve sustainability. 

Amazon Glossary of Terms: G

  • Gated Category – Requires prior approval to sell in this category on Amazon. Access is limited.
  • Glance Views – Number of times a detail page is viewed.
  • GLN – Global Location Number. Unique identification code of a physical location.
  • Global SKU – A SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) that is part of a shared inventory pool available to multiple marketplaces. 
  • GL String – Codification system to allocate costs to the correct P&L (Profit and Loss) statement.
  • Goldbox – Landing page containing Deal of the Day, Lightning Deals, and a selection of categories’ best promotions and savings. Also known as Today’s Deals. 
  • GTIN – Global Trade Item Number. Globally unique 14-digit number to identify products, and services.

Amazon Glossary of Terms: H

  • Hazmat – Hazardous materials that special precautions and regulations for transportation and storage.
  • Hijacking – When a seller jumps on a brand’s listing to sell a counterfeit product at a lower price. This causes the legitimate brand to lose the Buy Box and compromise the legitimate brand’s reputation.

Amazon Glossary of Terms: I

  • AT – Inbound Andon Tracker.
  • IB – Inbound.
  • ICQA –  Inventory Control Quality Assurance.
  • IDQ – Item Data Quality. 
  • Impressions – A measure of views determined by the number of single times a page is located and loaded.
  • IP – Intellectual Property.
  • IRDR – Inventory Record Defect Ratio.
  • ISBN – International Standard Book Number. A 13-digit identity number is assigned to individual books.

Amazon Glossary of Terms: K

  • KPI – Key Performance Indicators. A measurable value that determines how well a business compares against set objectives.

Amazon Glossary of Terms: L

  • LBB – Lost Buy Box.
  • LD – Lightning Deal. Promotion is offered in a limited quantity for a short time, only available once per customer until either the deal’s promotion period expires or all the available inventory is claimed.
  • Less Than Container Load – Shipment of less than 18 cubic meters.
  • Less Than Truckload – Shipment of more than 30 cartons in a combined load with other merchants shared on the same transport.
  • Listing Optimization – Use of bullet points, images, and other features to improve an Amazon detail page and product information to attract more shoppers.
  • Long-Term Storage Fee – Amazon’s chargeback for inventory stored in a fulfillment center for more than 365 days.

Amazon Glossary of Terms: M

  • Marketplace – Locale or domain, a country (UK, DE, etc.) or third-party merchants.
  • MAP – Minimum Advertised Price. In the US, a retailer that buys inventory from a manufacturer that has a MAP policy cannot sell the product below that price. This is not legal in Europe.
  • MCF – Multi-Channel Fulfillment. Some inventory is fulfilled by Amazon and other inventory by other sales channels or the merchants themselves.
  • MF – Merchant Fulfilled. 
  • MNR – Manifested Not Received. 
  • MOM – Month Over Month.
  • MOQ – Minimum Order Quantity. 
  • MTD – Month To Date.
  • MSRP – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. 

Amazon Glossary of Terms: N

  • NAFN – North American Fulfillment Network. Vendors in North America (US, Canada, and Mexico) may find their products shipped to any of these countries using Amazon’s fulfillment channels.
  • NDA – Non Disclosure Agreement
  • NIS – New Item Setup. The initial creation of a product, from accepting terms and agreements, to developing an ASIN and filling out detailed page info.
  • NP – New Product. A newly listed item.
  • NR – Non-Replenishable. An item that is not available.

Amazon Glossary of Terms: O

  • OA – Online Arbitrage. Businesses that purchase products at lower prices resell them online for a greater price to reap profits.
  • OB – Obsolete. When referring to stock.
  • OB – Outbound. When referring to the FC schedule.
  • ODR – Order Defect Rate. The percentage of orders that have received negative feedback, an A-to-Z Guarantee claim, or a service credit card chargeback. It allows Amazon to measure overall performance with a single metric.
  • OLR – Organization and Leadership Review. This review process is done at Amazon during Q1 and Q3.
  • OM – Operations Manager. FC position.
  • OOS – Out Of Stock
  • OP – Order Picker
  • Ops – Operations, the abbreviated term
  • ORDT – On-Road Dynamic Transfer. For warehouse deliveries.

Amazon Glossary of Terms: P

  • P&L – Profit and Loss.
  • PA – Process Assistant. An Amazon warehouse supervisor position.
  • Parent ASIN – An ASIN with group variations (such as size, color, flavor) on one detail page. The variants are referred to as child ASINs.
  • PCOGS – Product Cost of Goods Sold. Shipped units times cost price.
  • PED – Prime Exclusive Discount. Available only to FBA sellers for Prime-eligible items. Can be an amount or percentage off, a limited-time deal.
  • PDA – Product Display Ads. An ad that appears throughout Amazon on category and product pages.
  • PNOV – Preliminary Notice of Violation.
  • POD – Proof of Delivery. 
  • POPS – Proactive Outbound Problem Solve.
  • PPC – Pay Per Click. A fee is paid each time an ad is clicked.
  • PPE – Personal Protective Equipment. 
  • PPM – Pure Product Margin. The formula for calculating this is (Revenue – PCOGS)  times Revenue.
  • PPV – Product Price Variance. When a vendor raises an invoice and the item price on the invoice differs from what is listed in the Amazon system.
  • PQV – Product Quantity Variance. The vendor sends inventory shipped to Amazon that differs from the amount Amazon records as received.
  • PR – Planned Replenishment.
  • Prime – Amazon Prime. A paid subscription service for free, fast delivery as well as a range of services and streaming entertainment options.
  • Private Label – Products made by other manufacturers sold by a retailer or supplier under their own brand name.
  • Professional Seller – Amazon selling account where a business pays a monthly fee (but no per-item fee). Allows access to a range of tools, discounts, and reports that are not available as an individual seller.
  • Project Zero – An Amazon program for Brand Registry businesses to identify counterfeits and IP infringement.

Amazon Glossary of Terms: Q

  • Q1 – First quarter. Jan-March.
  • Q2 – Second quarter. April – June.
  • Q3 –  Third quarter. July – Sept.
  • Q4 – Fourth quarter. Oct-Dec.
  • QA – Quality Assurance.
  • QBR – Quarterly Business Review.

Amazon Glossary of Terms: R

  • RA – Retail Arbitrage. The practice of purchasing products at lower prices to resell at a higher price.
  • RoAS – Return On Ad Spend. 
  • ROI – Return on Investment. 
  • RRP – Recommended Retail Price.
  • RSR – Reserve Stow Racks.

Amazon Glossary of Terms: S

  • Sales Rank – Ranking of products in Amazon’s search and browse.
  • SB – Sponsored Brands. Keyword-targeted ads that promote a specific brand on a cost-per-click basis.
  • SBC – Simple Bin Count.
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization. A process to increase web search traffic and visibility. Refers only to “organic,” or unpaid or free results, as opposed to paid ad placement.
  • Sessions – One session is a group of interactions/page views/loads that one user takes on a website within a certain time, used to evaluate customer habits.
  • SFP – Seller Fulfilled Prime. Sellers that use Amazon Prime, but ship from their own warehouses and control their own fulfillment.
  • SIOC – Ships in Own Container.
  • SKU – Stock Keeping Unit. A unique code to identify a product.
  • SLA – Service Level Agreement.
  • SLAM – Shipping Label Auto Manifest.
  • SnS – Subscribe and Save. Allows customers to routinely auto-order delivery on certain products at a discounted price. 
  • Small and Light – Fulfillment program to bundle smaller items to reduce shipping costs.
  • Sponsored Brands – Keyword-targeted ads to promote a brand’s products. 
  • SP – Sponsored Products. Keyword-targeted ads that promote an individual product on a cost-per-click basis.
  • SPN – Service Provider Network.
  • SPOO/SP00 – Shipping Package Number.
  • SRC – Simple Record Count.
  • SRP – Suggested Retail Price.
  • Storefront – An Amazon brand store.

Amazon Glossary of Terms: T

  • Third-Party Seller  – A  merchant that sells a product that is not their own brand or product directly to consumers on Amazon under their own business name.
  • TOS – Terms of Service.
  • Twister – Amazon’s detail page function for merging ASINs of various colors and sizes onto one page.

Amazon Glossary of Terms: U

  • Unverified Review – A product review from someone who may or may not has actually purchased the item.
  • UPH – Units Per Hour.
  • UPC – Universal Product Code. A 12-digit number is displayed with the barcode on most retail products.
  • UR – Universal Receive.
  • URP – Universal Receive Prep.
  • URS – Universal Receive Sort
  • UTA – Unable to Access.
  • UTL – Unable to Locate.
  • UX – User Experience.

Amazon Glossary of Terms: V

  • VAT – Value Added Tax. Applies to products sold in the UK and EU.
  • Verified Review – A review obtained from a genuine purchaser of the product.
  • Vendor – Wholesalers that sell products to Amazon for sale to end consumers.
  • Vine –  Program for vendors or sellers to obtain verified reviews.
  • VIR – Volume Incentive Rebate. 
  • VIS – Video In Search.
  • Voucher/Coupon – A promotional deal for an amount or percentage of a product for a limited time. 

Amazon Glossary of Terms: W

  • Warehouse Deals – Quality “used” (usually just items with damaged packaging or returned) products sold by Amazon Warehouse.
  • WOW – Week Over Week.
  • YOY – Year Over Year.
  • YTD – Year To Date.

Amazon Glossary of Terms: FBA and FBA Reimbursement

Here at GETIDA, the two most important terms are FBA and FBA reimbursement. When Amazon makes mistakes managing your inventory or fulfilling your orders, FBA sellers are owed FBA reimbursement. The problem is that Amazon doesn’t always automatically credit FBA reimbursement. Typically, Amazon FBA sellers must identify the errors and submit claims for FBA reimbursement. 

FBA reimbursement can add up to between 1% to 3% of annual FBA revenues. The more annual revenues, the more money potentially lost if FBA reimbursement isn’t properly identified and claimed.

GETIDA makes the process of obtaining FBA reimbursement simple, easy and cost-effective. And much of what we do is without charge. GETIDA software reviews the previous 18 months of transactions to identify eligible cases for FBA reimbursement. A team of former Amazon employees experienced in FBA reimbursement files and follows up on individual claims.

The only fee to GETIDA  is a percentage of approved claims. The first $400 in FBA reimbursement is free. 

Sign-up is also free. It only takes a few minutes to determine what FBA reimbursement means to your business.