Amazon Prime Day Seller Tips 2021

Amazon Prime Day Seller Tips 2021

Amazon Prime Day Seller Tips 2021

Amazon Prime Day 2021 is around the corner, and Amazon sellers are busy preparing for the biggest Amazon two-day sales event. Whether you’re new to selling on Amazon or a seasoned vet, promoting your products over Amazon Prime Day is vital to your business. Sellers are encouraged to list and promote their products to increase sales velocity and brand awareness during the event.

This article provides information, tips, and tricks sellers can take advantage of to facilitate the sale of their products during Amazon Prime Day. While Amazon has seen its challenges in recent months, Amazon Prime Day is a great opportunity for sellers to boost the sales and morale of their Amazon business.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Initiated in 2015, Amazon Prime Day is an event during which Amazon Prime members enjoy different promotions on various offers. Sellers can offer great deals to their new and existing customers by participating in Amazon Prime Day sales.

Amazon Prime Day is typically held every July, but this year, it will take place on the 21st and 22nd of June. Several offers are available in all possible categories. From technology to beauty, various games, kitchenware, toys, clothing, etc. Shoppers are keenly aware of Amazon Prime Day, as certain products and niches offer incredible deals and incentives.

Shoppers can take full advantage of Amazon Prime Day by subscribing to the free trial offered by the platform. From then on, shoppers are eligible to shop during Amazon Prime Day and enjoy several other benefits. Free one or two-day shipping is offered on orders. While a paid subscription is estimated from $13 to $119 respectively for monthly or annual subscriptions, It’s well worth it considering the prompt shipping and savings on these exclusive days.

Amazon Seller Tips For Amazon Prime Day

For sellers, different deals are available on Amazon during Amazon Prime Day, and these deals are classified under different headings. You’ll find each of the deals offered below.

Amazon Prime Day Lightning Deals

Lightning Deals are promotional deals that allow shoppers to benefit from specific discounts on a product for a short time. This deal is available on the Amazon Prime Day and Daily Deals sections.

Lighting deals may or may not mean that your product will be displayed under this promotion, and at times these deals can be costly.

Deals that offer the best discounts and most inventory will be shown first, so be sure to price your products competitively. To participate, sellers must meet certain criteria, such as having a minimum of 5 feedback ratings and a minimum of a 3.5-star rating overall, alongside a professional selling account.

ProTip: If your review rating may be in question, it’s a good idea to work on increasing reviews before Prime Day and ongoing as you sell on Amazon. Here is an article about growing your Amazon reviews that can help you.

Amazon Prime Exclusive Deals

Amazon Prime Exclusive Deals

Exclusive Deals are those reserved for fulfillment by Amazon sellers or FBA. Sellers can opt for percentage-off or amount-off discounts, and each product can maintain a minimum discounted floor. The benefit is that the product offer is shown with a discounted price, and the regular price crossed out. A savings summary is listed in search results and potential buyers are notified through this view about the savings they can receive as a Prime member.

ProTip: Pricing is a vital element to your Amazon business, and understanding your numbers is key to your success. Review our Amazon FBA fee calculator blog for more information on how to evaluate your costs and pricing.

Products discounted through Amazon Prime Exclusive Discounts display a unique Prime Day Deal badge, unlike sellers not participating in these exclusive deals. Buyers are also able to benefit from fast shipping, music, video, and reading benefits.

As you can see, Amazon Prime day offers many benefits, and sellers should participate as much as possible to leverage higher conversions.

Spotlight Deals

Spotlight Deals are those that only last for 24 hours or as long as inventory is held in stock. Sellers should keep higher stock for inventory in specific popular categories and price competitively for these spotlight deals. For more details on inventory and ASIN limits, see this article.

Early Access or Countdown Deals

Early Access or Countdown deals are those offered by Amazon 30 minutes before the start of Amazon Prime Day. The first offers drop, and members can start making early purchases on Amazon Prime Day Lightning Deals. It’s once again best to have decent inventory allowances and ensure you’ve enrolled in the lightning deals option and can participate.

Leverage Amazon Sponsored Ads During Amazon Prime Day

Sellers have the opportunity to increase visibility and sales through Amazon-sponsored advertising. This is, of course, not a new feature, but in terms of Prime Day is vital to help boost the visibility of your products.

Amazon offers several kinds of ads such as Sponsored Product ads, Sponsored Brands ads, and Sponsored Display ads, and you can control your costs and measure your success based on the outcomes. Below you’ll find some tips to elevate your pay-per-click advertising on Amazon Prime Day.

#1 Increase Your PPC Budgets on Amazon Prime Day

Be sure to increase your Amazon PPC budgets on Amazon Prime Day as there will be fierce competition, all vying for the top placements on the first page. While you may feel apprehensive at the costs associated with increased budgets, a higher sales velocity, and better click-through rate will prove more beneficial during Amazon Prime Day events.

#2 Try the Dynamic Bid Option

It’s also a great time to adjust your bid placement criteria and utilize the “Dynamic Up and Down” feature. This feature allows your products to be held at the top of the search. It’s also true that Dynamic Bids can be more expensive; placing your products at the top of the search when the number of shoppers is at an all-time high can be advantageous.

Evaluate which products can use this boost in visibility, and be sure to review previous Amazon Prime Day sales data. While its true 2020-2021 sales and Prime Day events have not been the standard Prime Day your Amazon business has seen in the past, it’s best to review data to help you make the best decision possible.

#3 Run Sponsored Ads & Video Ads to Your Products and Amazon Store

In the age where video content truly is king, it’s evident that video ads can run a higher conversion in some marketplaces. Be sure to run your video ads on Amazon Prime Day and help boost traffic to your Amazon Store, where your selection of products and your brand story is visible.

While your click-through rate may be higher than usual on Amazon Prime Day, don’t panic, it’s a two-day event, and if your content is premium, the brand awareness you generate within these two days can leave a lasting impression on prospective buyers.

Sales and Revenue on Amazon Prime Day

Maximize your Sales and Revenue on Amazon Prime Day

It’s fair to say that as an Amazon seller, you want to maximize your Amazon Prime Day sales and revenue to the best of your ability. See below for a few tips and tricks that can help you make the most bang for your Prime Day buck.

#1 Selling Quality Items

To sell more and effectively stand out from the competition, it is crucial to selling your highest quality items. Quality items are likely to capture the buyer’s attention, leave lasting impressions, compel buyers to leave positive reviews, and avoid complications with a high number of returns.

Although the price point of your highest quality items is lowered, the customer typically opts for a premium quality item. Think sales velocity as opposed to individual price metrics on Amazon Prime Day.

#2 Offer Deals On Items That Will Sell

The second trick is to offer deals on items that you know will sell. Electronics tend to do well on Prime Day, while other categories may not see as much success. Review previous year’s data and plan and anticipate the needs of your potential customers.

#3 Submit Multiple Deals

Sellers who make a high turnover are those who offer a variety of deals. Offer multiple Amazon deals to make a large number of sales. Your customers will appreciate having a range of deals under your product selection to choose from and will emotionally respond well to seeing multiple rewards under your brand.

# 4 Boost Your Cross-Channel Marketing Strategy

Aside from Prime Day, you should be looking at your marketing strategy from the perspective of visibility on and off of Amazon. A cross-channel marketing strategy for Prime Day specifically allows you to reach your potential customers through different channels such as email, web, mobile, social platforms, and more.

The goal of cross-channel marketing is not just to acquire new customers but to continue the conversation with them moving them from acquisition to loyalty and retention. Sellers need to ensure that they can create cross-channel experiences appropriate for the customer’s buying stage.

Leverage your social platforms, influencers, and email marketing strategies to drum up interest in your sales in advance of Prime Day. Suppose you’ve done due diligence in building a sense of community within your various assets like your blog, Facebook and Instagram. In that case, your community will want to shop your most coveted sales and be compelled to post photos, stories, or comments regarding your Prime Day posts. Engagement is everything within your cross-channel marketing strategy, so leverage it to its maximum on Amazon Prime Day.

#5 Plan, Monitor, and Execute but Don’t Go Crazy

Plan everything and anticipate the needs of your potential customers. The more you know about the customer’s needs, the more you will bring them to optimal satisfaction.

Be sure to monitor your listing front view and backend on Prime Day as well. Unfortunately, large sales velocities and stiff competition on significant events such as Prime Day can mean some disturbing black hat tactics are performed without your awareness.

While monitoring and executing your Prime Day strategy are essential, you should not be losing sleep over the event. Prepare in advance, and allow yourself some breathing room if things don’t go exactly as planned.

One thing is always certain in Amazon; things change rapidly. Learning how to handle your stress levels on Prime Day and throughout your Amazon journey will prove helpful in maintaining your overall health and wellness so you can build your business to new heights.

#6 Optimize your Product Listings

Optimizing your Amazon listing should be an integral part of your business. Post-launch, your listings should be optimized through different phases of your sales history on Amazon. Prime Day is yet another example of when sellers should be flocking to optimize their listings and potentially benefit from higher conversions.

For optimal preparation of your Amazon listing, you’ll have to start with your images. Are your images in line with the image requirements set forth by Amazon? Are they high-quality, and is there a mix of infographics and lifestyle images that highlight the features and benefits of your products? Images capture attention and are the primary driving factor to your sales, make sure you have the best images possible on your listing.

While images are vital to your Amazon listing so is the copywriting within the listing. True sales copy compels buyers to action and helps shoppers visualize themselves solving problems using your products.

Keep your title shorter in nature and readable. Gone are the days of keyword stuffing to a point that your Amazon listing does not make sense, and makes you lose conversions.

Optimize your listing in advance of Prime Day and allow your listing a few days to index once again in the algorithm with its changes. As always record your changes so you can monitor what worked and what did not for future events.

Pre Promotions for Amazon Prime Day

Boost Outside Pre Promotions for Amazon Prime Day

As mentioned earlier, cross-channel marketing is key to your Amazon business especially for events such a Prime Day. Several tricks can help you run promotions outside Amazon which will drive traffic to your Amazon listings.

See below for a brief overview of how you can promote your products outside of Amazon exclusively for Prime Day.

Social Media Blast: Promote your products on your social channels. Use posts, videos, stories, and social media paid ads to broadcast your special offers before and during Amazon Prime Day.

Email Marketing Boost: Create e-mailing campaigns with links to retarget your potential customers to your Amazon store, and drum up awareness of your big sales event.

Use Influencers To Promote your Deals: Use influencers you’ve worked with before and have built a healthy relationship with over time. They are likely to show interest in working with you again during big events that can help gain them recognition.

SEO Optimization: Effective SEO on your website should be used to redirect potential customers to your Amazon store. The referencing of your site will attract and redirect potential prospects and web surfers to the Amazon store to help maximize your sales.

Be Price Conscious Like your Buyers

Price is a very important criteria to consider on a more typical Prime Day, but in the event of covid-19, the price will be a determining factor for shoppers who are looking for deals to alleviate financial strain.

Low Prices Will Beat BOGO

To take advantage of Prime Day and make big sales, offer low prices. Sellers who offer low prices stand out from the competition will likely make multiple sales and can possibly out-compete sellers only offering buy one, get one free deal.

Competitive Pricing to Help You Win the Amazon Buy Box

Offer competitive prices and try to win the Amazon Buy Box if you aren’t the only seller on the listing. Certain repricing software will help you achieve a better pricing strategy and target your best price points throughout the two-day event.

Amazon Buy Box

Amazon Prime Day Wrap Up

While Amazon Prime Day 2021 is certainly a little different than most years, it’s still a prime opportunity to help you boost your sales, brand awareness and generate interest within your social communities.

Prepare in advance and take seriously everything you can do to have the most successful outcome. At the same time, relax and breathe a little this two-day event is important but not the total sum of your business on Amazon.

Taking notes for future Amazon Prime Day events and acknowledging what went well and what areas need work, will help you have successful Prime Days to come!

Are you ready for Amazon Prime Day 2021? Comment below!


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