Amazon Q1: What to Sell on Amazon FBA

Selling on Amazon in Q1 comes with many decisions for a seller, but the most challenging is deciding what products to sell. You might be tempted to run with products that you have a good feeling about, but savvy sellers use data to back up their selections.

Although this can be a time of year when sales are slower, customers’ interest in products related to New Year’s resolutions, and reaching their goals tend to increase. If you can tap into this interest, selling in Q1 can be far more successful.

In this article, we’ll consider ways to select products to sell in Q1, and how to discover what customers are buying.

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What Products to Sell in Q1

After the intensity of the holiday season, selling in Q1 can feel like a return to Earth as sales level off. However, this lull is not an excuse for sellers to fall into complacency. Instead, turn your attention to products that hold year-round appeal to customers.

Many Amazon categories have the potential to sell effectively during Q1, but there are some that rise above the rest. Let’s take a look at these popular products.


1. Beauty and Self-Care Products

As the new year begins, customers are turning their attention to personal care, mindfulness, and even meditation. Skincare is a particularly prominent trend, and simply searching “skincare routine” on TikTok reveals how much this area of self-care means to consumers. Despite the ebb and flow of inflation and current events, committing to an effective skin regime has become incredibly popular.

You can help customers achieve their self-care goals by offering beauty and skincare products that meet their needs. If you have knowledge in this area, consider curating a social media audience to better reach your desired customers. The Amazon Influencer Program is a great option for those looking to connect social media audiences to products.

Creating bundle listings of popular products can be a great move for sellers who are approved in the Amazon beauty category. These bundles can help guide customers to products that will interest them, and increase your sales.

As you decide which beauty and self-care products to acquire, consider contacting brands directly. Remember to ask about opening a wholesale account in order to ensure you get the best deal possible. Alternatively, you may wish to do research at retail outlets where you can scan a variety of beauty products to determine which ones could be profitable.

Keep in mind that customers might find it easier to stick to a new skincare routine than other New Year’s resolutions, and this means you can continue to sell skincare-related products for longer.


2. Seasonally-Themed Items

The hustle and bustle of the Christmas season might have come to a close, but there are two festive dates to look forward to in Q1: Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day. Each of these unique holidays presents an opportunity for seasonal product sales.

Unless you are an experienced seller, it can be tricky to estimate your inventory needs for these particular holidays. If you aim too low, you might miss the opportunity for sales, but aiming too high means you could end up stuck with themed inventory.

There are many possible directions to go when choosing products for these Q1 holidays, but the popularity of Valentine’s Day candy should never be underestimated. With a range of shoppers searching for last-minute gifts for their loved ones, a well-packaged sweet treat is irresistible.

3. Swimsuits and Beachwear

Since Q1 is a chilly time of year in many parts of the world, it may come as a surprise that swimwear is a popular product category. However, many Americans and Canadians deliberately choose this colder point in the calendar to vacation in warmer climates. This includes the countless college students who head out to spring break hot spots.

Whether you are interested in creating your own brand, or wholesale selling other brands, this is an ideal time of year to offer swimwear products. Depending on the scale of your business, you may also wish to promote your beachy products via social media, perhaps using TikTok videos to share what makes your items perfect for a sunny escape.


4. Fitness Equipment

Many of your potential customers began the new year by making resolutions to get in shape and begin working out. As a seller, you can help them with this goal by stocking up on exercise equipment.

Although this can be a lucrative category, it is also a competitive one which means you’ll need to get creative. Consider looking at discount stores such as Burlington or Marshalls to snag well-priced brand-name equipment. Remember that if you choose to go with the arbitrage route you must scan potential products using the Amazon seller app to make sure you are ungated with that brand and category.

5. Exercise Shoes and Apparel

Fitness apparel and shoes sell in Q1 for the same reason that exercise equipment does: customers are reaching towards their New Year’s resolutions. Once again, you can pave the way for customers’ self-improvement journey by offering everything they’ll wear at the gym. It is worth noting that you must be ungated in the clothing and shoes category for this to work for you.

Since not many Amazon sellers are permitted to sell in these categories, fitness apparel and shoes are a profitable opportunity for retail arbitrage sellers. Don’t doubt the power of creating a private-label fitness garment and promoting it via social media.

In the event that you are not permitted to sell clothing or shoes, consider other fitness accessories that might be used by the droves of customers heading to the gym this season.

But will the Product Sell?

The list above is a jumping-off point to get your Q1 selling journey started, but don’t stop yourself there. If you have an innovative product idea, take the time to research its potential before investing in a stock. Remember to diligently check Amazon’s trending product lists for the latest updates as well.

If the numbers back up your idea, run with it. But if you cannot support your plan with evidence, take a breath, and set it aside for the time being.

Going Forward into Q1

Hopefully, you are now inspired to profitably select and sell products this Q1. As this unique quarter progresses you can meet customers’ needs, spot opportunities, and share what you have to offer. With a sharp eye on the numbers and a keen awareness of seasonal trends, you will be poised to sell successfully in Q1.

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