Amazon Seller’s Tips to Boost Sales in 2022

With Amazon’s ever-changing landscape, you might be wondering how sellers keep up. Rather than becoming overwhelmed, check out the following breakdown of Amazon seller tips.

Implementing a few of these tips can boost your sales and get you ahead of the curve.

Tip #1: Set yourself apart from the competition

Identifying what differentiates your business from others is crucial. Take the time to consider what your customers’ needs are that your competitors are not meeting.

Remember, when it comes to your product listings, you must demonstrate the most important reason that customers need your product. This means that your photos and a copy must work together to illustrate how the product fits into customers’ lives.

Take the time to look at the reviews your competitors are receiving. Consider the following:

  • What do customers love about the product?
  • What issues have come up in negative reviews?
  • What is the conversation around this product?

Apply this knowledge to your listing by showing how your product offers the best of what customers love and the least of what they dislike.

Tip #2: Get registered

Our next tip for Amazon sellers involves a fairly straightforward process: registering your brand. 

By doing this you can lower the risk of someone using your brand illegitimately — for example, to sell counterfeit products — potentially damaging your reputation in the process. 

Though registering a brand takes some time and money, it is well worth it in the long run. Registering your brand also makes Amazon’s A+ Content feature available to you. This can massively increase sales and give you the benefit of more space to share your brand’s values and mission.

Tip #3: Value the audience you have

An Amazon seller tips not to be overlooked is to appreciate and build your audience. Recognizing the value of this audience can mean increasing your reach and sales. 

You can approach this task in a few ways. You can create email lists, build your contacts, and share discounts and new products with them. 

Alternatively, you can become an active participant in various social media platforms. Instagram can be particularly helpful for exposing your brand to new potential customers. You can easily add clickable links to your stories that take interested viewers directly to your products on Amazon.

Tip #4: Don’t be afraid to think global

Though you might be comfortable with your place in the North American Amazon market, keep in mind there are real advantages to expanding globally. 

The Amazon Europe market can be a particularly sizable opportunity given that it is equivalent in size to the US market, but has fewer Amazon sellers. This means your business could operate with just as many customers, but far less competition.

Tip #5: Let your online content bring traffic to you

This Amazon seller tips is an easy one to miss, but a great choice for Amazon sellers playing the long game. Creating content outside Amazon to drive traffic to your Amazon listings can increase your sales and broaden your customer base.

The type of content you create will depend on your products’ niche, but you can begin by launching a website sharing information about your products. 

The best part is that this website does not need to have an e-commerce capacity, but rather can simply direct interested customers to your Amazon listings. If you are part of Amazon’s affiliate program, you can even earn an additional percentage for drawing in traffic from outside Amazon.

Tip #6: Take inventory management seriously

As an Amazon seller, you know that having too little inventory can mean missing sales, but having too much can mean incurring storage fees. Consider implementing inventory management tools to limit human error and keep your inventory balanced.

This Amazon seller tips is an important one since poor inventory performance can lead to suspensions from Amazon.

Tip #7: Go wide with keywords

This tip can help keep you ahead of the competition. Going wide with keywords means increasing and expanding the diversity of keywords in your roster.

You aim to rank ahead of similar products by capturing a broader range of searches.

With fewer keywords (think less than 150) a product will have much more difficulty finding success. However, products with ample keywords can stand up to competition and snag sales with ease. 

If you want a little help with your keyword selection, consider using a tool like Keyword Scout which can analyze a plethora of data to give you an edge.

Tip #8: Never underestimate the power of influencers

A tip for Amazon sellers who are interested in a multi-dimensional approach is to enlist the assistance of a social media influencer. Influencers have followers who trust their advice and take an interest in their opinions. When an influencer shares your product, you are gaining a new audience of potential customers. 

Many influencers have set rates for promotions, so you may need to be ready to lay some cash on the line. However, others may be able to offer some promotions simply for receiving a complimentary product. 

Whatever your budget, getting the conversation started with an influencer is usually the best place to start. The way these individuals can have is impressive, and this can be harnessed to grow your business.

Tip #9: Discover Instagram’s sales channel

At this point, it’s more than clear that Instagram has huge sway in the social world. It has also transformed into an e-commerce hotspot where brands can connect with potential customers. 

By using Instagram’s advertising options you can target your ideal customer base, selecting for interests and demographics. If you are an Amazon FBA seller, you can also create promo codes to share with potential customers.

You can even tag your products right in a post, making it even easy for a customer to leap from interest to purchase. 

Tip #10: Have you considered outsourcing?

This Amazon seller tips can make you a formidable force. Even if you aren’t an expert on everything relevant to growing your business, there are experts available to offer advice. 

Depending on the needs of your business you might consider enlisting the services of professional copywriters, photographers, or marketing advisors. A qualified expert can help to elevate your business and help you grow more than you could have alone.

Tip #11: Your brand transcends products

Our final Amazon seller tips is to remember that building a brand is about more than having good products. 

More specifically, your brand is upheld by three pillars which are: your sales channel, your audience, and your products.

With a couple of these pillars, you might succeed to a point, but it’s only with all three that your business will truly grow and flourish.

What next?

After reading the tips here, can you think of any Amazon seller tips that will help you succeed this year? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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