Best Amazon FBA Audit and Reimbursements Solution

Best Amazon FBA Audit

Best Amazon FBA Audit and Reimbursements Solution

Performing an Amazon FBA audit can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Sellers are often inundated with tasks and daily operating procedures to keep their e-commerce businesses running smoothly. Sifting through reports and performing daily, if not weekly, Amazon FBA audits can be time-consuming and frustrating. (Que the barrage of excel spreadsheets!) Not to mention the at times frustrating communication that must ensue with Amazon seller support to submit your Amazon claims. The Amazon FBA reimbursement process takes time, but it’s worth it.

Since Amazon FBA exploded a few years ago, several businesses have popped up, taking aim at outsourcing the FBA reimbursement process and at times automating it to make it smoother and faster for sellers to recover funds.

But with several of these companies all vying for the seller’s attention, which one is the best one to choose? Read more to find out.

Best Amazon FBA Audit

How Can You Increase Profits in your Amazon FBA Business?

You may not be aware that Amazon FBA audits are an integral part of your cash flow, but you should be willing to learn about Amazon FBA audits so that you put more money back into your Amazon FBA business to scale.  

But where does this magical money come from? Is it lost in a haystack, and is it possible to recover these funds in a straightforward, timely approach? Yes.

Amazon allows an 18-month window where sellers can perform a full Amazon FBA audit searching for discrepancies on all their transactions. 18 months is a significant window, especially for sellers with multiple SKUs and large catalogs of products.

A pain point of Amazon sellers becomes how detailed an Amazon FBA audit they can perform. Often sellers do not know where to look for the maximum number of discrepancies, or their team does not have the experience to properly navigate and submit Amazon claims. This can mean discrepancies are missed in the Amazon FBA audit process and that the maximum amount of reimbursement is not secured. Sellers are left still effectively missing money.

For a detailed Amazon FBA audit, GETIDA, who is the global leader in the Amazon FBA reimbursement space, offers a system-wide Amazon FBA audit, which includes an Amazon FBA audit of the following areas:

  • Returns 
  • Warehousing
  • Accounting
  • Available Inventory
  • Shipping 
  • Seller-fulfilled audit
Detailed Amazon Audits

How Much of your Inventory is Affected by FBA Discrepancies?

Discrepancies in your Amazon transactions vary, but when you consider the many moving pieces in the Amazon marketplaces, it’s easy to understand how your products can be lost, destroyed, disposed of, damaged, or overcharged with Amazon FBA fees. 

Inventory is accepted into fulfillment centers, transferred between warehouses, and shipped out to customers every second of every day to staggering numbers, over tens of billions of dollars daily. Mistakes are bound to happen…

GETIDA suggests that between 1-3% of your inventory will be affected by a discrepancy which will qualify you for an Amazon FBA reimbursement. That percentage on 100 units of inventory equates to roughly 1-3 units of affected inventory. You can start to paint a picture of why a detailed Amazon FBA audit is crucial to your Amazon FBA business.

The common discrepancy types are::

  • Lost Inventory
  • Damaged Inventory
  • Disposed Inventory
  • Destroyed Inventory
  • Overcharges in FBA fees

Amazon FBA fees are commonly miscalculated and incorrectly accounted for as Amazon miscalculates your product’s weight and dimensions, and therefore can accidentally overcharge you.

Another common reason for high discrepancies is that Amazon has a very lenient return program for customers. 

Although Amazon expects customers to return products within the 30-day return window and asks these products to be sent back to fulfillment centers, the online giant may not consistently enforce these guidelines. When returnless refunds are granted, it can have an adverse effect on a seller’s bottom line even though Amazon is doing its best to satisfy customer service.

Amazon Returnless Refunds

How Can Sellers Maximize the Reimbursement they are Owed?

Receiving the maximum FBA reimbursement is about finding the best solution to leverage in your Amazon business.

Here at GETIDA, we are the global leader in Amazon Audits and Amazon FBA reimbursements. Our team of case managers handles all of the inner workings on your behalf to recover the maximum reimbursement you are owed. 

The team of case managers is unique in that they are former Amazon employees who worked in the Amazon reimbursement department. This means they know what to look for, and they also know how to submit your Amazon claims to Amazon seller central manually.

When looking for an FBA reimbursement solution, it’s essential to factor in performing Amazon audits. GETIDA does a complete sweep of all available transactions to find the maximum number of discrepancies.

What is the Cost of the GETIDA Amazon FBA Reimbursement Solution?

GETIDA uses what is called a pay-per-recovery system. This means you are only charged a fee once the maximum reimbursement has been recovered for you. The fee at GETIDA is 25%. So say, for example, you receive $100, GETIDA charges you $25.  

Unlike other companies in the Amazon FBA reimbursement space, there is no obligation or subscription fee when you choose GETIDA. This can mean a sizeable cost-saving measure for Amazon sellers, once again allowing you to scale your Amazon FBA business.

Can Sellers View the GETIDA Process in Real-time?

What is unique about GETIDA is the award-winning dashboard. The dashboard allows sellers to view everything in real-time. You’ll see what reimbursements are approved, what amount of money you’re getting back, and if any reimbursements need more information from Amazon.


Performing a detailed Amazon FBA audit is the best way to recover the maximum amount of FBA reimbursements you are eligible to receive. If you’re performing Amazon FBA audits independently, be sure you take the time to review all of your available transactions for up to 18 months.

GETIDA is a solution that simplifies this process and recovers the most money back so you can scale your FBA business

Interested in trying GETIDA? Get $400 free in FBA reimbursements.