Best Practice Pet Supplement Manufacturing

Best Practice Pet Supplement Manufacturing

Best Practice Pet Supplement Manufacturing

BPWPRODUCE is a premium pet supplement manufacturer, specializing in dog and cat soft chews and other unique animal health products for Amazon and retail private label customers. We’re part of the Best Practice Group of Companies, and that’s a name that defines what we do for our customers, and, above all, for the health and well-being of pets. Our goal is to apply science to natural ingredients and produce premium supplemental products for the pet supply industry.

Two out of three American homes have a pet. Roughly 63 million households own dogs and about 42 million at least one cat. Pet ownership over the last 40 years rose steadily, particularly so during the pandemic. The so-called “Puppy Pandemic” was a boon for Amazon sellers specializing in pet supplies. Pet supply sales by over 180 million third-party sellers saw a 60% increase in 2020.

Our pets are family members, companions, therapists. We want only the best for them. This is why as a pet supplement manufacturer for Amazon and retail third-party sellers, BPWPRODUCE is committed to providing the best ingredients at the best quality employing the best manufacturing standards. It’s the “Best Practice Way”!

Here is why we are the best choice for pet supplement manufacturing:

  • Experience and reliability
  • Manufacturing capabilities and processes
  • Commitment to quality and safety
  • Control your brand
  • Supplemental Services
  • The Best Practice Way

Experience and Reliability

BPWPRODUCE manufactures unique and special formula pet supplements for 24 Amazon private label sellers and 7 retail chain private label customers. As a leading contract manufacturer with a 2020 sales revenue of $8.2 million, we ensure a quick and reliable production turnaround that meets the highest quality, safety, and best practice standards.

We are fully transparent with our customers in partnering with them to deliver stock and customized products manufactured in a straightforward process. Our sole motivation is the success of our private label customers to provide the very best cat and dog nutritional supplements. Nothing less is acceptable.

Experience and Reliability

Manufacturing Capabilities and Processes

BPWPRODUCE maintains a 40,000 square feet facility in Miami, Florida, a state ranked in the top ten for manufacturing due to its access to domestic and global markets as well as a good labor pool and pro-business government policies. The facility’s production capacity of 150,000 jars per month stands ready to fill the specialized needs of private label pet supplement customers.

Cold Extruder Machine

Our cold extruder machine for soft chew supplements has a production capacity of 80,000 lbs. per month. The process includes mixing the base and active ingredients as well as extruding and cutting for individual sizes and shapes. The final product is placed in trays to dry for 24 hours in the cooling room. After drying is completed, the product is carefully checked for proper moisture levels to avoid bacterial growth.

Packaging Machine

Automatic jar and doy packaging machines comprise 14 head scale and rotary filling components, automatic capping, electronic induction sealing, labeling, and sleeving. This ensures high speed, accurate weighing, with minimal human contact to achieve reliable and on-time delivery of top-tier pet supplements for our customers.

Storage and Shipping

Storage and Shipping

All pet supplement products are stored in a specialized climate-controlled warehouse to ensure freshness. We can ship directly to Amazon fulfillment centers or directly to the customer warehouse.

Commitment to Quality and Safety

The health and well-being of pets that consume the supplements of our customers are paramount. It informs everything we do.

BPWPRODUCE rigorously follows the most up-to-date rules and regulations to provide the safest and most effective end product.

Our experienced nutrition team creates a unique and special formula of ingredients for each customer. These ingredients rigorously adhere to all U.S. quality control standards and are FDA and HACCP certified.

In addition, all ingredients are tested through third-party laboratories. Using independently verified safety standards provides our customers with the confidence their pet supplements are nothing less than premium quality.

Control Your Brand

Control Your Brand

Our job is to manufacture to customer specifications the highest quality pet supplement product. All recipes and formulas are under nondisclosure contracts between us and our customers. We provide complete transparency to our customers in everything we do on their behalf to maintain good relationships and a sound reputation. Customers maintain complete control over their brands, including labeling, pricing, and sales channels.

Supplemental Marketing Services

In addition to contract manufacturing, BPWPRODUCE offers brands a range of A to Z marketing services to help get their business to the next level. These supplemental marketing services encompass:

  • Label design
  • Website design, development and management
  • Social media management
  • Amazon account management, including listing creation, product descriptions and brand pages
  • PPC (Pay per Click) ad campaigns
  • Direct ship to Amazon or to end-consumers
  • Warehousing and distribution

The Best Practice Way

BPWPRODUCE provides Best Practice Solutions to get pet supplement sellers the products they need precisely in the right way.

Our contract manufacturing capacity and services are ready to deliver quality finished goods quickly and efficiently to satisfy customer needs in the growing pet supplement market.

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