Driving External Traffic to Your Amazon Listing

Amazon offers excellent advertising options, but what if you want to drive external traffic to your Amazon listing via off-Amazon advertising.

Although approximately three-quarters of consumers begin their search for products online on Amazon, this still leaves a quarter of consumers coming in from elsewhere on the web.

This external traffic could be driven to your Amazon listing.

Driving External Traffic to Your Amazon Listing

Reasons you should be driving external traffic to your Amazon listings

Given the increasing sponsored ad costs on Amazon, and the fierce competition, looking beyond Amazon to market your listings can be profitable. This does not mean you should overlook Amazon’s internal advertising options, but rather that you should team them with external options for a hybrid effect. 

As you prepare to begin driving external traffic to your Amazon listings, ensure that the listings you are planning to promote are ready for a wider audience. This means optimizing your listings properly and making sure there is a good conversion rate. Consider the limited potential of promoting a listing with poor-quality photos that immediately turn off potential buyers. 

Keep your eye on other qualities of the listing as well such as the quality of the product descriptions and the number of reviews.  A fully optimized listing should have at least a 4-star rating and a minimum of 20-30 reviews along with informative, SEO-conscious descriptions.

As you drive external traffic to your Amazon listing, one of the advantages is that you can direct potential customers directly to your own Amazon store where you will not need to share their attention.

1. Your Best Seller rank can improve

As you drive external traffic to your listings, your sales will likely go up. This will in turn increase your Best Seller Rank.

The better your Best Seller Rank, the more visible and favored your items will be on Amazon. When your products work their way up the Best Seller Rank, this will further increase your sales on Amazon.

2. Your keyword rankings can increase

Amazon’s search algorithms seem to give preference to listings that drive traffic to Amazon, providing that the traffic leads to sales.

This means that when your listing brings a customer to Amazon, it will later be more likely to appear in keyword searches related to it on the internal Amazon search.

3. You can better understand your consumers

Amazon Attribution is a valuable analytics tool accessible to sellers who are part of Amazon’s Brand Registry program. This tool can show you which external marketing platforms are bringing you the most business, helping you to gain insight into your customer base.

4. Snag a bonus

Amazon recently launched a Brand Referral Bonus program that awards bonuses for every sale driven from external traffic.

You will need to be enrolled in Amazon’s Brand Registry to benefit from this scheme, but once you begin driving external traffic to your listings, this can be well worth your while.

Keep in mind that the bonus you receive depends on your products’ category.

5 ways to drive external traffic to your Amazon listings

Get started with these 5 ways to drive external traffic to your Amazon listings

1. Advertise on Facebook

When you market your products with Facebook ads, you can target specific demographics and specific interests. This means that your listings are more likely to end up in front of someone who will take an interest.

For example, if you are selling children’s art supplies you could choose to target adults of a likely age to be parents who have an interest in painting. 

2. Sponsored display ads on Amazon

If you are part of Amazon’s Brand Registry program you can take advantage of Amazon’s Sponsored Display ads to market both on Amazon and externally. 

When you opt to use this tool, your ad will be part of Amazon search results in addition to appearing on third-party websites.

3. Market through social media

Using social media to drive sales is practically non-optional at this point. Social media platforms can drive external traffic to your listings as you create awareness of your brand and build an audience. 

Consider if partnering with an influencer might be the right fit for you and your products. This can be a path to thousands, if not millions of potential buyers.

TikTok in particular has led to many products going viral, and though this is a lofty goal, engaging with this platform is a good way to begin. Even without a viral spike, you can still reach a new demographic of potential customers.

4. Grow that email list

Email lists can be a great way to keep customers up-to-date on your latest products and sales.

Keep in mind that Amazon itself does not provide customer emails unless you have access to their recent Manage Your Customer Engagement tool. 

When you assemble an email list, you have a means of reminding previous (and potential) customers of your brand. 

5. Enlist affiliate blogs

When you opt to involve affiliate blogs with your marketing outreach, you will need to be ready to relinquish some control.

However, this risk is more than worth it when you consider the potential affiliate blogs have to drive external traffic to your listings. Consider websites that take part in the Amazon Associates Program where content creators could write about your products.

External marketing inspiration

External marketing inspiration

Looking for a few fresh ideas as you begin driving external traffic to your Amazon listing? Consider some of the following:

  • Create a video showcasing your product for a Facebook ad;
  • Reach out to an influencer to propose sharing information about your product in one of their Instagram stories;
  • Put an exclusive discount in your ad to encourage clicks;
  • Request photos from satisfied customers showing your product in action and showcase these in your ad;
  • Try including assurance of your hassle free return policy in your ad; or
  • Film a video in which you interview a real customer about their experience with your product.

Keep track of your performance

As you begin driving external traffic to your Amazon listing, remember to measure your progress.

Amazon’s Attribution tool can be useful as it shows you crucial stats such as the number of purchases being made via different marketing channels.

Developing an understanding of what is working and what isn’t is crucial as you move forward driving external traffic to your Amazon listing.

Going forward to drive external traffic to your Amazon listing

As you begin to extend your marketing outreach beyond Amazon we hope the guidance above continues to assist you. 

Driving external traffic to your Amazon listing can be a valuable way to drive sales, as well as gain greater insight into your customers. This will help give you an edge in your entrepreneurial journey as an Amazon seller.

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