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Q4 Marketing Mastery TEXAS Meetup

October 15, 2021


About the Q4 Marketing Mastery TEXAS Meetup

Every year there are Q4 themed events, teaching us how to manage our PPC and plan for logistics challenges, but no one gets into the weeds about SPECIFIC TECHNIQUES you should use to MAXIMIZE YOUR HOLIDAY SALES on and off of Amazon.

Fret not e-com warrior! We Texans are getting together and inviting everyone to join us for this 1 day immersive meetup, where you’ll get specifics on how to sell more this holiday season with panels of experts teaching you HOW TO SELL TO HOLIDAY SHOPPERS!


Topics that will get you blitzing:

  • Increasing your sales channels – More channels you can sell on NOW
  • External traffic – Marketing Channels off Amazon, specific to increasing Q4 sales
  • Influencers – How to work with influencers during the busy Q4 season
  • PPC Seasonal campaign strategies – how to maximize your PPC budget and conversions
  • Seasonal listing optimization – getting the right keywords to attract your holiday customer in your listing
  • Inventory Management through Q4 Sales Blitz – how to stay in stock and manage inventory
  • Media presence – how to get featured in the best media for holiday shopping


October 15, 2021


Austin, TX