Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Save Money With Amazon

At GETIDA, we utilize auditing software that is specially designed for FBA sellers, who want to keep track of everything related to their sales. With our software, you will gain access to seller data analytics, refunds tracking, FBA inventory reimbursements, and more. You will be able to manage your inventory transactions in a hassle-free manner. Here is how you can maximize our tool while managing your inventory.

Inventory Reconciliation

Our Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA features at GETIDA can be used by Amazon sellers like yourself. We understand that at some point of time, stocks from your inventory may get lost, damaged, refunded, or returned by an external party. Reimbursement can be a tedious task when situations like this happens. With our software, you will have an easy time reconciling your FRBA inventory. We can also open cases for reimbursement and refund purposes.

Monitor Returns

You cannot satisfy your customers all the time. When a customer requests to return a product, you have nothing to fear with GETIDA by your side. We are able to monitor the situation for you. In addition, we ensure the customer completes the transaction within the required time limit so that you are eligible for reimbursements.

Remove Unfulfilled Inventory

Unfulfilled inventory can pile up in a blink of an eye. When a product becomes defective, you have to remove it from your inventory without delay. At GETIDA, we have the experience to facilitate these tasks for you. We can even communicate with suppliers on your behalf regarding the issue.

Track Your Shipments

Are the stocks for your best selling products replenished? Or have your customers’ order shipped out to their respective addresses? At GETIDA, we can assist you in these areas. You just focus on growing your brand and business!