Find the Best Amazon FBA Wholesale Suppliers for your Business

Best FBA Wholesale Suppliers

Find the Best Amazon FBA Wholesale Suppliers for your Business

Finding Amazon FBA wholesale suppliers can be a large undertaking if you are green to Amazon and eCommerce.

The Amazon wholesale business model can be a very rewarding experience, specifically when you are making the jump from a brick-and-mortar store to eCommerce. Often sellers will start with a retail sales model, where they buy from a brick and mortar store and transition to reselling on Amazon at a slight markup. 

The benefits of wholesaling on Amazon include selling already established branded products, turning over products at a higher volume, and decent margins so long as you aren’t competing directly with Amazon.

It’s important to find the best products in high demand for your Amazon FBA wholesale business, and the best way to do this is to find a well-established Amazon FBA wholesale supplier to supply you with great quality products.

But how do you find the right Amazon FBA wholesale suppliers? How do you make sure they can fulfill your orders with consistency? Where do you find good suppliers and what do you need to look for when trying to establish a mutual relationship? 

Let’s take a look at the best ways to find Amazon FBA wholesale suppliers for your Amazon wholesale business.

Amazon FBA wholesale suppliers

What to Look for in Amazon FBA Wholesale Suppliers

When you start your search for suppliers, you might be surprised by how many Amazon FBA wholesale suppliers are out there.

A few things to consider are capability and communication. First, it’s important for you to have a clear idea of the specification you want for your product; size, shape, features, etc. When you know what you want, you’ll know what questions you need to ask to get exactly what you’re looking for. You need to find a supplier who has the capability to deliver products to your specification at the rate you’ll need them.

This brings us to communication. Often manufacturers and distributors are located in different parts of the world, this means different time zones and different languages.  It’s important that you look for one whose communication with you is timely and clear. There will always be miscommunications when working with people remotely, so starting off with a company that has great communication is helpful for both parties.

You’ll also want to make sure that any supplier you choose is open to working with 3rd party quality control specialists. Because you’ll most likely be working with manufacturers in a different city or country than yourself, you‘ll want to make sure the quality of your product remains consistent. To do this, you can hire a local quality assurance firm to check on the manufacturing process, or you can hire an inspection company abroad. 

Making sure your supplier is willing to have one of your representatives on-site is important and tells you a lot about how they run their operation.

How to Find and Establish Good Relationships with Amazon FBA Suppliers

1. Build Relationships

There are A LOT of different ways to go about finding suppliers and building a trusted relationship is crucial.

Be easy to communicate your needs with and be willing to show your potential Amazon FBA suppliers you can be trusted and are serious about business. Maintain good quality Amazon FBA listings and demonstrate professionalism in all aspects of dealing with Amazon FBA wholesale suppliers.

Amazon FBA wholesale

2. Research

An obvious way to learn more about Amazon FBA wholesale suppliers is to google them. Make sure to use appropriate quotation marks when using a search engine. This will filter your results and make sure you get the most relevant information. Other accessible web sources include Facebook groups and LinkedIn. Both of the social media platforms host many manufacturers and suppliers. Searching for them is as simple as typing in your category information along with the word ‘Wholesale’.  

There are plenty of designated online resources for finding suppliers as well. To cut down on the number of manufacturers you are researching or contacting, you may want to invest in a subscription to a Wholesale Directory.  

You can access these directories for a small fee and they often come with reviews and assurances that manufacturers listed on the site are legitimate. This can help you narrow your search and waste less time.  Worldwide Brands and Salehoo are two reputable options.  

These online searches can get you started, but reaching out to manufacturers through any of these services means you might get lost in the sea of other sellers. Many reputable FBA manufacturers get multiple inquiries every day and so making a good connection can be difficult.  Meeting your potential Amazon FBA wholesale suppliers in person can go a long way towards creating lasting partnerships.

3. Leverage Trade Shows

To meet manufacturers you’ll want to attend industry trade shows. These networking opportunities will give you access not only to the people you might go into business with but a chance to see their products. No amount of product pictures or descriptions can replace the confidence you’ll gain by actually seeing and touching a product.  

Meeting face to face with Amazon FBA wholesale suppliers goes a long way towards creating a lasting relationship. When you speak to someone in person, you can get a feel for them and make a more informed decision about whether or not it will be a lucrative and professional relationship for both of you.

Amazon FBA Tradeshow

4. Industry Associations

Finally, another great place to find potential Amazon FBA wholesale suppliers is industry associations. These groups of industry-specific sellers are great resources for finding out all of the different supplier options available to you. It’s one of many potential benefits of being in a group of other business owners in your industry. These groups are always worth a search in your local area.

How to Reach out to Your Potential Suppliers

Once you’ve used the above methods to search for suppliers, how do you reach out to find out more information or to start a business relationship with them? 

Well, like any good relationship it starts with an inquiry. In this case, a letter introducing yourself. You’ll want to include that you’re an Amazon FBA wholesaler who is looking for long-term Amazon FBA wholesale suppliers for partnership and that you are able to pay for the products you’re purchasing on time.  

Make sure to inquire with potential FBA wholesale suppliers about their location, product specifications, quantity discounts, rush order fees, payment methods & schedule, and shipping options. Depending on whether or not you are looking to include this product under your own brand, you may also want to ask them about their private labeling options. 

You may have to reach out to multiple different Amazon FBA wholesale suppliers before you find the right one, but don’t get discouraged, when you do find the right supplier it will be worth it.


Finding the best Amazon FBA wholesale suppliers can be a little tedious when you first begin. Focus on building trusted relationships, networking, attending trade shows, and show the Amazon FBA wholesale suppliers you’re working with that you consistently keep your account in good standing

Now that you know how to find the best Amazon FBA wholesale suppliers, it’s time to start this lucrative journey. Comment your thoughts below!

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