Finding the Best Amazon FBA Reimbursement Services

amazon fba reimbursement services

Finding the Best Amazon FBA Reimbursement Services

Discovering the best Amazon FBA reimbursement services to help you scale your Amazon FBA business and protect your inventory value can be a little overwhelming with so many options to choose from.

With over $80 billion dollars in revenue generated from third-party sellers in 2020, it’s clear that Amazon is the front-running eCommerce giant. With that amount of revenue in mind its obvious mistakes can happen, and on part of the eComm giants’ own behalf.

Some of these mistakes are in fact discrepancies in where Amazon owes you the seller money for things such as lost, damaged, disposed of, destroyed, or fee overcharges for your affected inventory.

You may be thinking how much money could Amazon possibly owe you? Well, reimbursements can total from 1-3% of your yearly generated revenue. When you add that up, that’s a significant piece of your pie that has essentially gone missing in action.

To help sellers track, process, and file FBA reimbursement claims, companies started offering Amazon FBA reimbursement services to assist with the recovery of funds. Read below to find out how to choose the best FBA reimbursement solution.

Best Amazon Reimbursements

Use the Most Detailed Amazon Audits

Reviewing transactions in your Amazon seller account is a tedious process. To find the maximum reimbursement you are eligible to receive you will need to perform a deep dive into all of your transactions. This process is commonly known as Amazon auditing.

Not every Amazon FBA reimbursement service will offer the same types of audits. You should research a few companies to discover what audits they perform and how detailed they are.  

Here are a few examples of Audit Types:

  • Inventory
  • Returns
  • Shipping
  • Warehouse
  • Accounting

An important factor in Amazon auditing and claims that you should consider is manual reimbursements.

Companies can choose either to submit Amazon claims on your behalf manually or through the use of automated software. Manual reimbursements are preferred because they are more accurate, and Amazon views them as being of higher quality.

Use a Robust Amazon FBA Reimbursement Software

While Amazon prefers manual processing of Amazon FBA reimbursement claims, it is wise to choose an FBA reimbursement service or solution that uses robust software. 

The reason the overall software is important is that you want to be eligible to receive the maximum amount of reimbursement you are owed. Without high-level software in place, you risk missing discrepancies. A human should file the claim following the software performing the audit to provide you with the best results possible and to stay in line with Amazon’s requirements.

Experience is Everything to the Amazon Claims Process

While there are many new options for companies offering Amazon FBA reimbursement services, it’s wise to research the best fit for the health and growth of your business.

Perhaps you’re in the scaling phase and you’ve grown a team of competent Virtual Assistants to outsource some of the tasks you no longer have time to manage. Great, that’s a sign your Amazon FBA business is growing. 

But not so fast, while VA’s can certainly perform FBA auditing, they may or may not be up to speed with the intricacies of Amazon reporting and filing claims. It’s also important to note that granting Amazon seller account access can put your amazon FBA account in jeopardy. Unless the service provider is a part of the Amazon Service Provider Network, you should carefully vet all who you grant access to your account.

Some key points your Amazon FBA Reimbursement service or solution should be looking for:

  • Understanding what audits to perform
  • Find out which claims are relevant 
  • Learn how to appropriately present the information in a proper claim to Amazon (Including things such as batching, and formatting)

Failure to meet these three important components may mean you are missing discrepancies or it could mean you jeopardize the Amazon claim process itself.

Timely and Helpful Customer Support

Selling on Amazon can present its challenges, and when faced with difficulties you want to be sure your account is protected, but also that you are able to get assistance when needed. 

Each Amazon FBA reimbursement service or solution will offer different levels of customer support, be sure to inquire about support solutions and choose a solution provider who will work with your needs.

Helpful Customer Support

Pay Per Recovery

Outsourcing your Amazon FBA reimbursements is a great way to leverage your time, but also better your cash flow as you recover funds owed to you. Each Amazon FBA reimbursement service or solution will offer different fee structures. 

A solution like GETIDA only charges per recovery. That means we charge you 25% of whatever we recover. So let’s say we get you $100 back, we only charge you $25. If it so happens that we get you zero dollars back, we charge you zero dollars.  

Also, look out for subscription fees or long-term commitments that you may not be initially aware of. These fees can add up, and if you aren’t filing routine claims, you can end up spending more money than you are getting back.

How Does GETIDA Compare to Other Amazon FBA Reimbursement Services?

Well, simply put, GETIDA is the global leader in FBA reimbursements. We offer a team able to perform FBA reimbursements on a global level including reimbursement solutions in North America, the UK, Spain, France, and more. 

Aside from our robust market capabilities, we perform a full audit on your account going back up to 18 months combing through all of your transactions, looking for all discrepancies on your account. 

Our dedicated team of case managers are former Amazon employees who are highly skilled and know what to look for, how to find it, and most importantly how to present it to Amazon.

GETIDA Amazon Intelligence

Also, note that GETIDA is a part of the Amazon Service Provider network and can be found on the app store. Why is this important? Being a part of the ASP means we have been vetted and approved by Amazon to offer the solutions we offer. Not every Amazon FBA reimbursement service will be a part of this crucial network so double check before granting any company access to your Amazon seller central account.


Navigating the many tasks of your Amazon FBA business can become overwhelming. That’s why outsourcing some of the more intricate and challenging aspects of your business like FBA reimbursements can prove an asset to your growth.

GETIDA’s solution is about recovering the maximum FBA reimbursement you are eligible to receive. With our helpful and friendly customer support, we ensure you are fully supported throughout the reimbursement process.

Get $400 back in Amazon Seller Refunds with GETIDA.