GETIDA Charges a 25% Fee ONLY From Successful FBA Reimbursements.


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How Does GETIDA Pricing Work?

1. Auditing your Amazon FBA account & securing FBA reimbursements can be a tedious, yet necessary task.

2. GETIDA makes the process of claiming Amazon FBA reimbursements easy so Amazon sellers can concentrate on the fundamentals of their business. With zero commitment and no monthly fee, we get paid when you do.

3. GETIDA ONLY charges you a service fee once a claim we filed has been successfully reimbursed.

4. SIMPLE! Think of GETIDA as your backup service for auditing your Amazon FBA transactions and make it a win-win!

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Our team of auditors comb through your reports and find all FBA discrepancies

We create timely cases and get your FBA reimbursements!

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