Build a Successful Amazon Business at Home by Amy Wees

In this Prime Talk Podcast Video Sponsored by GETIDA – Amy Wees, Founder & CEO of Amazing at Home – an eCommerce consulting agency, shares her life story and her inspiring tale of entering eCommerce. From her early childhood growing up in Wisconsin she ended up working as an executive at Target. Then moved to serve in the Air Force for 18 years, all the way to realizing the power of eCommerce. This led her to open and successfully run 4 businesses from home! Learn how from a modest upbringing, Amy was able to keep growing her myriad of skills. Then capitalize on her accomplishments, and establish herself as a successful independent businesswoman.

Amy Wees is an Expert Planner with 18 years of military planning experience, she holds 3 Undergraduate and 2 Graduate Degrees. She is an Entrepreneur with 3 brands in the marketplace and more on the way, a Brand Builder, Inventor, and Patent holder. She’s also a Teacher and Public Speaker, Search Engine Optimization Expert, and Copywriter.

Tune in to learn How to Build a Successful Amazon Business at Home by Amy Wees!

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Amy Wees operates 4 successful businesses at home


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