Refael Elbaz and the Covid-19 Impacts on Amazon Logistics

In this Prime Talk Podcast video Sponsored by GETIDA – Refael Elbaz, the CEO of UNICARGO and a logistics wizard speaks about the challenges of the global Coronavirus pandemic and what third-party Amazon sellers can do about it.

Founded in 2005, Unicargo specializes in creating end-to-end, tailor-made, cost-effective freight solutions. Headquartered in New Jersey, Unicargo operates regional offices in China, Turkey, and Israel.
Unicargo’s global network of agents covers almost every country, across all continents, with a particular focus on South East Asia. It is located right at the heart of East Asia’s manufacturing hub. The global outreach of Unicargo makes it especially sensitive and aware of the effects of Coronavirus on global logistics. 

Many Amazon sellers are being hit hard by the outbreak of Covid-19 in China at the end of 2019. Then when the virus made its way across the world into the US, it matters even worse. Refael mentions the types of challenges Amazon sellers are experiencing the impacts of Covid-19. The scope and scale of the damages and hardships on global logistics can only be measured in historical proportions. The magnitude and speed of the chain of events simply has made it impossible to predict and prepare for. The global chain supply has been disrupted and Unicargo is finding new ways of shipping products worldwide by implementing new methods.  

Tune in for the full episode to learn more about the Covid-19 impacts on Amazon logistics!

image of Refael Elbaz with the logo of unicargo, prime talk and getida
Refael Elbaz describes the effects of Coronavirus on Amazon logistics

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