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In this Prime Talk Podcast Sponsored by GETIDA – Hymie Zebede – Hymie Zebede Agency – talks about how to play and dominate the Amazon sellers conversion game and also more information about his life’s journey. #hymiezebede #ecommerce

About Hymie Zebede of the Hymie Zebede Agency – 

-12 years of experience creating and scaling brands on Amazon.com.

– Proven track record of creating and launching individual listings that sell over $1M+ a year.

– Top Level understanding of the art and science of the Amazon.com algorithm.

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Yoni Mazor 0:00
Hey everybody, welcome to another episode of Prime talk today I’m excited to have a special guest today I’m having my man. Hi Miss Zebede. Hymie has a really special guy because he has a boutique agency that partners with Amazon sellers, but it focuses on hyper-growth. So Hymie, welcome to the show.

Hymie Zebede 0:20
Thank you, Yoni. Glad to be here.

Yoni Mazor 0:23
My pleasure. So today’s episode is going to be the story of really high visibility and showed us everything who are you? Where are you from? Where’d you grow up? Where do you go to school? How do you begin your professional career? Station to station until we hit two? We’re where you are today, especially in the world of E-commerce. So without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Hymie Zebede 0:42
Okay, great. Where should I start? We’re here. When you’re born, man, where were you born? I was born. I was born in New York, New York City.

Hymie Zebede 0:53
I moved. I lived in Jersey my whole life. I do.

Yoni Mazor 1:00
Dirt. Yeah, Monmouth County, New Jersey Shore.

Hymie Zebede 1:03
Exactly. My whole life. When I was 18 years old, I moved to Brooklyn for a few years. And I am actually on a vacation. When I was 18 years old or 19 years old. I was in Florida, and I met my wife. And after that, a matter of Florida. She was vacationing, she lived in Brooklyn, and I live in Jersey.

Hymie Zebede 1:29
And we both met up at the same place we met in a gym. And after that, I started I moved straight to Brooklyn just so we can be closer together. And during that time all my friends were in college. But I was working by doing for work. So I was working in my father’s art gallery. And all my friends were in college and I was I went a little too forward actually before I’m aware.

Yoni Mazor 2:08
Something already very interesting to me. Right? Did you say Art Gallery for your father? Yes. The moment to the family environment. When you growing up, your father was into artists. What’s the background story there?

Hymie Zebede 2:17
My father had it. He was always into that business and art and jewellery. And you know, it’s very old things like that antiques and owns a lot of my family members have had was in that business, my father and my uncle.

Yoni Mazor 2:38
So how do they find these antiques? And how do they sell them? And how that does do maybe influenced you or your entrepreneurial spirit since you’re an entrepreneur, you always have to be on the move to find unique things. But even more than that the unique buyers’ rights are so take us a little bit to that journey as far as you perceive it.

Hymie Zebede 2:56
That had to do with my like works. And I never worked for anyone in my life. Like I always my father had his own business his whole life. So that’s what I’ve always seen. My parents got divorced when I was young, and my stepfather who I also love very close also has an antique store. So he has so he also was in that same business and is also an entrepreneur and my uncle has an antique store and art store and like my whole family. It’s crazier in this

Yoni Mazor 3:27
And all these antique stores. It was in the New York area, New York,

Hymie Zebede 3:31
Miami, New Jersey, and just I’ve always been around people working for themselves and having their businesses. And I never, I knew anything else. Really. I never. I never knew anything else. And my whole life. I was working very hard and just my parents didn’t give me them they gave me love and things like that. But everything was always on me.

Yoni Mazor 3:53
Financially, it was always on you to want to get your money and do it to get whatever you want so

Hymie Zebede 3:57
Yeah, I had to just take care of myself. Well, I want to go back to that because I went a little too fast forward when I graduated high school. I went to Israel for a year. Yeah, to yeshiva. And that’s what I lived off of just all the money ahead from my Bar Mitzvah. And after that, I came home. And my parents are like, what are you doing here? And I’m like, what do you mean, I just got back from Israel. They’re like, Okay, you’re an adult. Go out. Go move somewhere. So yeah. Oh, man. That’s it. Yeah. So So basically, that’s when I actually before I moved to Brooklyn, I was my friends were on Rutgers.

Yoni Mazor 4:35
Rutgers is the State University of New Jersey. Yeah, so if you’re New Jersey born it’s a bit more affordable to go there. Plus, it’s a really good school. But of course, it takes us outside people.

Hymie Zebede 4:44
But I wasn’t a student of rockers. I was that I was working. I was working in the city at my father’s antique store. And I live in my friend’s dorm and there in their room, that they rented a house and I actually paid rent and I stayed there err, I just commute to the city every day to work. Yeah, so I didn’t go to Rutgers University, but I wanted the college experience, I wanted to just hang out with my friends.

Hymie Zebede 5:11
So I would sleep there, they rented a house. And I went to work every morning, you know, like just partied every night with them. And then when everyone was like, still sleeping, I would just get myself ready to hop on a train and go to the city and work. And, you know, I got a little college experience like that. It was fun. And I was also making money and taking care of myself. Yeah. And then

Yoni Mazor 5:35
The next step, so you’re working, you know, the family business. You’re in a mansion, right? The antiques. Yeah. Okay, what was your next session, though, in terms of, you know, spreading your wings?

Hymie Zebede 5:44
So after that, I actually, met my wife in Florida on a vacation. And we started dating and her family had a manufacturing company, clothing and they also had some retail stores. So I tried working out working by the retail stores for a little bit. I was supervising like eight stores, just going to Harlem, Queens, the Bronx, like every day, going on managing a bunch of different stores who’s that’s pretty hard. Yeah, it was extremely tiring. And it was working every single Sunday. My only day off was Saturday, the Sabbath. And a hard experience. And then I thought

Yoni Mazor 6:27
Why that was take me to the year that’s slapping the years on this? So what year was that when he started working for the retail stores? In the New York area, or New York City area?

Hymie Zebede 6:36
This was when I was 20 years old. So I don’t remember what the year was but

Yoni Mazor 6:40
Was the 1980s are

Hymie Zebede 6:43
Born in 88. So what is that?

Yoni Mazor 6:45
So this is 2008. So this is all during the recession, you always work in the city during the recession. So we thought was good, though,

Hymie Zebede 6:52
Was retail good? We sold very, very cheap things, you know, business dollar to dollar, you know, is all very, very dirt cheap things. But I didn’t like that business. And I didn’t want to work for anyone. So what I started to do was I started to buy the clothing from my in-laws and throw it online. And

Yoni Mazor 7:18
Online. It was Amazon was eBay both what was though

Hymie Zebede 7:20
Mark, it was everything it was made on a website, eBay, Amazon, and they all think God was doing pretty well. But Amazon was just taking off like fire was just unbelievable.

Yoni Mazor 7:34
This is already 2008 or a bit later on 2000, maybe 2008 2008 As a result selling on Amazon. That’s cool. Wow. 14 years,

Hymie Zebede 7:44
Maybe not going to record this or maybe 2009. Okay,

Yoni Mazor 7:48
One year. All right. So it’s been about 13 years now. Wow, it’s pretty impressive. We get 2009 Amazon and e-commerce is knocking on your door, you buy your inventory and business. So all these marketplaces plus your website, what was the next milestone for you?

Hymie Zebede 8:02
And then after that, the next milestone for me was on I just say I got these listings that just caught on fire and just started making me crazy amounts of money. Because, you know, it’s like, most I had maybe 30 items listed. But all the items that were making me money were like five or five listings in total, you know, the 8020 rule.

Yoni Mazor 8:21
Right. But this is, these are brands that you’re reselling, or these were like your own private label as far as you perceive it.

Hymie Zebede 8:27
So it was my private label because I was like brands that I was buying, but I would rip off the tags, I would rip off the tags. And I would just put in my brand name on Amazon. And since the items were so cheap, people didn’t know it was like I’m selling Nike

Yoni Mazor 8:44
Stock. Commodities are almost commodities. Yeah. So they

Hymie Zebede 8:47
Don’t care what the name of the brand was if it’s if I’m selling something so cheap like that. So I started off ripping off the tags and just sending it in with no tags. It did that for like a year, maybe two. And then I got to a level where I started having them come in with the tags and making them from China.

Yoni Mazor 9:08
What’s your label with your private label?

Hymie Zebede 9:11
With my private label? Yeah,

Yoni Mazor 9:13
Got it. So you took out the tags just to see if there’s a demand on the platforms. And once you discover the demand you’ve already kind of upgrade to the realm of having your label made directly in the factory.

Hymie Zebede 9:24
Exactly. Just wanted to test it out for us because not everything is a home run and now want to see what works and what didn’t and then there’s just a very easy, very easy way to test it out. You know, take a few cases and see what hits. Nice. Make sense. I tell people to do that all the time.

Hymie Zebede 9:39
By the way when people you know I still tell people you got to say buy from somebody in the industry by seeing what moves before you start making a very big order to China. And then after that if you see some things moving on to under somebody else’s brand. You could eventually bring in your brand and start to market yourself if you can’t get an exclusive with them. But like testing out first before you just take a giant risk on something

Yoni Mazor 10:00
Yeah, celebrate production just do this covertly though. Yeah. Okay, good. So it’s always the next milestone, though. You will you know, you, you make a big pure purchase order and blowing up or what was the best trajectory.

Hymie Zebede 10:14
So I was doing that, I got married. And I lived off of Amazon, like, that’s how I bought my house. For my kids in school, like everything was from Amazon, and was really from like, three listings, like leggings and a few shoe listings, you know. And after that I started, when I ordered from I ordered a container, I remember it was like 30 $40,000 worth of goods for like one product.

Hymie Zebede 10:44
And the whole thing came in smelling like fish. Yeah. And then I realized that I don’t know anything about sourcing, but I was very good at Amazon, I got the listing in the US selling hundreds of pieces a day I’m living off of, you know, I’m doing almost $2 million a year from two, three listings. And I didn’t know how to source I didn’t know how to get the best price. I didn’t know what quality control you were supposed to do like checks. You know, I didn’t know any of that stuff. So that was the was like one like a big hit on me.

Yoni Mazor 11:17
So what do you do with the smelly container? What will happen? I

Hymie Zebede 11:20
Don’t know. It’s probably because I don’t even know where it is. I don’t even know. Just

Yoni Mazor 11:24
Like that. Yeah, he’s just Oh, yeah, sure. So what was the raw, there’s no internet. So what do you do next? I guess perfect, you’re sourcing for that point. Now was this a pivotal moment for you?

Hymie Zebede 11:34
So that was a horrible, horrible event. And then I started, I just kept continuing and kept grinding away, thank God made like the other styles, and I was still able to keep making money. And then maybe I had another issue with sizing on one of my items, you know, like, the sizing was off. This was like a second quality issue.

Yoni Mazor 11:57
So the idea was, like, more like a small and the large. Everything was

Hymie Zebede 12:01
Coming in the wrong sizes, I was getting killed with bad reviews. Killed. And at that point, this was like, maybe four or five years. And we saw it on Amazon. I said you know, like, I don’t know anything about all this stuff. And I’m, I may I’m making a killing off of two, or three listings. Why don’t I try to work with somebody who has experience in sourcing and, in this type of thing, manufacturing?

Hymie Zebede 12:32
Because I’ve never been in that business. I know, I know, Amazon, like why am I focusing on dealing with all these things for the suppliers, it’s not my strong point. So that’s really where I started working with other people, you know, just people that have goods, if there’s a lot of big wholesale companies, manufacturing companies, they don’t know, they don’t have any presence online, or they’re on Amazon, and they’re doing nothing, and I would talk to them, and I’d be like, you guys are doing half a million dollars or less on Amazon.

Hymie Zebede 13:02
And like, I’m doing $2 million on Amazon with two styles. Three styles. Why never the whole catalogs? Yeah, yeah, you have a whole catalog, why are you guys not moving any good? Right. So like, people gave me a chance just to build up their business. And I thank God, like, I’ve built up a lot of businesses.

Yoni Mazor 13:22
While he was that, when he kind of reached out basically up to that point, he said, for five years. So this is around 2014 2013 14, where you’re in your bubble, you know, trapped, you know, and a good but we’re position where you figured out the marketplace how to you know, bring to the consumers in and, and grow with revenue,

Yoni Mazor 13:42
but the source thing was a weak point for you and it’s consuming so he said, let me open up a little bit or, you know, burst my bubble reach out and reach out to the players, these wholesalers or manufacturers that have a good catalog of quality going on, but they don’t have the market. Right? So you put that as an opportunity for both sides, and you’re going to have a win-win situation. So why was that when you opened up to help others you know, in partner basically to with manufacturers or other distributors,

Hymie Zebede 14:09
This might have been maybe 2014 Something like that, maybe 2014 Maybe 2015 14

Yoni Mazor 14:18
So what was the impact? What were your results?

Hymie Zebede 14:22
I partnered up with a shoe company. We grew that business to like a million dollars within a few months. And that was like my first time partnering with somebody and I realized I made a bad deal. You know, because I didn’t know I didn’t still move to it like I didn’t know what I was doing. I was deal off of profits you know, but basically when the Prophet when he’s working on now just because you don’t know what the profits are and you know the warehousing and things,

Yoni Mazor 14:51
They can tell you any price you can’t validate the cost because it might cost him $2 To make the shoe but it tells you it’s costing $8 In units only 10 cents. Is $2 property might be $8. You can’t you’re not privy to the actual numbers, the book sale.

Hymie Zebede 15:03
So yeah, so that wasn’t you know, that was just a learning experience for me on what not to do for the next coming deals. But thank God by doing that, you know, one door, one door closes another one opens next for me doing that people realize that I said I had a lot of good, a lot of good and I had a very good experience in what I could do. And people gave me other chances. And then I went on to the next person and like I’ve been doing this for years, just always getting hired better and better results. Thank God

Yoni Mazor 15:36
Give me a little bit of the approach, I want to also kind of gauge differences between 2014 15 what was required back then, and what is required today, which I assume is much more complex, much more enhanced, and sophisticated. So take us through the use of 214 to 15 to 16. When you partner with these, with these companies, and he put them online on Amazon and what was required back then what was the main drivers of growth back then. And if we can touch a little bit about today, it’ll be an interesting experiment here,

Hymie Zebede 16:03
it was, it was so different back then it was unbelievably different. I want to just put it put out there that the listings that I was living off of the years that I bought my house with that I took care of everyone with, they had like one image made maybe two, and they were like pixelated images like horrible, disgusting and all and they just sold because back then you didn’t need to have magazine quality images as you could just whatever you if you put up something good and you just make your proper SEO and everything like it just would sell. Nowadays, it’s a different, totally different game,

Hymie Zebede 16:40
but it’s just crazy how everything back then, you know, used to give away products used to be able to give away products for free and get reviews, you know, that’s how you would jumpstart a listing, right? And then that was like for years, you could do that. And then all of a sudden Amazon changed its rules. And they said you can still do it. But if you’re going to do it, you have that the reviewer has to put a disclaimer, we have received this product for a review, you know, we are testing this product out and return for a review.

Hymie Zebede 17:12
And then I remember like and this was a big practice, like everyone used to do it. It was 100% allowed, right? And then I remember it was like I think it was like 2016 like I think it was 2016 Maybe like Rosh Hashanah, like right before like the High Holidays or Yom Kippur war, and everyone got an email. And it’s like, you are not allowed to do this anymore. We are going to start policing it and everyone was like, Oh my God,

Yoni Mazor 17:36
No, yeah, Happy New Jewish New Year we’re going to

Hymie Zebede 17:42
Be shutting off the phone now you’re sweating? Do you know what’s going on? It was so scary. And then everyone I promise, like, everyone’s like, wow, that’s it Amazon is over. Like, there’s no like, this was like

Yoni Mazor 17:53
The game is over. Yeah. We’re going to be able to jumpstart, you know, listings and generate revenue and stuff like that. Well, we don’t have reviews. Yeah, they were

Hymie Zebede 18:00
Like people who people are like, yeah, so you can’t, there’s no way to make money on Amazon anymore. It’s going to be too hard. And it’s like, it’s crazy, because so many years later, and you can still thank God

Yoni Mazor 18:10
Shut down what was the next door that opened up and was a key revenue job or PPC, SEO, what was the cure for that?

Hymie Zebede 18:19
Just everything you just got to keep innovating, you have to just have a proper title, you have to have you have to do the research, you have to do PPC you have to do clip coupons you have to create Lightning Deals Seven Day deals, you have to have beautiful images you know, the images are everything but there’s nothing more important than the image because now it’s like nowadays like the customer wants to know that it’s a good quality item and they have to see the quality like through the image you know, they have to the image that has to be that good that they can see wow, this is a nice item I can see how soft it looks I can see how nicely looks like that is so important.

Yoni Mazor 18:58
You also utilize infographics for that so it has this layer of this product or cotton or material

Hymie Zebede 19:06
100% you need infographics you know if you don’t have the right infographics and especially on a size chart, the returns will be like disgusting you know like you need all these things to prevent the customers from being confused about what the product is. And to know how it fits and how it

Yoni Mazor 19:23
Looks everything what about video is that also a big impact or

Hymie Zebede 19:27
video is a video is important now you know back then it wasn’t as important now as videos getting very important I feel like you know especially everyone has nice beautiful video ads and it’s just something you know you it’s something you need almost as much as images like your are the main thing like beautiful images, but like soon I think it’s going to become that you’re going to need videos like you’re going to need them.

Yoni Mazor 19:54
Okay, so once again 2015 16 You open it up, things will be more basic Just, you know, get reviews a bit more easily that door shut down and take us through, you know, the past, I guess six years, major milestones for you or your clients as humans, especially things that happen. Go ahead.

Hymie Zebede 20:12
So I’ve always thanked God built up businesses to like nice levels. 123 $4 million, you know, and people just know me like that. A few years ago, maybe like four years ago, 334 years ago, that was like, the big one of my big jumps is when I, I brought a business from two to $24 million within two years. Yep. Yeah. So that was like, and then after that, people just stuck my name, thank god exploded, people just said, wow, this guy built up this listing. And this listens, and this listing is doing a million dollars a year like crazy things.

Yoni Mazor 20:52
So that’s somebody that he texts for two months about over 20 over 20. So what kind of category was that? What was the impact? What was the difference? Well, how would you go about doing it within a few short years to make him spike like that?

Hymie Zebede 21:04
So, it was men’s clothing. And it was, it was a hybrid, it was a hybrid model. It was a private label. And somebody came up to me and they saw what I was doing. And they said, Come build my listings. For me, it’s a private label. But we have exclusives with a lot of brands. And you’re building up a listing, you’re building up a listing from scratch, you’re going to do the research, you’re going to Kickstarter with the PPC, but it has a brand name, to help you give it that extra edge.

Yoni Mazor 21:41
So that was a brand name that has already a presence outside of Amazon and brick-and-mortar stores or other channels.

Hymie Zebede 21:47
So yes, so exactly. So I can give you the brand names if you want to. If you search on Amazon, Levi’s, men’s underwear, I made all those listings. For every Levi’s men’s underwear listing, if you search champion, big and tall, I made all those listings feel big and tall, I made all those listings. So I would, I would research all the big and tall guys. Corner, I would just go through all these guys. And it’s a

Yoni Mazor 22:14
Brand name. It’s, you know, it’s an art in a high volume, in terms of rotation, and actual units sold category, we’re saying was a little bit of a niche, which is large and tall. Yeah.

Hymie Zebede 22:26
Big and tall. And also the lever, the underwear, Levi’s underwear, I was just, you know, specific categories that you could do. But like, if you look up other listings from those people like they don’t sell as well as the ones that I need, you know, like Amazon, they just listed themselves. And they

Yoni Mazor 22:45
Won’t be on the Amazon retail team. They listed themselves but it doesn’t get as effective results.

Hymie Zebede 22:49
I was doing Yeah, they don’t know what they’re doing. You know, as my listing has like 9000 reviews in like two years, you know, we never bought any fake reviews or anything. And that was

Yoni Mazor 23:00
A difference between wanting to like the retail team of Amazon and listening to them and listening to you, man, and a few points to consider.

Hymie Zebede 23:07
I don’t know what they’re doing. But I’m looking and digging into all the data and all the competitors and I’m focusing on it like my baby, you know what I mean? Like, every day I’m tracking I’m seeing where it ranks for this keyword, like organically? Where’s the rank for this keyword? Every day? Like I’m helping the nourishment.

Yoni Mazor 23:25
Yeah, you go. You nourish it and you prep it up. Maybe Amazon’s retail team just put a picture in a few words. And this is a little just, you know, dormant just

Hymie Zebede 23:36
Checking it out. I’m checking mine at midnight, you know that Amazon retail team, and they’re not waking up in the middle of the night. Let me look on my phone and see what place I’m in for men’s underwear. I’m like you get I get very obsessed with it. That’s what makes me like I get like I can’t stop looking at I need to make sure that it’s a winner. And

Yoni Mazor 23:53
Masa massages and Crossman nourishment enhancements, we’ll make that 10x impact. That’s amazing. Because when you got it for 2 million, it’s probably because of what Amazon did that listens they created and we came in and give that the TLC the tons of loving care that it needs were a 10x impact. It’s pretty impressive. When I do these dimensions, trying to understand the difference between how Amazon does it or a third-party Amazon Seller which you know, has a lot of focus and attention what’s the impact on the marketplace?

Hymie Zebede 24:21
I just think that I just think you know, they probably maybe they’re dealing with too much or they’re not is you know, my work my name is behind you know, that’s what I have. It’s my name so I needed to make sure I do a very good job I need to make sure it’s unbelievable and that that’s my promotion that’s how I get business by doing a good job for people other people want to work with me. Amazon retail, I don’t know you know, they don’t care who was making it I don’t know who made it and

Yoni Mazor 24:45
It’s not listening and for worse, if it doesn’t the next victim you know, they don’t care.

Hymie Zebede 24:50
Exactly. So I built up a lot of those listings and then after that other people wanted to work with me, you know other people that also had different brand exclusives, you know like I did some things for Nautica, I did some things for Altec, Lansing, for BB just for different. A lot of different brands, just people started calling me up. Hi, can you build my listing? Can you build my listing? Can you like, what does it take? It just all went blood from there?

Yoni Mazor 25:22
What about a team? Are you always doing it by yourself? Or did you start building a team? What was the setup for you?

Hymie Zebede 25:27
So up until the past, up until like, four years ago, it was always myself. And then I realized that I need to build up a team, you know, so now I have a team of four, my project manager and few people under her and that like I like that, that’s our team.

Yoni Mazor 25:45
Got it. So we need to do all these images, stuff like that you book with the studios or you already send the client or the or your partner, sorry, your partner is what’s your approach, if let’s say, I’m hearing this, and I want to reach out why what’s usually done dynamically to set things in motion.

Hymie Zebede 26:01
So if you guys don’t already have images, I have, I have a few photographers that I work with, and they’ll take good care of me and know exactly what type of images and quality I need. And, and I will just, you know, I’ll work together with them to get it done the same thing with videos if I need somebody you know, but I’m not a videographer, but I know very good video biographers who can help. You know, I’m the guy, I’m the guy who builds up the sales. And these are all my tools. So everyone does what they’re good at. And I make sure I use the best of the best

Yoni Mazor 26:33
Got. And then if someone wasn’t well, you know, everybody could just reach out and you’ll help them out or you get more selective these days. Because you’re handling all this volume, what’s your approach at this point, so I have?

Hymie Zebede 26:43
To be very selective about who I work with. Because like I said, we’re a small team. And also, I need to make sure that it’s something that’s going to, that’s something that’s going to take off, I need to make sure it’s something that I can already

Yoni Mazor 26:56
Know that what you do what is going to the marketplace and try to research and

Hymie Zebede 27:00
I have to look at that product, I have to look at their product and see the potential, and I have to make sure that they paid the right amount for the item. And also the person’s mindset, you know, like, how big does the person want to grow this to like, how much are they willing to invest? Where do they see it going? When I’m working with somebody, like a brother, like where we whoever I work with, we speak on the phone, they call me on my cell phone, we talk on What Sapp, it’s like, you know what I mean? It’s like we’re a family. We’re not we have

Yoni Mazor 27:28
Constant engagement. It’s a real partnership contract. Where you are the e-commerce branch?

Hymie Zebede 27:33
Yeah, we have to make sure we work well together. It’s like a marriage. Got

Yoni Mazor 27:37
It, whatever they want to sell on eBay, Walmart, or their website, what’s your poster that you help with that as well, you have a network of partners that you will refer them to, I’ll

Hymie Zebede 27:45
Refer them to somebody else. My focus is Amazon. And I want to be very tunnel vision with that. And you know, that’s, I don’t want to do things that I’m not a professional. And I know I’m an expert at Amazon, that’s what I focus on. And that’s where I want all my time. So that’s why I spend 1012 hours a day on Amazon. That’s why I’m so good at it, you know, I wasn’t born just knowing Amazon, if I started to do a little bit of Walmart, a little bit of eBay a little bit, I’m going to lose track about what’s going on and Amazon world and everything is always changing. There are always different things that you have to be on top of.

Yoni Mazor 28:19
I read 100% that he loses touch, once you start sprinting out, you lose that magic touch within that core marketplace, which brings most of the results up to this point to e-commerce businesses. So you’re saying I’m hyper-focused on a vision and Atlanta and I’m exporting it, I keep compounding the ways and the abilities that I have to quit hyper-growth and significant growth for your partners. And that’s it. This is your duty, this is your focus, and nothing distracted with that.

Hymie Zebede 28:44
Exactly. You need to be in that you need to be in like I’m in telegram groups, I’m in What Sapp groups, I’m always talking to other sellers and other service providers just to see what techn

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