How Running Google Ads for Amazon Listings Can Help You Boost Brand Awareness and Sales

How Running Google Ads for Amazon Listings Can Help You Boost Brand Awareness and Sales

Google Ads is a great advertising tool that many Amazon sellers need to pay attention to for 2023. Advertising their product listings on Google helps Amazon sellers boost their rank and sales by taking advantage of a wide variety of benefits from targeting specific demographics that further enhance their visibility and presence in the marketplaces they sell in.

Not only that, but Amazon also has an incentive program that rewards advertisers who bring in traffic from Google.

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How does Google Ads for Amazon work?

Google Ads for Amazon works by allowing Amazon sellers to create campaigns that target specific demographics with the goal of driving more sales. Sellers can choose from a variety of campaign types including search ads, display ads, and video ads.

Once campaigns are set up, Amazon sellers can target their desired demographic, budget, and goals. With the ability to track and measure the effectiveness of campaigns through analytics, Amazon sellers can maximize their budget and ensure that their campaigns are reaching the right people. Ultimately, Google Ads for Amazon is a powerful tool that can help Amazon sellers increase their visibility, drive more sales, and maximize their profits.

The benefits of using Google Ads for your Amazon business

We like to see this strategy as a ‘cherry on top’ approach. Once you have maximized your return on Amazon’s native ad platform, advertising on Google provides extra benefits to advertisers that complement your Amazon PPC advertising efforts.

Capturing interest early in the product search and discovery phase

Google Ads has the ability to capture leads from the top of the funnel and during the starting point of product searches by targeting active google searches for specific products and services. With Google Ads, businesses can target users and show them relevant ads to a trusted platform like Amazon.

Additionally, businesses can target users who have shown interest in their products based on their browsing history, interests, and past searches. This helps Amazon businesses reach users who have a higher chance of converting based on historical data that Google has on its users. By utilizing Google Ads, businesses can capture shoppers at the top of the funnel, improve 3rd party traffic ranking, and build an easier bridge to new potential customers.


Establishing new evergreen traffic in early 2023

Having evergreen traffic, Google is the #1 search engine that people use to find answers, products, services, and anything that they may need. Being everyone’s go-to search engine means that there won’t be any shortage of potential shoppers to whom the ads can be served. The more people your Google Ads get served to, the higher the chances for you to attract traffic back to your product listing on a consistent basis. By leveraging Google’s evergreen traffic, businesses can ensure that their brand and products attract visitors on an ongoing basis.

Email list creation

Since Amazon does not provide access to customer contact information (e.g. phone numbers and emails) due to customer privacy policies, the only way to create a customer list is to capture this information on Google before customers reach Amazon. 

If you have a DTC website that’s off-Amazon and looking to strengthen in-house assets like an email list, then this is a great out-of-the-box approach. Using shopping-intent keywords to an email campaign that promises deals, new products, and content can:

  • Increase demand and engagement with your brand.
  • Reveal more insight about your customers and potential buyers
  • Obviously increasing your email list or newsletter
  • Increase your customer LTV (lifetime value) with email marketing
  • Improve 3rd party traffic by sending buyers directly to your product listings
  • Solicit product feedback and reviews
  • Retarget audiences by using email data
  • Execute product launches and promotions

With Google Ads, you can obtain an extra selling channel to promote your products, leading to increased sales and higher search rankings on Amazon, which in turn can produce even more sales in the long run.

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Diversity of Google ad types for Amazon Advertising

Google Ads offers several ad types depending on the needs of your campaign type as well as your campaign goals. Below are the ad types available on Google Advertising and how you can make use of them to achieve your Amazon selling goals.

  • Search Ads

Google search ads can be a useful way for Amazon sellers to increase the visibility of their products and drive more traffic to their listings. This type of Google ad allows Amazon businesses to display their ads in Google SERPs when people search for specific keywords related to the products or services they offer. These ads can be targeted to specific locations and demographics and they appear above or alongside the organic search results.

  • Responsive Ads

Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) are a type of search ad that allows advertisers to provide multiple headlines and descriptions. This type of ad is great since it allows advertisers to test different combinations and see what works best for their Amazon listings, while also reducing manual workload. It can also be customized to fit different devices, enabling ad optimization for specific devices.

  • Dynamic Search Ads

Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs) automatically generate search ads based on the content of your Amazon listings, saving time in setup and ensuring that relevant keywords are used. These ads should be implemented in search campaigns and are most effective when used with well-structured websites that have distinct content categories and a vast selection of products.

  • Display Ads

Image ads are available on the Google Display Network and can appear on websites that have formed a partnership with Google, such as Gmail, Google Finance, and YouTube. These ads can be either static or animated graphics and are typically used to promote brand recognition. In contrast, text ads, which are usually found in search campaigns, are better suited for users who are further along in the buying process.

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Save money using Amazon’s Brand Referral BONUS Program

To reward advertisers who bring in external traffic like from Google, Amazon has launched a Brand Referral Bonus Program which pays you a cashback of up to 10% (on average) for every attributed qualified sale from your Google Ads. Eligible products for this bonus program are those that have the Amazon Attribution tag, are brand-owned, and are from brands that are registered with Amazon’s Brand Registry.

Bonus rates will depend on the product’s category, cost of additional shipping, selling partners, and gift wrapping costs. To make sure those 10% kickbacks are attributed, advertisers make use of toolkits such as Ampd which offsets advertising costs and increases ROI.

Sales and ranking boost 

Google Ads for Amazon helps advertisers reach their major goals of increased sales and boost ranking (through 3rd party traffic). When you don’t advertise on Google, you miss out on half of the Amazon customers who search for products before deciding to purchase them online. But when you do, you get ahead of your competitors who stick to Amazon PPC advertising only. 

Sales velocity is a ranking factor on Amazon, so getting in front of your potential customers searching on Google and having increased sales through your Google Ads will correlate to having your Amazon search rankings boosted. This will also correlate to the amount of traffic your product listings are receiving, thus boosting your ranking in the Amazon SERPs as well.

Target competitor search

This Google Ads feature allows you to target keywords that your competitors are already bidding on and on their branded keywords themselves. By setting up competitor search targeting, you can identify which keywords your competitors are bidding on Amazon and bid on those same keywords at a lower price on Google. This will help you gain more visibility and clicks, while also reducing your cost per click. Additionally, you can also use competitor search targeting to identify new keywords that you may have missed, allowing you to capture more of the market share.

Target geographically

Being a feature that isn’t available to Amazon PPC advertising, the geographic search feature in Google advertising allows you to target specific geographic locations. Geographic targeting allows you to reach potential customers who will likely be interested in your products and are living in specific cities, states, and countries which is a great advantage to sellers who have brands and products in several international marketplaces. Limiting the areas you target can also help reduce your advertising budget, making it a double win.

Bid on branded terms

To give advertisers an even better chance of getting in front of potential customers, Google Ads offers a feature that allows advertisers to bid on branded terms. This feature allows you to target keywords that include your brand name, helping you defend and capture more of the market share. By bidding on branded terms, you can ensure that your ads are seen by people who are already familiar with your brand. Additionally, this feature can help you improve your Quality Score, as branded terms are typically associated with a higher click-through rate.


Running Google ads for Amazon listings is an exciting blue ocean opportunity that not many Amazon sellers and advertisers have discovered or tried yet. This fact makes it an even bigger reason why anyone selling on Amazon should push for it in 2023. But if there’s not much time on your hands learning how to get started, there’s always a team of Google Ads for Amazon experts who can help from start to finish. 

Ultimately, Google Ads is a powerful tool that can help Amazon sellers maximize their sales and presence in the marketplace. Don’t miss out or let your competitors get ahead of you during the start of the new year.