Hilarious Amazon Reviews: How to Use Customer Humor to Sell More

Hilarious Amazon Reviews How to Use Customer Humor to Sell More

Hilarious Amazon Reviews: How to Use Customer Humor to Sell More

There is an art when it comes to Hilarious Amazon Reviews and how to use customer humor to sell more.

As an Amazon seller, customer reviews are a great opportunity to learn what your customers need from you. Negative reviews contain valuable information that can help improve your business, while positive reviews reveal what is great about your product.

However, another special breed of customer feedback is the hilarious Amazon reviews. These reviews can take the form of funny stories, quips, or satire. If entertaining, these reviews can gain traction and attract positive responses from other potential customers.

Some sellers may be wary of hilarious Amazon reviews. After all, if they include a one-star rating, they impact your product’s metrics just as much as a serious critical review.

Savvy sellers, however, understand that these engaging reviews can be diamonds in the rough when it comes to driving more sales.

The question is: how can you use hilarious Amazon reviews to your advantage.

Make Hilarious Amazon Reviews Work for You

Hilarious Amazon reviews often contain an amusing story or polarizing point. These can both be great ways to grab customers’ attention and drive sales.

Consider adopting the humor of a customer’s review as part of your outreach to customers or on your website. This can be as simple as opening with a line such as “What customers are saying about us…” and following with a link to an especially hilarious Amazon review.

Customers love to laugh, and offering this kernel of entertainment gives you their attention in exchange. Keeping customers engaged with your material longer means a greater chance of selling.

When looking for useful hilarious Amazon reviews, consider the following reviews found on Amazon.

8 Hilarious Amazon Reviews

1. Rift in the time-space continuum

Product: Denon AKDL1 Dedicated Link Cable

Hilarious Amazon Reviews 1

It’s safe to say that this buyer probably didn’t produce a wormhole with this link cable. What they did do was entertain 12,644 people so much that they took the time to rate these hilarious Amazon reviews as helpful.

Rather than worry about the three-star rating, appreciate how this creative storytelling might be used to sell more of this product. Perhaps the seller could poke fun at themselves by creating a mini-sci-fi series of anecdotes on their social media. This review has made it clear that an audience is there for such content.

2. I wear this mask to sing lullabies to my children

Product: Overhead Rubber Penguin Mask

Hilarious Amazon Reviews 2

Once again, it is clear that this reviewer is having some fun with these hilarious Amazon reviews. Happily, they have decided to pair their amusing content with a four-star rating.

This joke scenario could make a fun social media update emphasizing the multi-purpose nature of the product.

3. The greatest invention of all time

Product: Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer

Hilarious Amazon Reviews 3

These hilarious Amazon reviews again come with the advantage of a high star rating.

With 525 people taking the time to rate this joke as helpful, it is well worth considering how one could snag some of this humor for marketing outreach. The seller could link to this review on other platforms suggesting you don’t even need to love bananas to love this product.

4. Your [sic] going to think I’m crazy, but when I…

Product: The Mountain Men’s Three Wolf Moon Short Sleeve Tee

Hilarious Amazon Reviews 4

Though this hilarious Amazon reviewer likely didn’t have a supernatural experience with this product, they gave at least 719 potential customers something to laugh about. Riffing on a werewolf theme in marketing materials could increase engagement (and sales) for this product.

5. This eyeliner won’t run around like your man does!

Product: 19pc LA Girl Gel Glide Eyeliner Pencil set

Hilarious Amazon Reviews 5

Setting aside the tragic tale of infidelity, the comparison of men to eyeliner in this hilarious Amazon review is clever. This seller could employ this concept in promotional material, ensuring that potential customers get a laugh. Linking to the review could also give further traction to this engaging content.

6. Great fit, but I have a question…

Product: BIC Cristal For Her Ball Pen

Hilarious Amazon Review 6

This customer is clearly having some fun with the fact that a normally unisex product has been identified as ‘for her’. However, her hilarious Amazon reviews have gained a colossal amount of attention with 16,228 people marking it as helpful. Perhaps the seller could have some fun by satirically taking the suggestion in outreach material, leaning into the feminine descriptions of the pens. This could lead to further laughs, and engagement by using a style of joke that is getting a great response.

This is a great time not to take offense or become disgruntled with the review, but rather embrace, or even adopt the reviews winning style of humor.

7. Bad Advice

Product: How to Avoid Huge Ships (book)

Bad Advice

This hilarious Amazon review takes the amusing position of deliberately misinterpreting a book’s title. Though this review comes with the sting of a one-star rating, it has entertained a significant number of people. This Amazon seller might consider looking for a way to turn this lemon into lemonade by snagging the reviews’ hilarious naivete angle. Perhaps promoting this product with the suggestion that customers can read this book when they’re just not ready for confrontation. Potential customers will appreciate the lighthearted tone and be more likely to give the product a second look.

8. Beds should look like beds

Product: Etekcity Queen Size Air Mattress Blow Up Bed Inflatable Mattress

Beds should look like beds

Despite the one-star rating, this hilarious Amazon review makes a delightful observation about the appearance of this inflatable bed. If the seller is entrepreneurial, they’ll run with this comparison in playful outreach material. After all, who doesn’t want to fall asleep on a giant ice cream sandwich?

The key here is to keep the focus on the goal of driving sales and making the most of the opportunity that this hilarious Amazon review presents.

How to go forward using hilarious Amazon reviews

As you begin tackling hilarious Amazon reviews, keep a few things in mind:

  1. Keep on smiling

Remember that hilarious Amazon reviews are gifts in disguise. Rather than become frustrated with them, take a moment to laugh. Then, focus on how you can turn the review into an opportunity for greater engagement and sales.

  1. Consider your audience

How can a hilarious review go further to make your customers smile? Consider sharing a link to the review on your social media or website, even if the review isn’t conventionally flattering. Potential customers will love that you have humility and a sense of humor. Plus, content is more interesting when it is mixed with entertainment rather than just self-promotion.

  1. Bounce back and get more reviews

Even the most hilarious review can be a downer if it gives one star. Keep in mind that negative reviews are part of the life of any Amazon seller. Think about ways to increase the number of total reviews for your products, thus limiting the impact an individual negative review can have. For example, you might opt to use an automated review request button.

Keeping your eye out for hilarious Amazon reviews can be well worth your time as an Amazon seller. With some creativity, these wacky reviews can be leveraged for greater sales and success for your business.

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