How to Manage Your Amazon Storefront to Improve Your Conversion Rate

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How to Manage Your Amazon Storefront to Improve Your Conversion Rate

Selling on Amazon is both tantalizing and competitive. To make the most of it, it is imperative that you take advantage of all that Amazon offers. Optimizing your Amazon Storefront is a proven way to increase your brand awareness and boost your Amazon conversion rate.

Let’s dig deeper.

What is an Amazon Storefront?

Amazon Storefront is a fully customizable home page for your company’s products and services that affords you great opportunities to engage your audience with your brand visible to all. Basically, it’s a scaled-down version of your Amazon website, where shoppers can buy your products separately from the central Amazon store. Sellers can customize the way they want, showcasing best-selling products, telling the brand story, and promoting your newest products.

Building your own online store can be expensive, so it’s a relief Amazon Storefront is free to use. You can start using it right now without paying a dime. But it’s not enough to simply create an Amazon storefront; rather, you must ensure that it is up and running and looks good. Your brand can tailor its visual identity through customization. Take a look at one of the best Amazon storefronts:

We will describe essential steps to making your Storefront more appealing which will allow you to increase Amazon conversion rate. But, first, let’s talk about the advantages you’ll get from it.

Why Create an Amazon Storefront In the First Place?

Both small and medium-sized businesses that operate on a limited budget may particularly benefit from Amazon Storefront.

Enhance Brand Visibility

A Storefront is making it easy for individuals to build their own brand with content and visuals unique to their store’s goals. Enhanced brand content is one of the most efficient tactics for Amazon conversion rate optimization.

Get an Amazon URL

Without an Amazon Storefront, you will not be able to reserve an Amazon brand domain name. This URL can be used as a landing page for non-Amazon advertising to increase organic ranking.

Boost Ad Performance

Once you start using Amazon Advertising to its fullest, you’ll be able to control your potential buyer’s journey and improve the results. Amazon’s Brand Analytics dashboard offers a wealth of information that can help you improve your ad performance and increase page views.

Take Advantage of Amazon’s Hulking Traffic

Amazon is the second most popular eCommerce platform globally, so the competition is fierce out there. But the marketplace provides efficient ways to attract buyers. Using Sponsored Brand or Sponsored Display Ads, sellers can bring shoppers straight to their Storefronts. The critical point here is not to drive traffic from SB AD directly to your listing but to your Storefront page, where they can understand your unique selling proposition.

Integrate Social Sharing

Promoting your store is as important as having one. One way of promoting your store and your products is through social sharing buttons and other advertising extensions offered by Amazon. This way you can drive external traffic to your Amazon store and increase your conversion rates.

Setting a Storefront to Increase Amazon Conversion Rate

Consumers usually end up doing one of two things after coming across your listing. They either buy the item or leave. You want the listing to draw in more purchasers and dissuade the leavers. To motivate customers to buy from your online store, you’ll need to design your Storefront in a way that encourages purchases, which usually means making it aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate.

To create an Amazon storefront, follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose a template for your future product pages
  2. Showcase your products with beautiful and valuable content (photo, video, text)
  3. Submit your store for review, which usually takes up to 24 hours.

It is making it attractive that requires more effort.

Create a Convincing Copy

Captivating the audience’s trust toward a product sales goal is done through careful and creative language, including keywords and brand messaging. Having a compelling copy of your product will encourage customers to purchase your product.

It’s essential to make sure that your copy is consistent with your brand voice. Whether your brand is sophisticated, casual, or more solemn, you want to position it deliberately. This means communicating the features and benefits of your product without skimping on the details. Don’t forget that customers tend to resonate emotionally with brands they love. Utilize your copy to generate leads and convert clicks into shoppers.

Make It Visually Appealing

Online shoppers are browsers in the same way as window shoppers – they tend to browse the products first. They tend to be quick in their judgment too when it comes to e-retailers. To ensure a quality shopping experience and turn random visitors into buyers, you should design your Amazon Storefront to be intuitive and user-friendly.

How can you ensure that your Amazon listing is arranged conveniently for users and look attractive at the same time? Let your content speak for itself: use high-quality lifestyle images, photos, and videos. If you’re paying for video ads, these can also lead visitors straight to your Storefront. This is a brand new feature on Amazon:

Product photos should be offered on white backgrounds to emphasize the product itself; also, they should be carefully placed to avoid focusing on distractions that might draw the eye away from the product. Videos of your product in use can provide a customer with a better sense and understanding of the product for a more convincing buy.

Focus on Customers’ Pains

Shoppers aren’t always clear on what they are searching for when they come across your Amazon storefront. The best way to help them find the most appropriate solution for their needs is to create your store with their pain points in mind. Clothing stores could perform this task by sorting their products by the type of clothing, the season, or size parameters. For a cat food company, it might mean showcasing products by pet size, kind of diet, and other factors based on their specific dietary needs. The better you understand the problems your customers need to solve, the better you can guide them on their journey.

Measure Performance With Brand Analytics

Amazon conversion rate optimization should be on the top of the to-do list of every seller. Brand Analytics is the first step toward measuring your Storefront’s performance once it’s approved. This is a tool that Amazon provides for a fee so that you can gather data on major keywords and search terms consumers use to search for products. It also reveals what terms are used by your competitors which keywords that you use convert best.

Using this data, brands can optimize their storefront product pages and make advertising more profitable.

Link Your Amazon Store To Other Platforms

Shopify Inc. has offered a plugin that enables you to connect your Amazon sales channel to your Shopify sales website. Bringing both of these storefronts into one cohesive domain creates a mode of discovery that is more credible and believable. Besides, consumers begin their research twice more often on Amazon than on Google. When consumers first discover brands on the web, they are more likely to see an Amazon product listing than any other platform, indicating that this is where brands should be focusing their efforts.

Media sharing sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest also allow you to display your Amazon listing. This is a great way to enhance the cohesiveness and experience for your customers and create a unified brand presence. When customers view the unity between different buying options, they are more likely to feel confident about purchasing decisions.

Final Word

Amazon listing is the window shopper of your store, so make sure it presents your products perfectly. Amazon storefront is excellent for sharing your brand story, promoting your products, and increasing Amazon conversion rate. If you haven’t started using this fantastic tool yet, now is the perfect time to start customizing your online store and building a successful brand that will reach millions of users!

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