Post Purchase PRO is the only service of it’s kind for Amazon sellers. Our founders have launched over 1000 private label products on Amazon, built 53 unique brands and sold 17 of those businesses to date. It was through the process of building and scaling brands that we discovered 41% of or sales come from our past Amazon customers across all products and niches via follow-up email marketing. In 2019 we decided that what we were doing to build real customer relationships with or Amazon buyers was completely unique in the industry, so we decide to offer our “Post Purchase Marketing” as a done-for-you service for Amazon third-party sellers. Post Purchase PRO was born! We completely handle everything from product insert creation to customer list building and management to landing page building and hosting to follow-up email sequences designed to nurture relationships with your customers after the initial purchase on Amazon. We have several ways to help you harvest your real customers contact information that are 100% compliant and within TOS for Amazon. Your job as a seller is to continue your daily routine creating sales on Amazon and our job is to make each one of your customers more valuable, and keep them in your funnels longer. Find out today how Post Purchase PRO can help increase your sales without any effort on your part and make your business much more valuable.