Whether you are a new Amazon seller, or a seasoned pro, the most common business failure is choosing the wrong product. The odds are stacked against us. Sometimes, we can recover. Other times, a bad product destroys our entire business. As an agency by-and-for Amazon sellers, Ritz Momentum helps you reduce your product development risk by using DATA to both create and validate product ideas. Our process works in two major steps.

STEP 1: Finding a Keyword Opportunity: Using Amazon Brand Analytics, Product Opportunity Explorer, and a variety of industry leading data analysis software, we find a keyword opportunity with high-demand and low-competition that meets your investment budget.

STEP 2: Validating Your Product Design: Using voting software like PickFu and other social focus groups, we have your target customer avatar (i.e. mothers, 30-45 yr olds, etc.) vote between our developed product and the best selling competitors for your specific keyword opportunity. The voters also provide qualitative feedback on why they made their choice. We then repeat the process, improving the design each time using that same target customer’s feedback, until your design beats the top seller. Simultaneously during design, we closely coordinate with suppliers we found for you to make sure that what we develop is both doable and on-budget.

Ritz Momentum helps you turn the product guessing game into a numbers game. Reduce your risk by building products the smart way.