5 Things To Do Before Starting Your Amazon FBA Business

5 Things To Do Before Starting Your Amazon FBA Business

Are you planning to become an FBA seller? Here are 5 things to do before starting your Amazon FBA business. Apart from posting only a couple of product listings on Amazon, there are other important tasks to cover before you can actually start making sales. To ensure that your products really take off, there is a time-proven process you should follow. The great thing about this is that you can repeat it with every new product that you want to launch. Let’s find out how you can drive success for your Fulfillment by Amazon business!

Ensure that You Deliver the Correct Message through Your Sales Copy

You should never copy what other merchants are doing in your category. You need to set yourself apart by ensuring your sales copy clearly explains what your product can do for the buyer. When it comes to copywriting, the main areas that require your attention include a compelling page title, product images, call to action, guarantees, descriptions, feature bullets, headline, and page title. Next, try to think of Amazon as one giant search engine. You can dig into search terms and figure out the popular keywords that people are most likely to type in when they are searching for your products. Look for those that have the highest search volume and talk about them in your content!

Jumpstart Your Best Seller Rank (BSR) by Joining Product Review Groups

There are places on the Internet that are designed to connect between product reviewers and product sellers. Today, reviews left by customers are the source of credibility, which should be displayed on your product pages. Oftentimes, visitors feel safer to purchase products from a seller that has positive reviews. If you lack the aforementioned, you could risk losing a potential customer.

So, kickstart your reviews by making sure that buyers are getting an honest opinion about your products. When you join a group, be sure to introduce yourself, and inform others that you have a product that you will like to send out to them for an honest and transparent review. Did you know that you can also utilize Amazon’s Top 500 Reviewers list to locate legitimate product reviewers who may be willing to leave you feedback? Make their time worthwhile by giving them a free product or complimentary service!

Increase Sales by Signing Up with a Launch Service

Increase your BestSeller Rankings (BSR) on Amazon by tapping on an existing audience. Higher BSR rankings can help you rank better on category pages, as well as get you more sales. A launch service is a good option if you have a bigger budget. It can put you in front of an audience that you will not normally have access to or have the skills to search on your own. With the correct launch service, you can gain access to an audience of up to hundreds of thousands of people. You will be able to launch one product after another and grow your business, without investing too much money or time.

Optimize Your Amazon PPC Campaign

If you feel that a launch service is not for you, here is another alternative you can consider. You can build a PPC campaign to place your products directly in front of the customers on Amazon. You only pay each time one of your ads gets a click. While setting an Amazon PPC campaign is a fairly straightforward process, you should make sure that it is fully optimized before you start spending money. The aim of optimization is not only to ensure that your ads are attractive enough for your target audience to click through to your page but that you end up paying less for your clicks as well. If you have a limited budget to work with, avoid automatic targeting, as you will probably blow your ad spend in no time!

Prepare to Audit FBA Transactions

Once your products are finally shipped to FBA to launch your business, you should already be prepared to conduct an FBA audit. This audit includes FBA inbound reconciliation, lost FBA inventory, damaged FBA inventory, weight and dimension fees, and much more. The reason you should be prepared to conduct an FBA audit is so you will be able to get FBA reimbursements. Amazon has an FBA reimbursement policy in place to reimburse sellers in case of an FBA discrepancy. If you find this task too challenging you can reach out to GETIDA for further assistance.


We hope that you found the article 5 things to do before starting your Amazon FBA business useful. We wish you much success on the great journey you are about to begin!