4 Steps To A Successful Amazon Private Label Product Launch

I think you’ll agree with me what I say “It’s difficult to launch a new highly competitive product on Amazon when you have to start from square one”

This is especially true for new Amazon private label sellers who are trying to select their first product or their next product, but it doesn’t have to be.

With this Amazon seller marketing strategy, you can now launch your first or next Amazon FBA product with almost 100% certainty of its success.

Why am I 100% certain of this?

Because not only have I seen this working over 1000 times in my business, this is working for our clients all over the world in just about every category on Amazon.

But it’s not what you think.

What do you need in place for every business and before any offer is made?

A market, that’s what. A group of prospective buyers who are showing strong support for and the willingness to purchase a product or service.

Successful Amazon Private Label Product Launch

Here’s the problem…

Some private label Amazon products are easier than others of course, but with this private label seller strategy, you’ll virtually guarantee your success while trying to launch and rank your next Amazon FBA product.

Maybe your next hero product listing is expensive to purchase, is highly competitive, requires a very large MOQ (minimum order quantity), or myriad other challenges.

If the product is not “easy” to get started, then I’d call it “high barrier to entry”, is that fair enough?

While some products could be called “high barrier to entry”, it’s not impossible to hit the ground running with immediate traction when you launch, if you play the long game and stack the deck in your favor.

This article will show you exactly how you can launch a very successful private label product on Amazon and get that product to take off successfully on day one.

It all starts with the offer, and then the market. I’ll show you how to build your market to use in your Amazon product launch and then use that market that you control to kick start your listing launch.

My name is Shawn Hart, and my business partner Seth Stevens and I started our partnership business back in January 2014.

Our goal was to launch products on Amazon, get those products ranked quickly and selling well until we stop seeing easy double-digit gains, and then sell those brands as an Amazon business in a box to investors looking to enter the space.

When we started selling on Amazon in 2014, we struggled with every launch until we discovered this old-school, but solid strategy.

Our supplier might require us to order too much product for our first order, the product we want to sell on Amazon might seem oversaturated already, or maybe the cost per unit is very high.

All these concerns cause us to pay attention when preparing a successful attack on Seller Central because an unsuccessful launch would be too expensive.

rabid hyperactive buyers

What we’ve found is this.

If we can first create a list of rabid hyperactive buyers for our brand, and then use the list (that we own and control) for our new product’s launch, then we are successful each and every time we create a new Amazon product listing.

Now we never swing and miss when it comes to getting a new product up and running quickly on Amazon. Instead, we always hit a home run when launching new products and you can too!

We never even need to use rebates or PPC with this tried and true approach.

With this strategy, there’s no need to pay for traffic! Why? Because Amazon sends plenty of traffic for you to build your list when you approach it like this.

You’re creating a “gateway” product that will lead to a profitable and amazingly successful product launch on Amazon every single time!

It’s like batting to get on first base, but winning the world series in your next swing!

Launch Every New Amazon Product With Confidence

You can now easily build a list of buyers who are ready to pounce at the moment you launch your next product on Amazon.

Remember too that you and only you own and control this list of Amazon buyers who’ve already proven to buy your brand and purchase products in your category. Pretty profound huh?

The big idea here is to launch a “low barrier” product first, to build a list of Amazon buyers, many of which will opt into your list via a well-designed product insert to receive a better product experience, ongoing value, better results, extended warranty or many other options.

Stay with me here…

When your customer receives your “tripwire” product in the mail, upon unboxing, she’ll be presented with an insert that directs her to a website where she can opt-in with an email address to claim something of more value.

The best chance to get a customer to act is during this “unboxing experience” where she is excited to unveil the purchase made previously.

Have you ever noticed that the most exciting time during a new car purchase is that initial drive home from the dealership?

This strategy of asking for an opt-in when emotions are high, is what gets us tremendous opt-in results because the ask is timely. Now of course we need to give our customers a very good reason to opt-in and re-engage our brand!

Sometimes this can be video instructions, or warranty registration, free sample product, coupons for future purchases, PDF checklist, or whatever becomes a “no brainer” offer to your customer.

We commonly see up to 40% opt-ins if the offer is in line with the product. This means that you shouldn’t sell a wagon wheel and then offer a free sample of computer software. You should offer a buggy whip, or horse brush, or something relevant to the first purchase that hopefully enhances the customer’s experience with her first product and satisfies an obvious next need or want.

For example: If you purchase a fitness product, you’re more likely to opt-in to receive further video instructions for proper use of the product for maximum results rather than opting in for a warranty right? Think “What is the next logical need or want that my customer will have immediately upon receiving my product?”

We all begin new “journeys” each day. Think about the journey your customer is on at this moment. Is she expecting a new child, moving to a new home, buying a new car, trying to lose weight, learning to fly, or anything else?

you are NOT your customer

Remember that you are NOT your customer. You’re on a different journey and likely cannot relate to her current journey.

Just be sure your offer on the insert is congruent with your product and don’t be afraid to split test a couple offers to see which converts better.

You will increase your chances of success greatly by using spit tests. Never be satisfied either!

This means that you’re always on the lookout for new offers to test against your control offer and be flexible to change once you find something better. This new, better offer now becomes your control while you split test others continuously, never being satisfied with the results. Incremental changes over time are easy to achieve and should be stalked constantly.


This “tripwire” product can be sold at a break-even price to dominate the submarket. By selling at a very attractive price, you’ll gain market share quickly and easily.

It’s very easy to dominate the attention of a market with an amazing price, but this should only be used for a cheap low barrier product that’s already selling well. This is especially true when your product is nearly identical to others.

Other sellers will assume you’re crazy as you break even and will be questioning your mental state, but only you will know that you’re just digging a well that will quench your thirst for a wildly successful product launch that you’re already planning.

The overarching idea is to play the long game here. It’s ok that you’re not getting profits on the “tripwire” product. The tripwire product is not about trying to make a profit, that comes later. Just minimize your risk, avoid losses, and be patient as your list builds. You won’t be sorry.

Once you’ve collected thousands of contacts via your insert opt-in offer, you’ll have a massive list of Amazon buyers who’ve already digitally identified themselves as being interested in your product category.

Now, what will happen when you ask them to support the launch of your next product? They already know, like, and trust you. Just put another offer in front of them on launch day and beyond and watch Amazon reward you with a higher page rank, better conversions, and more sales! It will look natural to onlookers, but you will know the secret weapon that you can use any and every time you launch a new product.

Yes, it takes more time and planning, but the results will speak for themselves. You’re going to spend time on any new launch anyway, why not maximize the return on that time?

Example: You want to sell a pizza stone. It’s heavy, expensive, competitive, and the MOQ is high, making it a very expensive launch that could go wrong.

Don’t launch this pizza stone yet. A failed launch could be too painful and financially devastating. Let’s “stack the deck” so the odds are on your side. It takes patience, but worth it.

You find in the frequently bought together product area of your competitor’s listings that most buyers are also buying a certain style pizza cutter.

Amazon Pizza Cutter Listing
Amazon Pizza Cutter Freq Bought with

Now we’re getting somewhere.

That pizza cutter is MUCH EASIER to launch using an obvious price advantage than the pizza stone.

It’s smaller, cheaper, lighter weight has smaller order quantity requirements, and it’s selling like crazy so you know for sure the market is ripe. Just dominate this market quickly and more easily with an aggressive price.

Since we now already know that most pizza stone buyers also buy a pizza cutter, it’s safe to assume that a pizza cutter buyer would be a perfect fit for your pizza stone when you launch.

Amazon gives you this information in best sellers and in the “Frequently Bought Together” section of the listings of both items. Just go check them out!

Make sense?

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. A non competing “low barrier” product for a “trip wire”
  2. A high converting product insert to harvest customer contact information
  3. A high profit, highly competitive “hero” product to dominate sales on Amazon
  4. An email campaign sent to your list announcing your real product launch


When you have an audience who already knows you, likes you, and trusts you, then your product launch will be successful every time.

The best way to build this list is by utilizing Amazon’s long arm and droves of buyers to a low barrier product in a similar niche.

Why not leverage Amazon sales to create a scenario where you always win! Besides, if you’re not looking out for yourself, then who will be? Not Jeff Bezos for sure and not Seller Central.

Stop hacking and hustling, and start marketing and monetizing today with the Amazon Listing Tripwire approach to Amazon private label product launch.

It’s easier, undetectable, and it works every time. It just takes a little extra planning, but worth it in the long run.

“Dig your well before you’re thirsty” and you’ll have water ready to drink when you need it.

Build your list before you launch. Be patient and play the long game for long-term success on each new product you launch on Amazon.

Post Purchase PRO used this approach and our clients have used this approach across every category on Amazon and when orchestrated correctly, it works without fail.


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