The Best Way to File an Amazon Stolen Package Claim

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The Best Way to File an Amazon Stolen Package Claim

Having an Amazon package stolen from outside your home can be a stressful experience and a violation of privacy. As unfortunate as it may be, stolen packages do happen, but there are procedures in place to help. Some standard questions you may be asking yourself are: What do I do first? How do I contact Amazon? Should I call the police? What happens with my purchase? Will Amazon send me a replacement?  

On the other side of the coin, if you’re an Amazon seller, you may be wondering where you fit into this equation. Let’s take a look at what you need to do in the case of an Amazon package stolen, so you can correctly navigate filling an Amazon stolen package claim.

Was the Package Stolen, or is it Missing?

An Amazon package stolen, is an important distinction from an Amazon package being missing. While Amazon has an excellent reputation for customer service and dealing with this kind of issue, as an organization, Amazon will want to keep track of any issues that appear along the supply chain, especially issues that could potentially negatively affect their customer base.

Suppose your package went missing before it arrived at your home. In that case, Amazon will want to know if a 3rd party seller, a Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) warehouse, or the shipping company is responsible. If it is any of these parties, Amazon will want them to take the responsibility of ensuring the error doesn’t happen again.  

You can find this information by navigating to the ‘Your Orders’ page on your Amazon account. Here, when you look up the tracking information for your product, you’ll be able to see if it was shipped, who shipped it, and what company they used for shipping. If you find your order has been shipped, you’ll also be able to see what shipping company was used.  

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If your item is shown here as having been delivered, make sure to wait up to 48 hours from the delivery time to file a claim. A common issue with Amazon’s tracking system is that it sometimes shows an item as being delivered before it is. Amazon asks buyers to wait this period as often the item is still out for delivery with a driver.

Who do you contact for your Amazon Package Stolen?

If your Amazon package stolen hasn’t been found within the 48-hour window, or if you have proof the package was stolen, like doorbell camera footage, then you can file a claim with Amazon. Remember also to file a claim with your local law enforcement agency once you confirm the theft. Amazon may ask for the case number.

Filing an Amazon package stolen claim is easy, and you can do this in a couple of different ways. One way is through the Amazon chat feature. Just navigate to the Amazon -> help -> contact us -> general questions page and click ‘Start Chatting Now”. Right away, you’ll be asked to choose from a few different topics. Choose “An item I ordered” to get started. Make sure you have your order number handy before you begin the chat.

Another easy way to file an Amazon package stolen claim is to click on your item on the ‘You Order’ page. If you bought your item from a third-party seller, you will want to first file a claim with them. It’s standard to give the seller 24 hours to respond to your claim before involving Amazon. Once you’ve taken care of this step, you can file an Amazon claim by choosing the ‘Problem with order’ button and picking ‘Where’s my order’ from the drop-down. You’ll then be able to choose a way for Amazon to contact you. Phone or email will be the best options. Again make sure to have your order number handy.

How does Amazon Respond to your Amazon Package Stolen?

Usually, at this stage, as long as you’ve gone through the proper steps, Amazon will decide to either refund your Amazon package stolen purchase or replace the item. Amazon is a very customer-centric company and wants to make your purchasing from them as easy and stress-free as possible.  

That being said, if you have multiple incidents of stolen packages, Amazon will require you to take different actions. They will probably either refuse to ship to your home address or require a signature from you for delivery.  If you have to choose a new shipping address, you may want to consider sending your purchase to your office or place of business. 

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What is your Responsibility as an Amazon Seller?

As an Amazon seller, you have a duty to look into any missing Amazon package stolen claims made by your customers. It’s essential for you and your bottom line to find out if issues are with your shipping or 3rd party logistics companies. If it is one of your partners, Amazon will not be financially responsible for the missing item, and you will want to make a claim with your partners so that you aren’t on the hook.  

It’s equally important for you to know if the missing item is Amazon’s responsibility because if you use FBA, you may be entitled to reimbursement from Amazon. You will have to file your own Amazon FBA reimbursement claim with Amazon, and knowing where in the supply chain your item went missing will help you understand which Amazon department to file your claim with. Amazon claims may have to go to Shipment to Amazon, Fulfilment center operations, FBA customer returns, or Removals.

If the package has been stolen and you use FBA, Amazon should reimburse you for a new item or the customer’s refund.  

Keeping track of reimbursement can be time-consuming, so you may want to hire a reimbursement service like GETIDA. When you sign up with GETIDA, they go back through 18 months of FBA Sales to find any reimbursements you might be entitled to.  FBA reimbursement services find an average of missing reimbursements between 1-3% of a seller’s total sales! You only pay for a percentage of what they see!

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