The Top 5 Amazon Facebook Groups You Need to Check out in 2021

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The Top 5 Amazon Facebook Groups You Need to Check out in 2021

While Amazon has grown to an online superpower, so have the number of Amazon Facebook groups.

Being a part of an Amazon Facebook group can be a lifesaver when something unexpected comes up. Getting to know a group of like-minded people looking for innovative ways to scale an Amazon FBA business can only help you along your selling journey.

With so many groups and mentorship programs available, it’s hard to know the most reliable ones that have the best authentic communities. We’ll unleash the Top 5 Amazon Facebook groups you need to check out in 2021.

Amazon FBA Facebook Community

What’s the Purpose of Joining an Amazon Facebook Group?

One of the biggest reasons Amazon FBA sellers look to Amazon Facebook groups is to stay up to date with changes in Amazon. Amazon Facebook groups are also a great place to ask questions, find resources and services in the Amazon FBA space.

Each group may offer paid coaching, mentorship, and free content to help you scale your FBA business. 

Before you join an Amazon Facebook group, ask yourself a few basic questions:

  • Is the size of the Amazon Facebook group important to you? Consider that larger groups may have more unanswered questions as admins may have less time to sort through hundreds of posts.
  • Is the group dedicated to Amazon FBA content? Content can vary depending on group type, so it’s essential to ensure you are getting information for your specific FBA business model
  • How much affiliation appears in the group? If the group allows consistent sales representatives to advertise products or services, it can feel more like a sales pitch.
  • Is the Amazon Facebook group well moderated? Be sure that the group you join takes an active stance on spam and disinformation.
  • Does the Amazon Facebook group have enough member participation? Members help get information out, but they also build a sense of community.

The Amazon Facebook group community is a great place to learn, build relationships and help motivate you to keep pushing forward when times get tough. Each group will offer different benefits, and in some cases, price points, so take your time in evaluating which suits your Amazon FBA business needs.

#1 The Titan Network

Maybe you’ve seen the Titan Network or co-founders Athena Sevari and Dan Ashburn in some of your favorite Amazon FBA tradeshows or events. Titan is dedicated to 6, 7, and plus revenue earners looking to scale their FBA business with the intent to exit.

The Upside

The Titan Network is an active community in which dynamic travel and community building are a significant part of the network’s core values. The community is unlike anything the Amazon FBA world has seen to date and is undoubtedly one you will want to check out in 2021. 

The Titan Network offers an extensive catalog of mastermind groups with elite speakers and coaching ranging in topics and expertise. Once you join Titan, you can access their exclusive Amazon Facebook group where you can find resources and a further sense of the elite Titan community.

Things to Consider

Joining the Titan Network comes with a fee structure, and while we can’t say precisely what the cost is, be willing to shell out some change for this type of extensive and innovative content.

The Titan Network

#2 Helium10

The name most newbie sellers and experienced vets have all heard in the Amazon FBA are Helium10. If it isn’t Bradley Sutton taking us through an energetic webinar detailing one of the many robust tools the platform offers, its Helium10’s own Cassandra Craven drumming up social enthusiasm with her inspirational, fun, and engaging seller focused content.

The Helium10 platform offers a range of tools for sellers to take advantage of to begin, scale, and grow their Amazon FBA business. Once enrolled in the platform, the well-known Freedom Ticket course is induced in your subscription. Freedom ticket is a course put on in partnership with Helium10 and Kevin King, an experienced Amazon seller and valued member of the Amazon community.

The Heiulm10 Amazon Facebook group is a free group where members can post questions, share information, and learn about updates on Amazon and the new offers the software pioneers. It’s also a great place to build community as it offers an active member base. At this time, you don’t need to be a paid subscriber to Helium10 to join the free Amazon Facebook group. You can also find Helium 10 at most Amazon seller conferences.

The Upside

It’s accessible, engaging, and interactive. High-level Amazon mentors and coaches often respond to questions in this Facebook group, and Helium10 does a great job at informing its members of new features, webinars, or helpful information they have coming down the pipeline. 

Things to Consider

The free Facebook group has a large following and at times, there are a few too many sales pitches. Don’t worry; the moderators are quick to act, and spam is typically addressed quickly and appropriately.

Amazon FBA Community

#3 Unstoppable FBA 

Run by Steven Black, Unstoppable FBA is for those sellers looking to level up their marketing to take their brand to the next level. With daily tips surrounding marketing, copywriting, SEO, content, and more, this group is a go-to for any seller regardless of the experience level.

With over ten years of experience in marketing, Steven Black is highly revered as a marketing genius on and off of Amazon. His straightforward, honest approach makes him a leader in the marketing arena.

The unstoppable community offers paid mentorship and masterminds. His free Amazon Facebook group – Unstoppable FBA – Marketing Hacks for Amazon Sellers, is all about learning how to market an Amazon FBA business from the ground up.

The Upside

When content is king, being a part of this Facebook group is only to your advantage. One of the more important questions Amazon sellers face is how to market their brand effectively. This is the place to learn how to do just that.

Things to Consider

Some of the Facebook group members may ask questions not related to marketing. This isn’t a reason not to join. As a free group, various content is covered, and an extensive amount of content revolves around marketing.

#3 Amazon FBA Alphas Private Label Domination

Sharon Even is a multi e-commerce entrepreneur with vast experience and knowledge on and off Amazon. At the age of 17, Sharon started her e-comm journey and hasn’t looked back.

Her areas of expertise include Amazon FBA product research and her world-class one-on-one coaching. 

Her many reviews state she is an exemplary coach who is insightful and dedicated to her students. She’s the kind of mentor who assists students in scaling their Amazon FBA businesses, and at times, telling it like it is and helping students make tough decisions if they face difficulty.

The Upside

Sharon’s Amazon Facebook group members say her free Facebook group is one of the most active and reliable. Moderators don’t allow spam or marketing without approved consent, making the group well managed and highly efficient.

Things to Consider

Like any one-on-one coaching in the Amazon FBA space, there will be a price tag associated with high-level mentorship. Pricing ranges, but for the time and value, it’s worth the investment. You can always dive into her free Amazon Facebook group if cost is a factor.

#4 Amazon FBA High Rollers

Amazon FBA High Rollers is a discussion forum for the listeners of the AM/PM Podcast. With close to 80K members, this group is a favorite among many.

The community seeks like-minded entrepreneurs and provides valuable information to sellers in the Amazon community. The group provides more general information as opposed to very specific content.

The Upside

High-level engaging content for its members and some great personality by none other than Tim Jordan who is a great representation of what the Amazon community is all about.

Things to Consider

This Amazon Facebook group was developed in conjunction with Helium10 and the AM/PM Podcast, so much of its content comes down those two pipelines.

#5 Seller Systems and The Inner Circle

Brandon Young’s Seller Systems and the Inner Circle is an exclusive mastermind that offers an entire Amazon FBA course from start to finish. The course was voted the best Amazon FBA course in 2020 in the well-known Seller Poll. The course is referred to as a “college-level course,” teaching foundations alongside growth strategies of your Amazon FBA business.

The Upside

The Facebook group, Seller Sytems, and the Inner Circle offer a range of expertise, including but not limited to product analysis selection, Amazon listing creation, product launch and growth, and a comprehensive masterclass on Amazon pay-per-click advertising. 

Things To Consider

Seller Systems is a paid community where access to the Facebook group is only if you are a member of Seller Systems or the Inner Circle. Once again, great value and content; it’s worth checking out.


Selling on Amazon opens up a world of opportunities to build an online business, but it also means being a part of a community like no other.

From events like the Prosper Show in Las Vegas to the countless webinars and podcasts, much like GETIDA’s own Prime Talk, there is a vast array of free and engaging content available for sellers to absorb.

The Amazon FBA community offers a diverse group of people from all backgrounds and countries working to find innovation in the e-commerce space. The community is truly unique, and being a part of it in any sense is only an asset to your Amazon FBA business.

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