The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Pay Per Click Advertising

Ultimate Guide to Amazon FBA ads

The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Pay Per Click Advertising

An Amazon pay per click advertising campaign aims to reach as many potential Amazon customers as possible. As such, it is an integral part of an Amazon FBA sales strategy. 

To those new to the Amazon world (and to many who have been selling for years), creating an effective Amazon pay per click advertising strategy can seem pretty daunting. Today we’ll outline things you’ll need to know to create a solid Amazon pay per click advertising campaign strategy in this ultimate guide.

What are you Paying for with Amazon Pay Per Click Advertising?

So what exactly is Amazon pay per click advertising? When potential customers are looking for a specific product with Amazon’s search engine, they will generally use a few keywords. For example,  when looking for a picture frame, an Amazon buyer might type something like, “brown picture frame 5×7”. Each of those search parameters brings up multiple organic search results in order of their ranking.

Your product’s organic rating is based on multiple factors, including your Amazon listing content, your customer ratings, and pricing. This ranking determines where your listing will appear in the search results. It’s essential to pay attention to all of these organic ranking factors, but by using Amazon pay per click advertising, you can get a leg up on the competition even when your organic ranking isn’t as high as you’d like. Amazon pay per click advertising uses keywords that you’ve chosen for your campaigns, in order to feature your Amazon listing among those with the highest organic rankings relating to those results.  

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How to Get Started with Amazon Keywords

The very first thing you’ll want to consider to begin your Amazon pay per click advertising campaigns is to research your Amazon keywords. Keywords are the most important aspect of an Amazon pay per click advertising campaign and, with this in mind, it’s important to understand how they work. They determine when your Amazon pay per click advertising ads are shown and with which other products. Keywords can either help you reach the right potential customers or lead you to pay for multiple clicks that may not lead to sales.  

Some Amazon FBA sellers will invest in a keywords research service, tool, or solution provider to help them get some of the best and most relevant keywords for their products. But there is a way to do keyword research yourself and sellers should consider learning as much about their products keywords as possible to yield better results. It, of course, takes more time to create an effective marketing Amazon pay per click advertising strategy yourself, but the best way to get started is to, well, start.

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In your Seller Central account, you should find the Advertising tab. If you don’t see it, you may still need to register your account for ads with Amazon. Once you’ve done that, you can start by creating a new Sponsored Product Campaign.  

If you’re a Registered Brand seller, you can also create a Sponsored Brand Campaign that will feature multiple products from your brand along with your logo and slogan.   

You can choose to start a campaign using your own keywords, or you can ask Amazon to populate some based on your listing and purchase history. Amazon allows for up to 1000 keywords, but you may not be better off. In fact, you may end up appearing in some pretty strange or irrelevant searches if you choose to use too many keywords. You may not get clicks, (so there will be no cost), but you won’t get the desired traffic to your listings or store. It’s much better to focus on fewer keywords and make sure they are very effective.

Start by using Long-tail keywords or phrases. This type of search is usually 3-5 words long, and they should be input into your campaign in order. For example, “Brown Picture Frame” would work with our earlier example. When using long-tail keywords, the Amazon pay per click advertising campaign will have additional ways to present your listing to the most relevant customers. Your ranking for those specific searches will be very high, and since they will only appear to customers who actually want a product with your particular characteristics, more of your clicks will lead to sales.

After filling those in, add the easy, most searchable single words. You will also want to add negative keywords. In the case of our picture frame, a potential negative keyword might be ‘digital.’ This way, when a customer searches ‘digital picture frame,’ your Amazon listing will not appear. This can cut down on clicks that don’t lead to sales.

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Refine your Keywords. Again and Again, and Again

It’s recommended that you run an Amazon pay per click advertising ad campaign for two weeks. This gives your campaign a decent amount of exposure and can provide you with good data about how well your keywords worked. After that time period, take a look at the campaign data Amazon provides you on Seller Central. You’ll be able to see which of your keywords worked and which didn’t. Modify them based on your data and run another campaign for two weeks. 

This is something you’ll need to repeat often. It may even be something you never stop doing. Market trends, shopping seasons, and product innovations are constantly changing the ways customers search, and you will always want to ensure your PPC ads are maintaining their relevance. 

Some Amazon pay per click advertising experts suggest unique campaign structures to lower ACOS, while others say to have a targeted approach to improving your TACoS. Your method may vary by trial and error and learning and development. Continuous optimization is a good suggested way to navigate Amazon pay per click advertising.

Follow these simple steps, and you may notice a gradual increase in your sales and a gradual decrease in your Advertising Cost per Sale. PPC Ad campaigns with strong, curated keyword lists can even outperform those products that rely solely on organic ranking. Now it’s time to get out there and advertise your products.

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