Top Amazon Trending Products in Spring 2023

You might be wondering which products are catching the eyes of Amazon customers this season. Spring is a time for brighter days and fresh mindsets, and this can impact buyers’ choices when it comes time to make a purchase. But will this result in carts filled with trendy items, or classic staples?

Let’s explore some of the items that have proven to be Amazon top selling products in the last month. This will give us an idea of where trends are heading and what customers have on their minds.

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Amazon Top Selling Products for Spring 2023

It’s important to remember that top-selling products change endlessly as social media trends, news updates, holidays, and other events impact consumer interests. However, we can take a look at what is currently trending to find out which way the wind is blowing.

Here are some of the top-selling products of spring so far:

Rubber-boots Spring products

Rubber Boots

This one comes as no surprise! With April showers an ever-present possibility, the revenue for steel-toe rubber boots is up 1,133% in the last month. Meanwhile, searches for “waterproof work boots” have gone up by 277%.

Procuring products

When sourcing a product, you have a few different options to consider. You might resell a product that already exists, or you might work with a manufacturer to create a branded item. Alternatively, you might even sell products that you create. Ensure that you have a means of acquiring the product consistently so that your stock can be as reliable as possible.

Bird Feeders

With birds enjoying the warmer weather, customer searches for bird feeders have increased by 139%. Revenue for this set of two hummingbird feeders has increased by 889% in the last month, showing that customers are ready to welcome some spring wildlife into their yards.

Blackout Curtains

The sun has started making an earlier appearance in the mornings, triggering an interest in blackout curtains with a 425% increase in searches for “blackout curtains for bedroom.” Along with this, revenue for this product is up by 721%.

Outdoor Hooks

As people spend more time outside again, outdoor hooks can liven up gardens with anything from lanterns to bird treats. This interest shows as searches for garden accessories have increased by 116% this month, along with an impressive increase of 2,153% in revenue for this outdoor hook product.

Air Filters

One of the downsides of this season is an increase in allergens in the air. This is where air filters can step in to save the day with sales of this product increasing 101% year over year, and revenue for this pack of filters up by 2,498%.

Ramadan Serving Tray

It’s time to enjoy celebrating with this Ramadan serving tray. Searches for “Ramadan decor” have gone up 598% in the last month while revenue for this tray has increased by 1,244%.


Easter Basket

This is the time of year when the Easter Bunny is hopping around again, and customer searches for Easter baskets are up 2,382% as a result. This bunny-themed basket has seen a revenue increase of 1,949% in the last month as well.

Portable Phone Chargers

For anyone on the go, a portable power bank is essential. Unit sales of this product category have gone up 230% in the last year while revenue for this product increased by 1,251% in the last month, suggesting strong customer interest.

Lint Rollers

As customers spruce up their spring clothing items, a lint roller is the perfect way to keep garments free of pet hair. Year over year, fur removal product sales have increased by 50% while revenue for this product has jumped by 2,709%.

Reusable Dryer Balls

Customers searching for environmentally responsible options seem to turn to wool dryer balls to ensure static-free laundry. Unit sales are up 30% year over year and revenue for this product has increased by an impressive 1,581% in the last month.

Mushroom Funnel

Ideal for cooking enthusiasts, a silicone mushroom funnel adds a splash of color to the kitchen. Unit sales have increased by 178% year over year, and revenue is up 951% in the last month.

Milk Frother

Too busy to stop for coffee before work? An electric milk frother allows customers to make their own lattes, and they seem to be game to test their barista skills with searches for “electric whisking tool” up 132% in the last 30 days. Revenue for this product has grown 827% in the last month, also reflecting strong interest.

Crushed Ice Machine

As the days become warmer, frozen drinks are especially appealing. Searches for crushed ice machines have shot up 190% in the last month and revenue for this product has increased by 939%.


BBQ Grill Tools

Balmy days mean barbeque season is almost here again, and customer searches for ‘bbq accessories’ have increased by 234%. Revenue for this product is up 669% in the last month as well.

Camper Decor

Customers seem to be starting to plan their RV camping holidays, as searches for “RV accessories” increase by 511%. Sales of these camping-friendly pillowcases are up 613%.

Solar Garden Lights

As everyone ventures back out onto their patios and into their gardens, solar-powered garden lights gain appeal with this product’s revenue increasing 623% in the last month. There has also been a 216% increase in searches for solar lights.

Going Forward with Amazon Top Selling Products

Hopefully, this exploration of Amazon’s spring top-selling products has given you a glimpse into the minds of consumers, and an idea of shifting seasonal trends and interests. Keep in mind that top-selling products are always changing and it is important to remain vigilant in this dynamic landscape as you identify top-selling products each season.

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