20 years of Amazon success by Steve Yates

20 years of Amazon success by Steve Yates

In this Prime Talk Podcast video Sponsored by GETIDA - Steve Yates, the CEO of Prime Guidance, an industry-leading marketplace consultancy, speaks about the challenges of brands and Amazon sellers during the global Coronavirus pandemic, and what they can do about it. Steve also shares his life experience and years working for eBay and Amazon, start his successful business and face his own business challenges.

The way to keep empowering eCommerce success is by staying laser-focused on the grand prize. We so much growth potential, it is very tempting to get distracted from what matters most which is to keep generating sales. There is a saying that sales heal everything. During the Covid-19 crisis, there are many who would agree with this saying now, more than ever before.   

What is Prime Guidance?
Steve and his team of Prime Guidance Advisors help sellers navigate the challenges of Amazon, including selecting the right strategy, optimizing content for faster growth, improving operations to meet Amazon requirements, and leveraging technologies to improve visibility and profitability.

Tune into this episode to learn about Steve's 20 years of Amazon success!

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Can you imagine the next 20 years of Amazon?


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