Near-Death Experience Led Me Into Amazon by Danny Carlson

Near-Death Experience Led Me Into Amazon by Danny Carlson

In this Prime Talk Podcast Video Sponsored by GETIDA – Danny Carlson, Founder & CEO of Kenji ROI - an eCommerce agency, shares his life story and his inspiring tale of entering eCommerce and selling on Amazon.

Danny grew up in Vancouver Canada and worked as a carpenter in construction sites. He felt that he needed to take serious action to get more out of his life but just kept on with his routine. It was not until he had a near-death experience when he finally took action, quite his job, and started selling on Amazon.

Since then, Danny has evolved into opening his own successful eCommerce agency - Kenji ROI. Today, many established brands are looking to expand into eCommerce. Danny has remarkably catered to this growing trend and is now in a turning point of propelling his agency to new heights.

Danny Carlson is a 27-year-old entrepreneur, podcaster, & lifestyle architect. He started his first business producing extreme downhill longboarding videos in 2014 & has since grown the Amazon FBA Agency “Kenji ROI” to more than 10 team members.

Tune into this episode and learn how a near-death experience led Danny Carlson into Amazon! 

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