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In this Prime Talk Podcast Sponsored by GETIDA – Athena Severi - Co-Founder of Titan Network - Titan Network is a well-organized and focused community of Amazon sellers who share the same goal to scale higher in the market. They have created a vast network with all relevant stakeholders in the online trade industry and developed partnerships and ensured their members access the best deals in the market, also more information about their life's journey. #AthenaSeveri #titannetwork

About Athena Severi of Titan Network - When it comes to events in ecommerce, few are as groundbreaking as those hosted by Athena Severi. An internationally acclaimed speaker and high-level community builder, Athena has become known for helping fellow Amazon entrepreneurs to achieve lifestyle freedom. Like all great entrepreneurs, Athena’s no stranger to taking risks, none more so than when she left her 6-figure job to start selling on Amazon, all while raising a young family. This tenacity and work ethic has become as renowned as her events are, from starting with small-scale gatherings for fellow working mothers; to China Magic, a bi-annual 12-day sourcing and networking trip to China; and now as the Co-Founder of Titan Network, a premier invite-only mastermind for Amazon sellers. Athena’s ultimate goal is to guide Amazon entrepreneurs from around the world, so as well as these life-changing in-person events, she can be found sharing her mentorship and insight with her loyal fanbase on Instagram and Clubhouse

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[Yoni Mazor] 0:06
Everybody welcome to another episode of prime talk today I have a really special guest and a lovely loving person. I'm having Athena severi. So Athena is the co-founder of Titan network, which is a leading Amazon mastermind community group, and also the co-founder of China magic, which is a Sorcha, a sourcing trip for Amazon sellers and also conference events. So Athena, finally, welcome to the show.

[Athena Severi] 0:28
I am so excited to be here. You already thank me so, so much for having me.

[Yoni Mazor] 0:32
Pleasure. Our pleasure. So today's story and the episode are going to be the story of you reading the story of Athena severities. So you're gonna share with us everything you can share with us, you know, who are you? Where were you born? Where'd you grow up? Where'd you go to school? How did you begin your professional career, station to station until you reach where you are today with the world of E-commerce. So without further ado, let's jump right into it.

[Athena Severi] 0:53
Okay, great. So, I yeah, I was born in Los Allen, excuse me, Los Angeles, California. My parents are artists. My dad's a music producer, my mom's an actress. So I grew up in a very free-spirited world, in Los Angeles, which I'm very grateful for. I've always been a bit of a wild girl, I was always creating some sort of events, carnivals, clubs, businesses, fundraisers like it's just in my blood to be an entrepreneur. So I do remember growing up feeling a bit different, a bit lonely, just because I was always like, looking for how to create the next thing, instead of you know, wanting to do what other teenagers or young kids we're into. I was always trying to build communities build world since as young as I can remember,

[Yoni Mazor] 1:36
Well, how many siblings do you guys have?

[Athena Severi] 1:38
I have two younger brothers. And there They're lovely. And they live in Los Angeles. Yeah, still there. Yeah. Yeah, for sure.

[Yoni Mazor] 1:45
So your parents whose you mentioned your father was a music producer, anything you want to mention any special production that he did that is kind of out there that we should over more of a niche.

[Athena Severi] 1:55
I know, he's, he's pretty well known. He had a studio during the heyday, on Ventura Boulevard, so you know, you name it, and the top artists of the world would go and record with him. And he had this beautiful big, grand white piano and stuff. So I grew up around this sort of interesting world, of artists, which helped me to stay myself and to not feel like I had to fit a mold because I was around a lot of very, you know, open people that were very creative. And so they would celebrate my, you know, ways of doing things instead of trying to cut me down, which I think is a really important part of my story in my history, and why your father was a superpower as a producer, as far as you know, far as you're aware. Um, he's just a very charismatic guy, you know, and he's just a great guy. He's from New York City. And, yeah, he just built the studio from nothing. His parents sent his brothers to very prestigious schools, it was like a very big thing. But instead of doing that, he took the money and built a music studio, and was like the black sheep of the family.

[Athena Severi] 2:57
But he ended up becoming more successful than anyone else. So I guess that's a little bit of inspiration for me. So yeah, sir.

[Yoni Mazor] 3:04
Nice. And your mother, you mentioned she was an actress.

[Athena Severi] 3:06
Yeah, my mother's Latson beautiful women actress, very strong personality has set an example to me as a woman, you know, who can be a mother and also have a career. And so she's been a big influence and just such a wonderful support of everything that I do.

[Yoni Mazor] 3:21
Nice. Okay, so you grew up in LA, were entrepreneurial, always, you know, taking care of other people in clinic communities and community environments.

[Yoni Mazor] 3:29
So when you graduate school, high school, also in LA,

[Athena Severi] 3:33
I never went to high school.

[Yoni Mazor] 3:35
So I wanted to drop,

[Athena Severi] 3:36
I finished, I did homeschool. Towards the end, I was way too interested in living my life. So by the age of 15, I already got my GED, and I got my first job at Universal City. And I started to work for a lady that would sell magical colored pens, and I would do demonstrations. And I'd make $5 for every box I sold and man, I was cashing in Omega district,

[Yoni Mazor] 4:02
You are so smart, you were able to get your GED at 15. So you were ahead of you know, on the educational curve. So take the time to go to what was called an LA Studio City,

[Athena Severi] 4:11
Universal Studios. So I would sell these magical color pens. And I was doing this whole thing. And then I wanted to get a real job. So by the time I was 17, I looked for a job to be a sales manager at this very prestigious consulting firm. And I walked into the office and we were a full suit at 17. I had to put a resume together and I kind of fluffed it a little bit because, you know, I was 17 but what experience did I have? So I had handed my resume wearing this like a beautiful white suit that I spent a fortune on. And I tried to

[Yoni Mazor] 4:44
Look a bit older, more mature, and more experienced. That was kind of the draw there.

[Athena Severi] 4:47
Yeah, yeah, I was like trying to be just like the, you know, woman. Yeah. So I walk into that guy's office. He's the CEO of the entire thing. And I say I am the best sales manager you will ever find.

[Athena Severi] 5:00
With so much confidence that I noticed, fluff, but you're so confident, you're not only hired, I'm personally training you myself. So I do go to a normal university. But I ended up working for this consulting firm that consulted physical therapists doctors in building up their practices. So we had to understand everything from marketing, to finance, to scaling to personnel. So I was in the trenches, from the beginning. And I learned so much from this guy, this guy was a major part of my life. And so that's kind of where my professional career started.

[Yoni Mazor] 5:34
So I want to, I want to come back to the 17-year-old and that career path that you started, but before that used to be so 15 to 17 years old, you were in Universal Studios, just understand your wishes sooner is a theme park, right?

[Yoni Mazor] 5:46
It's a pretty famous beginner.

[Athena Severi] 5:48
And we had a booth and we would sell these products, believe it or not, the lady who owned this booth, her name is Angie, Chicago, and she's a very well-known Amazon seller, which I didn't realize I own this booth. And years and years later, when I started my first event, she was one of the speakers at the event in her life. And so they would bring in products from China, and they would demonstrate them in these booths. And that was one of my first jobs was to demonstrate these things. And what was amazing is I would make, I'd make more money than grownups or doctors a day, just because I was good at bringing in the crowd and creating the experience, instead of it just being about the markers, it was about the magic that the markers created. And so I would make, you know, sometimes a couple $1,000 In a week, at 16 years old, like that was crazy money at the time. So I just got a thirst for like business and life and living. And I could not be caught dead in a classroom at that gotta

[Yoni Mazor] 6:40
Make sense. And I love that closure the later on with, with the lady, okay, back to 17 years old, you get the job, you know, the opportunity of a lifetime to learn how to do sales on a more corporate and also, you know, a category level of, you know, what's called it to health and

[Yoni Mazor] 6:59
You know, like, hospitals, or doctors and stuff like that, which is serious business.

[Athena Severi] 7:04
You have to be very professional. And the thing is, it wasn't at this point, I was working with consultants, so I had to be able to help people with all aspects of the business. So I learned about everything. And it was helpful. And then when you started there when you were 17. I'm not telling anyone my age.

[Athena Severi] 7:23
It was

[Athena Severi] 7:26
Something No, I don't know. But the thing is, I'm 25. Now, your knee. So So yeah, so when I was 19, I left this corporate world. And I started to work with artists. And I started getting there

[Yoni Mazor] 7:40
For two years. So two years, experience. The next station, you're 19, and you're working with

[Athena Severi] 7:45
Now I'm working with artists and Hollywood celebrities and putting on events and creating fashion shows and creating seminars. And this is when I figured out a formula, where a lot of actors and musicians would learn from people who are washed out and husbands are never even started as a professional. Right. So what I would do to differentiate is I would bring in real casting directors, real actors, real musicians that were working artists, and then I bring in the new people that were looking to become those things. And I would get them direct access to the people who are extremely successful instead of learning from these washed-up coaches that were willing to do this for $20 an hour. So this is where the whole formula of what I do now began is to find successful people and to help get other people to learn from them. The same way I learned from this guy at the consulting firm who had built this amazing business, instead of learning from some guys sitting in a university, trying to teach us business, I believe in learning from the people who are in the trenches, who've done what you're looking to achieve. So yeah, I learned my flair for red carpeting. I learned my flair for creating events for really serving people and taking care of them and making them feel like a million dollars. And so I think there was a lot of learnings from there. And then I was working for a nonprofit for many years because I wanted to help the world. Sorry,

[Yoni Mazor] 9:05
Let’s jump into the nonprofit what year did you start there? It decided we don't know the age anymore. What year did you start working for the nonprofit? Until it took us about stationery in your career? Um, don't tell us the age you started there. Just tell us

[Athena Severi] 9:19
Like it was like in the mid to late 2000s. Right.

[Yoni Mazor] 9:23
Okay, mid-2000. He started, you know, another path in your career. And this is a nonprofit. So this is a little different. Because I've done business profit, you can make a lot of money every week if you do a really good sales. So what What compelled you to go to that path? Um, what was that? Well, what kind of nonprofit was it?

[Athena Severi] 9:39
It was it would help the artists who like at first I was doing some stuff with artists that you know, we're big celebrities and making a lot of money from it. But I fell in love with the person who's struggling and trying to make it in LA because there's like, it attracts a lot of those people. So I worked for a nonprofit for years, until I got married and I got pregnant with my first son is when I decided to, you know, stop the nonprofit because I would work there, you know, 12 hours a day.

[Yoni Mazor] 10:05
So it wasn't your nonprofit, it was an organization that was already existed.

[Athena Severi] 10:09
Yeah, and I and that's where I met my husband. And we were both like, they're like trying to help people and save the world. And it was like this whole thing. So I have a passion for helping people. That was one of the things I loved about the consulting company, that pretty much everything I've done is it somehow was meant to create an impact in people's careers and their lives. And that's something that drives me. So that's nonprofit. And now fast forward, I'm now married. And I'm pregnant with my first son. And so I go back to my consulting firm days because I wanted to, I knew how to clinic in the health industry.

[Athena Severi] 10:42
Yeah, so then I go back into the consulting firm days, and I start working from, you know, there, and then I had my first son. And this is a lot of wear this women's stuff comes from. Because you know, that I love to empower women, and I stand for mothers and that kind of thing. So I was working for a corporate company again, and I was supposed to have like a couple of months off, which is normal in the United States. And I remember having my little tiny son and looking at him and going over my dead body and my turning over this tiny baby to some sort of babysitter while I go sit in an office like that just made no sense to me. So I brought him with me to the office, I created this whole thing, you know, in a corner office, to be able to care for my son. And it was just a real struggle, struggle Yoni, like I needed to continue to work. And I didn't have Amazon at the time.

[Athena Severi] 11:30
And so you know, trying to balance a career, like a corporate career. And the hands-on mom was just difficult. Like I

[Yoni Mazor] 11:40
The organization was open to that the fact you create an environment for yourself in the Work Pro space with your children.

[Athena Severi] 11:47
Yeah, I mean, they tried, it wasn't that easy, as soon as my son started to get a little older and more vocal, it just kind of ended. So I was like, one of the only people that would work. I mean, they wanted me so badly that they were trying to accommodate me. But the problem was, I felt like I wasn't being a good mother, I wasn't being good at my career, I was, you know, kind of being stretched in two different directions. And it was a bit difficult to be fair. And so I was yearning. And I was looking for something that I could do on my own time, my schedule, to be able to make money, and also to be able to be the mother that I wanted to be, which is where I found Amazon. I guess there was that. So this now is 2015 or so. And 2000. Is that right? Yeah, about 2015. And a friend of mine was quitting his job already.

[Athena Severi] 12:35
Cohen, Chelsea Cohen, who's also part of our community, they're wonderful people. And he was quitting his, you know, decent six-figure job. And then what kind of job was done? He's working, vaulting firm, he was being consulted the same?

[Yoni Mazor] 12:47
It's the same company working in.

[Athena Severi] 12:48
Yeah, exactly. Okay, guy. He's quitting his job. And I'm like, so what are you doing? Alright. And he's like, Well, I'm selling kitchen products on Amazon. And I laughed out loud. I'm like, Haha, that's so funny. What are you doing? He's like, No, I'm selling these kitchen products, I want to show you. So what he did is he opened Seller Central. And he showed me the money that was being deposited in his account every two weeks. And it was more money than we would make in months. And I was like, whatever that is, give me a piece of that. And that was my first realization that Amazon was an amazing opportunity because he was gonna then be able to do that from home, which is what I was aching to do. Because what I loved about Amazon is you can work as much or as little as you want to, you had no boss, and you were able to just do it. So I remember that that day that I'm, you know, I realized that I was not just making enough money to sustain my life.

[Athena Severi] 13:41
But as soon as I started launching my first products, by the way, they were yoga headbands, it was like yoga accessories. So, um, meanwhile, oh, my gosh, I forgot to tell you this part. So cuz I love building communities. When I became a mom, I built a huge mother community, right? And so I would, you know, do picnics and events, and get all these sponsors and Whole Foods to sponsor and the firemen would come and it was like this huge thing. We do 50s picnics and all this stuff. Because you know, the community is my thing.

[Yoni Mazor] 14:09
Wow, did you communicate with them via WhatsApp or Facebook?

[Athena Severi] 14:13
Facebook group with 1000s of these amazing women. And I would do all these, you know, seminars and toy drives and all these things to support this community for years. Because when I became a mom, it was very important to me, you know, to support other women.

[Yoni Mazor] 14:26
And you started when you became a mother, essentially, or even before

[Athena Severi] 14:30
when I became a mother. Yeah, so I, you know, whatever world I'm interested in, you know, I was dating a basis when I was a teenager, I created rock concerts. You know, I became a mom. I had to create, you know, like Amazon. Yeah. So what was interesting is, it took me a few months to build up my Amazon business to where I ended up quitting my job and I remember that morning when I put on this like outfit. It was like a kind of casual kind of boss. I walked into the office and I told this

[Athena Severi] 14:59
Amazing guy who had supported me for so many years. I said I love you, I appreciate you. But I'm ready to move on. And he says, I love you too. And I know and it was like a touching moment because I had just grown past working for someone else. I'm now my boss. I've got my own business.

[Yoni Mazor] 15:15
And that next door that first gentleman you when you were 17, and you dropped your ID, it was the same person. Oh, no. Yeah, it was in a full circle. So years later, you come in circles my time.

[Athena Severi] 15:27
I'm still in touch with him. He's so ridiculously proud of what I do. Now. That's like a whole other thing. But anyway,

[Yoni Mazor] 15:31
I'm surprised he didn't jump on the opportunity to sell on Amazon.

[Athena Severi] 15:34
But, uh, yeah. So I walk in, I quit my job the next morning. And while this is still 250, and already, we're dumping into 216, it took a few months, like I ramped up my business very quickly. I'm very good at social. And I'm very good at branding. And I happen to have a big community. So when I release my products, it was really easy for me to ramp up my business. And I was able to do that quite quickly. So I'm an Amazon seller, I don't have any other income. That's now my thing. The next morning after I quit my job, I took my little boy who was only like two or three at the time to the zoo, and I posted a photo in the woman's group.

[Athena Severi] 16:10
Ladies, this is the first time I was able to make pancakes in the morning, and just go to the zoo, and not be stressed out and have my own business. I love being an entrepreneur. I got hundreds of comments asking me, how did I sell on Amazon houses? How did that work? Right. So the course that I took to learn about Amazon was called The Amazing Selling Machine. So actually got an awesome Yeah, amazing sell machine. Yeah. Yeah, so I got a link from them. I didn't even know it was an affiliate thing. Nothing I just asked for a link. And I posted it into the group. And I got like probably about 60 Women signed up immediately to become Amazon sellers. Right. So here I am. I'm a very new seller myself, right. Now I've got all these women that are like looking to me to mentor them. And I'm kind of freaking out because I want to support them. I want to do a good job. And I knew that the course wasn't enough. And it still is not enough. Like you watch a course you have so many questions. You need mentoring, you need support.

[Athena Severi] 17:08
That's really where tightened comes from, right. And so with these women, what I did is I use my power of networking. And I started to find successful sellers guys doing, you know, 10s of millions of dollars on Amazon. And they said, Hey, would you mind coming and doing like a little event with us a little, you know, coaching call or whatever. And I would just bring my girls so much more value. Pretty soon the men started to see that these events were way better than any other events going on. And they grew from my house to a restaurant where we did a cruise. And at this cruise, I didn't charge anyone anything. I paid for my cruise, everyone paid for their cruise. I had speakers and stuff. And that's where that lady Angie came from the one that had those booths anyway. So she was one of my

[Yoni Mazor] 17:47
It was already 15 or 16?

[Athena Severi] 17:49
Now we're like into 2017 or

[Yoni Mazor] 17:51
So it was a year or two into the mix your salary got a community boom, you were larger and larger events over to a cruise. Yeah, I got something about the other side of things. Your husband was still at a nonprofit organization where what was his projector?

[Athena Severi] 18:05
He went back, he went to the consulting firm with me and now he's a consultant at the consulting firms.

[Yoni Mazor] 18:09
So he's holding firm with the health staff in the clinic. He's still around there. Yeah.

[Athena Severi] 18:13
Yeah, for sure.

[Yoni Mazor] 18:14
Okay, at least you left him something good that the organization there is something that you like and appreciate. And it's in their hands. That says pretty well. Okay, so 217 in the cruise, what's the next step,

[Athena Severi] 18:24
Building this cruise? And the thing is, I had people come up to me and say, you know, I have been, I've spent $25,000 on these masterminds. What you've brought to the table here is something I've never seen before. And it was because I created a space where people could have an abundance mindset. They were very giving. They're very positive. I attracted good people. And these were successful people. And they went up and they were showing live, this is what I'm doing with my PPC, right. Like, this is what I'm doing to drive traffic. Like, it wasn't just a bunch of Guru Stuff. This was real life, Amazon sellers helping Amazon sellers to expand. And between that and the Caribbean. And you know, the dinners and the thing. This is a Thetis magic, right? I sat there on this cruise, and I realized I just stood back and I said, you know what, this is me. Like I love Amazon. I love the game. It's great. But if there's anything that I can bring to this world, it's creating these experiences, because it's like what I was meant to do.

[Athena Severi] 19:19
So that's when I realized who I am, what my powers are, and what I should be bringing to this world.

[Yoni Mazor] 19:24
So what does that mean that you know you're in the retail game I call it the retail game on Amazon. And yet also the community game right so to speak. And then you're releasing now realizing the moment around 2017 that although you love the retail game, the ability to build communities and I help them succeed in this game, the retail game this is where you find you know, your comfort zone, and your passion and your energy and motivation. So what happened you make a pivot to your next move?

[Athena Severi] 19:50
Around the same time. I mean, I was very much invested in my Amazon business I was struggling with sourcing because a lot of my products were textiles and sizes and textures and just different things. And I would go through a lot of trouble with sourcing, and so somebody pitched an idea to go to China and I thought, hey, this is great, I want to go learn directly from the people, I'm gonna meet them, I want to see the products. So I go on this trip. And I was much underwhelmed. They had no networking, no proper mentoring, and they were teaching people the opposite of what we teach in Titan, which is to build real relationships.

[Athena Severi] 20:20
They were treating people with disrespect, trying to talk to them about the price right away instead of building proper partnerships. And so I was sitting there in the room, watching these guys talk about things. And I'm like, I'm not an expert. But I do know humans, and I do not believe that this is the right way to go. So I started to think about putting on an event that would be what I was hoping that I was going on after I'd spent 1000s of dollars on this other event.

[Athena Severi] 20:41
And so I told them, you know what, guys, like, I'm thinking of doing my event. I just want your blessing. Yes, you have our blessing. Okay, great. And so I decided to put on a 12 day trip to China, bring them to the Canton Fair, which I had never been to before. And I was gonna bring 50 people I didn't even have an email list, a sales page. I had a PayPal link, and a Facebook event, and a lot of like excitement and energy that this was going to be the best thing that ever happened. So what I did is I found a guy who had been going to China for over 25 years, who is one of the most amazing people you've ever met. And he has this huge network in China. So he brought in some other experts, and then I brought in some sellers, and we did 12 days of networking, masterminding, etc.

[Athena Severi] 21:25
And I blew everyone's minds away. And that's where China magic was born. And the China magic,

[Yoni Mazor] 21:31
I guess the main idea here is to help you know, sellers and entrepreneurs can source in China in a nice, successful long term way, as opposed to the other event that you want to just want to get the straight you will Oh no, you have a challenge in your retail business. And the challenge is sourcing you go kind of see what's the curriculum, what's the environment to help you with that and you were underwhelmed, like, scrapped that I'm gonna, I'm gonna help myself because you still got to source your products, but then boom, another environment other community was created. It's pretty, it's pretty crazy. And China magic happened. The first trip was 217 or 218 2017,

[Athena Severi] 22:06
I think or 2018. I don't know my timeline these days. But yeah, because

[Yoni Mazor] 22:10
I probably missed you guys. I was 2017, in the Canton Fair, but I went to October one exactly four years ago. Oh, wow. That's what you wanted the April one or the October one, you remember

[Athena Severi] 22:19
Going to every single one thereafter, because it just created such an impact. And one of the key things that I think was so important is that people got connected because they spent enough time together. And also that ability to speak with the mentors, you know, the successful people. So like in five minutes, they could solve a problem that would maybe take somebody weeks, you know what I mean? So it's like, a lot of progress, a lot of connection. Those people were still friends had a few of them over at my house, my kid's birthday party, they were from China magic one. And they're still friends. And you know, it was just amazing what happened in that environment. So that's turned to a magic one.

[Athena Severi] 22:55
And then I met a very special human. And you know him as well. His name is Dan Ashburn. And I met him out, a friend of a friend introduced me to him. And we were chatting and stuff and invited him to come and be a speaker in China with me. So on our second trip, Dan came over. And I was impressed. Like, this guy just really knew his stuff, very bright. And he said, Hey, you know, I love what you're doing here. I would love to kind of help you make this even better than it is now.

[Yoni Mazor] 23:27
And what was he doing what was his focus with back in the day?

[Athena Severi] 23:30
So the thing like he was working with another community, he was consulting Amazon sellers, you know, he has a very extensive econ background. He was managing brands had his brands. So he's very successful. He was also you know, kind of in the mentoring space as well. So he was doing a great speech over in China. But you know, as I saw,

[Yoni Mazor] 23:47
He's based in the UK, right? You're based in the US. Are you still in LA? At that point?

[Athena Severi] 23:52
Yeah, I'm still no, like he's in the UK. He comes over to China with us. And I just started to see that he was the yin to my Yang, like, I had the energy, the people I had, you know, the pizzazz, but he had the structure. And he had sort of that technical know-how and he started he's like, you know, you need an actual page for people to sign up, you know, like, all these like simple things that for me is like, just not my strength. He is amazing at that. So this guy just completely transformed China's magic. And when we got together and did China magic three, it was extremely powerful. And I saw that we had something there. So we kind of, you know, worked together with China magic over the next couple of years. And then we had this amazing evening where I told him I said, you know, after China, everyone goes home, you know, they try to stay in touch. They try to do these things, but it doesn't work. And I would love to have something where it continued past China. So the magic we have in China magic, the impact recreating, I want that all year long. And we had some amazing people on that trip. I mean, kids

[Athena Severi] 25:00
Nozari Who's an absolute wizard? You know, we had Andrew Erickson, based in Scotland, Ireland, I think Scotland. He's now living in Dubai, but Kingo sorry, if you guys have not followed Kindles already, or Dan Ashburn, like find them. They're amazing. Ken is a sourcing genius, disguise sources for the NFL, the NBA. So like he was, you know, one of our top mentors, we had all these amazing people. And Dan and I stayed up almost all night when they and we wrote three pages worth of things that we thought, you know, sellers needed, you know, they needed more support, they needed that one on one attention, they wanted more events, they want all these things, they wanted resources, they want to connect with people like batida because they want us to be able to filter out like, who are the service providers that are creating impact and who are not. And you know, like all these things, they were always asking me, who should I talk to? What do I do? And I was like, so finally, three pages of you know, ideas later. This is after China magic three, right? Yeah, this is like trying to magic for something.

[Yoni Mazor] 25:59
To 17.

[Athena Severi] 26:00
This was two, it was two half years ago. So this is 2019. This is May of 2019. I think.

[Yoni Mazor] 26:09
So about almost three years for you, yourself being in the China magic realm because you had to 17 to 18 to 19. Within three years. This is maturing, this is becoming something that it's already kind of bursting inside and the boom is put on three pages, three pages,

[Athena Severi] 26:23
We became the top sourcing trip in the world at this point, we bring 100 people at a time, it was very prestigious, and the results we were getting out of this role. People were just really excited, we would sell it out while we're still in China, like it was becoming quite a thing.

[Yoni Mazor] 26:36
If I can borrow or steal a little moment there from China magic UCS is what is the, you know, challenge source from China? What's the essence of this? What you know, not sure? What's the essence of this is? What are you recommend, you know, well,

[Athena Severi] 26:50
so when it comes to sourcing, right, you want to build a real partnership with the people that you're working with, right. And you have to realize these people have been working in a certain field, sometimes for generations, right. And so what you'd see is these inexperienced Amazon sellers or even very successful Amazon sellers, would come and try to talk to these people and tell them what to do. And think that they know better how to build something that these people have been literally for generations creating, right.

[Athena Severi] 27:18
So it's about forming a partnership with them. And being able to negotiate amazing terms, like the thing is when you work with someone like you guys are one, then all of a sudden, they're willing to give you terms that are unheard of, they will tell you what the latest trends are, they'll work with you like right now when things are so tough with shipping and all these things it's like because our guys know how to build these real relationships. The suppliers are working with them to kind of help them to cover some of the costs, figure out how we can work on things like this is a different material that we can use, you don't get that when you come in, and you're just like rough with them, or you just have a supplier supply II type relationship. And if you want to learn more about that, like Ken is a genius, like a guy will go and play basketball with the people and build the backpack with them and play with the kid, you know, the boss of the factory, and just they become family and he sends them gifts, and they came to you know, his brother's wedding.

[Athena Severi] 28:10
And, you know, it becomes like a real partnership. And because of it, they work in a way that you just can't do any other way.

[Yoni Mazor] 28:17
So yeah, it's so powerful these days, because the sourcing is such a now you know, 2021 year, we're in the year 2021, towards the end of the year, you know, sourcing is a global issue. And if you have that relationship established, and you can create, you know, workarounds because they're your partners, not just technical or just your suppliers and they will prioritize the next person up or whoever the higher submitter, it's a bit deeper than that, they care for your care for success, and be able to hopefully, survive these challenges. That's a great, great upset to have, you know, based on the ability to be part of the, you know, China Magic community. So I think that's another cycle of closure that you guys had, unintentionally once the pandemic hit, and all this craziness, global logistics issues, and sourcing issues came into play. So that's another nice closure you're getting right now with the value of the actual, you know, the actual value and the offset,

[Athena Severi] 29:07
We have people because, you know, we teach the same philosophy within Titan, right. And we have a whole sourcing team on the ground. Like we have a lot more resources now than we even did back then in China magic. And, you know, we see people's competitors crumbling, because they don't have those relationships, they don't have those cash terms. They don't have, you know, the factory owner being like, really close friends, like when the power outages are happening, you know, if they only have, let's say, 20% of their power, and they can only work on 20% of the products that they need to do. Do you think that they're gonna go for our guys who have a really special relationship? Or you know, Amazon Seller A, B, C, and D, who they have no, you know, connection with right?

[Yoni Mazor] 29:48
Are you sorted on Alibaba? And just as kind of random, I don't know where yeah,

[Athena Severi] 29:52
Yeah. And we also have this entire network of factories that we've developed over the years because of all of our connections. So it's not

[Athena Severi] 30:00
Not just one connections become like a whole family and we've got this whole thing and so our guys are surviving and they're able to get their product in when other people are just falling apart. And so you know, I'm grateful for that. And a lot of that came from our roots, which was you know, this China trip. Nice. Alright, so let's get back into 2019 you spit out your connections become like a whole family and we've got this whole thing. And so our guys are surviving, and they're able to get their product in when other people are just falling apart. And so, you know, I'm grateful for that. And a lot of that came from our roots, which was, you know, this China trip.

[Yoni Mazor] 30:13
Nice. Alright, so let's head back into 2019. You spit out your whole belief system on a three-page, are you, and then okay, what happened?

[Athena Severi] 30:21
What happened? So we write three pages of just we dump everything like everything we think people want, you know the sourcing help, they want discounts. They want software that thinks like a human brain instead of a software developer's ideas of what's cool, like all these things that we ran into as sellers ourselves. And so three pages of it we handed out to the first thing I did was I handed it to one of my favorite guys as a read this. He says, Yeah, I said sign up. He says. So I knew immediately. It was what people wanted. So out of 100 people, I'd say maybe 80 of them signed up for Titan. Right? So there's a conversion right there. Yeah, it was almost unanimous. Do you know what I mean? It was like every, I mean, they saw the value, they knew who we were, they knew how much we cared, they wanted more help, you know than they'd been getting. So we had like this whole network on day one, right. And then right after that, I used to take all of my mentors and speakers to Thailand, or some fun place, Beijing wherever we'd go on these trips.

[Athena Severi] 31:20
So we go to Thai, Thailand, and Dan and I are stuck at the hotel, everybody else is out, you know, having fun, go to temples go to all these great food places, and did it are sitting in this as a little conference center, putting together the beginnings of Titan, because we didn't even have the network yet. We already had 80 members. And that's kind of how all of this began. And what was as beautiful as these people already spent 12 days with us, they loved us. And they kind of helped create all this, because they would feedback to us like, oh, we like this, we want more accountability. And they knew how much we cared. So they kind of like bear with us while we started to build things. So it was kind of like building your parachute as you're falling. But it was amazing. And that's the beginning there,

[Yoni Mazor] 32:01
The founding members of the founding nucleus, where they understood, it's all-new. But instead of like, Hey, I didn't get this you could didn't get that was like, Oh, I think this can be useful. This can be great. And that helped it mature in the right way. And a valuable way. I would say also,

[Athena Severi] 32:16
We still have most of them in Titan to this day. And they're just my loves like we're gonna see them soon at an event that we're doing. And they're just still like just gung ho, they're, they're, you know, just yeah, they love it. It's amazing. So the three pages that you wrote, right?

[Yoni Mazor] 32:31
You want to share with us a little bit, what were the main fundamentals? Or was the mission statement? Or was it like, Hey, we're gonna do this is

[Athena Severi] 32:37
Literally like, Guys, we know you want more than what we've been able to provide in these 12 days. So you know, we are going to provide you strategy, one on one so that we can take a look at your business, figure out what you need to do. And that's going to go into like an accountability thing. So it was just a list of all of the things that Titan does still to this day. And it was just everything we thought that people were missing because all that was offered before was like an introductory course, which was not sufficient for someone who's scaling past their first product or to you know, so there's a course or they had these expensive 25 $50,000 masterminds, where people would get together three times a year. And I was like, that's not worth it. Or there'd be like a Facebook group, or people would chat in a Facebook group. But that wasn't enough either. So there was nothing like tight in there still isn't where you had actual mentorship, and we would separate people into small groups. And we'd work with them on that phase of their business, to help them scale to that next phase, the next phase until they're doing at least eight figures, which is our goal for all of our guys.

[Yoni Mazor] 33:38
Got it. Let me understand this today as a reality sensitive for Titan. So it is a platform, there's the technology behind this. Am I correct?

[Athena Severi] 33:45
Oh, yeah, we've got some high. I mean, the software that we've developed over the last couple of years is just incredible. It's very, it's we have the platform that we've built from scratch like the whole thing is so let me get this straight. So if I'm listening to this,

[Yoni Mazor] 33:59
I'm not part of the time in the members, but I'm listening to this now. Right. So whoever's listening to this, this episode, the members, they log into this platform, and that's the Titan world. Right? Yeah, they can see the other members there. The curriculums, you know, the schedules, the event is coming up, you got the virtual events, you got the physical events, it's like going to university in a way. It's like, oh, you created your university with its sorority, or you called I never went to the university physically. I never went to those. How do you call those clubs? When you have an

[Yoni Mazor] 34:27
Eternity fraternity sorority? Fraternity? I'm not sure. Yeah, God. And what's amazing is like you mentioned the phase, are you in the launch phase? And then you have, you know, the next phase will come will you have the curriculum in the environment committee ready for you and the ones who are experiencing the same phase up and up and up, it goes until like, you know, 10s of millions of dollars, which is innovative. I don't think anybody kind of did that to support this kind of a spectrum of phases. And a nice, solidified, recognized valuable way which is just working. So he started with 80. What's the reality today with your mind with the community?

[Athena Severi] 34:59
We've got well over 1000 members, it's been two years. And you know, our guys are just, they just crazy.

[Yoni Mazor] 35:05
That's explosive. That's like 2012 bucks in two years.

[Athena Severi] 35:07
Yeah, they have an amazing abundance mindset. I, I or my team speak to every single person before they join Titan because we want to make sure they have the right culture fit. They have to be ambitious, they have to be caring, and they have to be open. Like we just built a community where everyone's there to lift each other, you know, you go left at the door, we're here to do better together, we're stronger is our motto. And it's very true. Because the thing is, it's all being led by about 40 of these leaders, we call them and they're all multi-million dollar sellers. They've got superpowers, all of them. And so like our software, our strategy, everything is being dictated by people who are in the trenches, right? These are like the same formula. These guys know what they're doing. And these are the ones that mentor, we don't hire coaches, we only have these amazing human beings that are willing to give their time. They don't even need to, which is the crazy part. Like I feel like Titans, sort of like powered by fairy dust. Because these people don't even need to get paid for this. You know, they do. But they do it because they believe in the movement, and they believe in helping people. And that's why you get such real help and real care. And it's just been amazing, an amazing experience.

[Yoni Mazor] 36:20
So many of the telogen. Org network community is open to just people who live in the I don't know, in Europe and US or this is a global thing.

[Athena Severi] 36:28
We've got people in Japan, Dubai, we've got an all over Europe, Mexico, or Equal Opportunity ecommerce community. Yeah, I will say this only, and I'm very, very proud of this. It's about 40%, women, Titan,

[Athena Severi] 36:42
We’ve got some amazing strong females. I didn't talk much about that. But when I first got into the Amazon space, I was one of the only females that would show up to these events and things. And you know, I've been inspiring and helping and supporting women this whole time, the very feel very confident, very supported by us. And so you know, when you come to our events, it's like very, you know, very nice to see everyone represented. And I want to tell you one thing that was so special, we had this woman called the other day, and there was a lady, her name's Linda, she's a young girl. She just got married. And she said you know what, Athena? I never wanted to have children until I joined Titan. And I saw so many of you, not just being mothers, but also being able to continue with your career and your life and enjoy your life. And she said you were my inspiration to wanting to have children. That's amazing.

[Yoni Mazor] 37:28
Yeah, wow. So hold on, let me get this straight. So she was like, I want to be a career woman because of that children are, quote, unquote, a distraction of some kind, right to Blogger. But hold on, let me recalculate this because what do I want to career, I want financial stability, oh, there's our carry around my way I can have financial stability with being an entrepreneur in this ecommerce space in the Amazon space, and how this community that it's inspiring, it's motivating me, it's energizing me, it's allowing me to succeed, and therefore I can have children. That's, that's impact. Like you mentioned earlier, the impact. That's a great indicator there. I love that.

[Athena Severi] 38:02
Pandemic. I mean, it's been a very rough couple of years, for many reasons, right. But at the same time, we've got this weird space in Amazon where it's like, the hardest it's ever been yet there's so much potential and people are having these amazing exits. And there are these aggregators, and there's just all these challenges and stuff. And I feel like having a community of people who support you, and then also kind of having this edge on strategy and, and resources has really helped people through and it's not just, you know, business-wise, but even just personally, you know, we do things about health, about yoga, we've got like, you know, fitness stuff, we've got mindset stuff. So even have things within tightening to support you as an entrepreneur as a human being, because without you doing well, it's very difficult for you to run your business. And so we've become quite holistic in many different ways. So we've got the business side, we've got that personal side, and we've just really been able to support each other during some dark times, some amazing times, births, you know, weddings do all of it, like we're just

[Yoni Mazor] 38:59
a real community, like the ups and downs and all around and all this together. So the power of one and unity. So let's talk about three to five years into the future, what's gonna happen, what's gonna happen with Titan? The community, what's your vision? What's your, what do you wish for yourself and the community.

[Athena Severi] 39:14
Um, I am so grateful for what we're doing. It's a dream come true. So I want to impact and help more people. I want to also we've created I think, for youth, my kids both been selling on Amazon since they were young since they were about seven and 10 years old. And so my 14-year-old is now in Titan, I signed him up so he's going through all the training right now because he wants to do a new brand. And so I'm excited about creating an environment for the next generation and even really young guys to learn from you know,

[Yoni Mazor] 39:45
Just got it so instead of because I know you're the university we're saying I'm gonna build the high school or junior natural progression from up to the downright.

[Athena Severi] 39:53
Yeah, and then I wanted for like really young ones too, because the thing is like, society is not set up to empower entrepreneurs, you know, in a lot of us grew up and we were weird, and we were different. And aren't we following the status quo? And I think there needs to be a space for people like ourselves who think outside the box. And that's okay, you know what I mean, and celebrate that, because imagine, like, I was very lucky that I had such supportive parents, otherwise, I who knows what path I would have been forced into. And so I want to be able to support, you know, use women, mothers, like, that's a big thing for me, just in general. But also, we're getting more and more cutting edge with what we're doing, we're about to be able to automate some things that are just amazing. So really, Titans just becoming stronger and stronger. And I am just very excited for what the future holds. I've got amazing plans for events and experiences that we're going to be doing, and just to meet more people and support them. I mean, honestly, it is a dream to be in this in this world.

[Yoni Mazor] 40:49
Nice. Yeah. So as far as I can read it, you know you know, expanding the impact in one or more global levels and touching more lives impacting more lives for the positive and for the better. That's a great thing to do. Okay, I want to kind of package the episode to see what we got so far. Right. Before I do it right now in Florida. So once you make the move, I

[Athena Severi] 41:09
Love it. Yeah, it's been about almost three years. So Florida. Okay. Yeah. So do you want me to kind of summarize,

[Yoni Mazor] 41:17
I'm gonna summarize. No, this is from me. I'm gonna summarize. Yeah, let's see if I got it. Right. So one reason LA, right. So Father, as a producer, mother was an actress, and you're very, very entrepreneurial, even from young age-friendly communities, around to the age of 15, you already got your GED, and you were able to go to work. And you worked in Universal Studios, you were really good sales lady with you know, all the markers, especially markers, your work this for this lady who showed you the ropes, and you had closure with it later on 17, you come in with the resume, all looking sharp. And with this consulting company, and the health clinic industry, you got the job, and you got a really good mentor, which you also had closure with him later on. But after that job, you your nonprofit, right, mid-2000, you’re nonprofit for a few years. And then for another few years, you came back to consult with the health industry in the clinics.

[Yoni Mazor] 42:02
And then 2015 Mr. Cohen, our record I believe he was your colleague in that company, he's the one you know, that brought ecommerce and Amazon knocking on your doors telling you Look, this is what's going on. This is the opportunity you seize the so you went back to your mentor and one of the hires you were with the company told what we were gonna do you had his blessing. And then after going to the races into the world of E-commerce became a sell yourself. And then in 2017, you create channel magic because you see there was you know, you had your challenges with sourcing. And that was due to grew to great success. Without growth, you also were able to come across a path with Dan Ashburn, and together I know after years of in the making, we're doing with China magic and growing and growing it you were able to in 2019, to give birth to tattoo network, which was kind of the natural progression for China magic. And then from 80. Members, it started right away today. And it's a worldwide you got more than 1000 members, impacting lives helping you know, entrepreneurs and 40%, Our Lady, which is ladies, which are probably 400 Plus entrepreneur, ladies in the community, grow to prosper, have the confidence to build themselves financially, but also with the families, which is an amazing, amazing, I guess, contribution to humanity, right? People need to grow, people need to have more kids and grow that. So that's a beautiful thing. Yeah, so we got everything correctly so far.

[Athena Severi] 43:23
Oh, my gosh, you're amazing. Yes. God.

[Athena Severi] 43:27
Does. God thank you.