Viral Amazon Products on TikTok

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Viral Amazon Products on TikTok

Amazon TikTok #amazonfinds

While most shoppers start their product research on Amazon, there’s a rising trend, particularly among GenZ consumers, to favor TikTok instead; which explains why Amazon TikTok with the #amazonfinds hashtag generates over 26 billion views. 

You may have heard someone say, “I bought it because I saw it on TikTok.”  Actually, a lot of people are saying just that. With more than one billion monthly users, TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. TikTok promotes all sorts of products and eCommerce sites, but  Amazon is by far the most popular.

Amazon’s “Internet-Famous” hub page features a collection of Amazon TikTok best sellers in popular categories including Home & Kitchen, Electronics, Fashion, Tools and Home Improvement, and Toys. 

As a video platform, TikTok provides brands the opportunity to showcase products and gain a considerable level of “eyeballs” with the #amazonfinds hashtag. Indeed, during the recent Prime Day sales, many Amazon TikTok products saw significant upticks in sales compared to the same period a week before. It’s particularly useful to promote less glamorous product categories viewed mostly as commodities. But as an Amazon TikTok, it creates considerable interest.

Let’s take a look at some Amazon TikTok products that are going viral.

Revolution InstaGlo R810 Toaster

Some people might balk at the price tag for a toaster; $349 for a toaster sounds a little, well, overdone. The product build and feature set certainly isn’t of the white bread variety. But this toaster was a viral Amazon TikTok during the pandemic, and it seems the high-tech approach to perfect toasting isn’t waning in popularity. This is thanks in no small part to “TikTok Made Me Buy It” kind of videos.

RELPOM® Slushie Maker Cup

This slushie maker turns just about any beverage into a slushie. Amazon TikTok helped achieve a nearly 400% increase in revenue over the last year. This goes to show how TikTok turns just about any product into a viral “gotta have.”

The Pink Stuff

The Pink Stuff is featured on Clean-Tok, the cleaning video platform of TikTok. Many of these videos often appear with the #amazonfinds hashtag. As you might gather from the name, the product is pink and, well, it’s stuff, a kind of gooey paste. It comes in a tub and its gritty abrasiveness is well-suited to remove tough stains. It is fast becoming the stuff of greater sales on Amazon TikTok.

Wireless Charging Station

We all need one of these three-in-one charging stations that went viral on Amazon TikTok. This is why revenue for this product is up nearly 95%. That’s certainly charging up sales. 

The Scrub Daddy

This product seems to vie for the title of “Scrubber of All Time” as an Amazon TikTok favorite. The Scrub Daddy Revenue is up 96% from last year, with an 89% increase in unit sales. Guess you could say the product is cleaning up.

Hair Rollers

What is more ordinary than a hair roller? A hair roller that isn’t an Amazon TikTok. Because hair rollers that appear on TikTok have “rolled up” a 445% revenue increase over the last six months. And that’s not ordinary.

Vegetable Chopper

Shades of late-night television infomercials! The multifunctional veggie chopper and dicing machine is an Amazon TikTok must-have product. Revenue is up 45% in the last year. 

Bento Boxes

A bento box is a Japanese-style lunch box that typically contains separate compartments for protein, starch, vegetable, and vegetable or fruit. Bento boxes were a huge Amazon TikTok favorite, recording a hearty 53% revenue boost over last year.

Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets are filled with plastic pellets or glass beads. The added weight is purported to produce a calming effect and improve sleep quality. They sell on Amazon for $109.99 and have seen a 54% revenue increase in the last year.

What Else is Tick Tocking?

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