Ways to Get Amazon Product Reviews

Ways to Get Amazon Product Reviews

Ways to Get Amazon Product Reviews

Ways to Get Amazon Product Reviews

It’s no secret that online reviews hold sway in the eCommerce world, and if you’re an Amazon seller you know that product reviews are essential to the health of your business.

One study showed that nearly 80% of customers felt just as trusting of online reviews as personal recommendations, while 85% read reviews for local businesses online. Finally, 73% felt that good online reviews built their trust in a business.

This trust and confidence can be a huge win for your bottom line. And why shouldn’t it? If you have a product that impresses your customers, you should show it off with positive Amazon product reviews.

So, how can these coveted five-star reviews work for you? Let’s take a look.


Benefits of Amazon Product Reviews

How do positive Amazon product reviews drive sales?

Your customer might be on the fence about a product. However, seeing a review can give them the final nudge to feel comfortable purchasing. Alternatively, they might be choosing between your product and a similar product from another seller. At this point, seeing good reviews can help break the tie and show your product is the better choice. 

If a seller has concerns about the quality of a product, these can be put to rest by seeing Amazon product reviews praising your product. Finally, five-star reviews can function in a similar way to word-of-mouth recommendations, only the entire world is sharing the buying tips.

The fact that product reviews emulate old-fashioned word-of-mouth endorsement is key to their importance. Our prehistoric ancestors did not have the internet, but they did heed the advice of others, and listening to these recommendations was sometimes crucial for survival.

In modern times, seeing a stack of enthusiastic five-star reviews can give us a sense of safety and confidence in a decision, even if that decision is merely about which blender to buy. As we join other people in purchasing a product they are happy with, we can rest assured that we’re making a well-vetted choice.

More is More When it Comes to Amazon Product Reviews

As mentioned, seeing people recommending a product compels our social senses. However, what’s even more compelling? A lot of people recommend a product. Better still? Even more, people recommend your product.

That’s right when it comes to Amazon product reviews, you want as many as you can get. Ask yourself which product will sell better: one with a 4.3 rating and 500 reviews, or one with a 4.8 rating and five reviews? The answer for many people is the product with the greater number of positive reviews overall. 

Achieving high numbers of reviews not only convinces customers, but it can also make your product more likely to appear in Amazon searches.

But how can you get your review numbers up? Let’s examine a 5-tier approach.

customer experience
  1. Offer a great product and give customers a good experience: Ensure that your product quality is up to snuff, and communicate your product’s attributes honestly. When buyers are disappointed, it can often result from a disparity between their expectations about the product and the reality of the product.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask for a review: Many buyers will simply forget to leave a review, particularly if the product is as they expected. This is why it is important to send a well-worded request for a review in the window of time after the product arrives. This will ensure the experience is fresh and the customer will be in a good frame of mind to share their positive assessment.
  3. Share review requests through social media or your newsletter: Why not reach out to those who already love what you’re doing? By asking your social media followers or newsletter subscribers for reviews, you tap into a customer base that appreciates your business and can help share what makes it great.
  4. Look at your competitors’ reviews: You probably already have some idea who your top competitors are and by diving into their reviews you can see what they are doing well, and where they are falling short. This gives you the opportunity to emulate their successes, and avoid their failures.
  5. Court the attention of top reviewers: Top reviewers are compiled into a list by Amazon and these individuals are valued for their critical abilities and insights. Offering your product to one of these respected reviewers can be the first step in gaining one of their reviews. Remember to identify reviewers who use tags relevant to your business and be ready to dive into their profile to find their email contact. Taking care to personalize your request to the reviewer can make all the difference when it comes to being selected. Finally, never forget to thank them for their time if they move forward with reviewing your product.
fake reviews

Are Fake Reviews Worth it?

It’s time for a controversial topic: fake reviews. 

Amazon does what it can to prevent the practice of fake reviews, so take caution as you approach this idea. In a world where reviews can make all the difference, it’s more than a little tempting to bulk out yours with some that are bought and paid for.

However, if Amazon does catch on that reviews have been faked, you could face an account suspension. With this risk in mind, there are several platforms that can offer assistance with this endeavor:

  • Buyamazonreviews.com: It might sound fake, but this is really the website’s name. Can they be trusted? We’ll advise staying vigilant as you approach this enterprise. 
  • Fiverr: Among Fiverr’s many unusual wares, you’ll find Amazon reviews ready for the faking.

Should you turn to the dark side and snag some fake reviews? Only you know if this risk is right for your business

Battling Bad Reviews

On the web, you’ll find a number of people who are more comfortable expressing negativity behind a screen than they ever would be in real life. Sadly, this means that receiving negative Amazon product reviews is inevitable once your business reaches a certain size. What matters most is how you handle them.

The first thing to remember when you see a negative review? Stay calm. Responding to the situation with your own negative emotions is not an effective way forward. 

Next, decide if it would be helpful for you to respond to the review, or if some resolution can be offered to the customer. Remember that this situation need not be personal for you, even if it is for the buyer. Be cautious about responding publicly, and keep in mind that it pays to be empathetic, well-mannered, and solution-oriented. 

Going Forward With Those Reviews

Now that you have a deeper understanding of how to make the most of your Amazon product reviews, you’re ready to get out there and start pulling in those five-star reviews. 

Remember that Amazon product reviews are an essential part of your business and the more you can get the better. After all, you want to showcase how great your product is so your customers can buy with confidence, and enjoy what you have to share.

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