Ways to Grow your Amazon Brand

Ways to Grow your Amazon Brand

Do you want to grow your Amazon brand? By using the right product launch strategy and implementing smart tools, you might be able to expand your brand by tenfold in just a few years.

Breaking the process down into steps such as research, testing, new packaging, and fresh SEO will make this potentially intimidating process accessible regardless of your business size.

Let’s evaluate an example: Angry Orange, a product that eliminates pet odors. Thrasio acquired this brand in 2018 and transformed $2 million in annual revenue into $20 million, simply by following a series of steps towards brand growth.


Keywords are Key

Angry Orange was an 8 oz. bottle of concentrated ‘fresh enzymatic cleaner’ when Thrasio took it on. 

If you aren’t certain what exactly ‘fresh enzymatic cleaner’ is, you are not alone. Customers did not seem to understand the product’s identity.

This meant there was a critical disconnect between keywords customers were using to search for their desired product and the technical terms associated with Angry Orange. Focusing on the needs customers were revealing with their search terms, Thrasio rebranded Angry Orange as an odor eliminator. Now, when a potential customer used the keywords ‘odor eliminator’ they could be connected to Angry Orange for their need to be met.

Of course, enzyme breakdown was the process by which odors were being eliminated, but customers weren’t focused on this. Rather, they were looking for the end result of a room smelling better.

Checking out a keyword search using Helium 10 tools such as Cerebro or Magnet can help you to gain a better idea of the keywords your customers are using to meet their needs. 

Consider how Customers use Your Product

As Angry Orange was repositioned, Thrasio researched competitors and found that the top performers were products that were immediately ready to use. Angry Orange was a concentrated 8 oz. product that could be made into 96 oz of usable solution. Though this was efficient, customers were still preferentially buying 24 oz. products that could be used to clean right away. This prompted Thrasio to consider how to smooth the way for customers to select Angry Orange.

If you are looking for insights regarding your Amazon brand, you can use BlackBox to find common themes, or XRay Chrome Extension as Thrasio did in order to identify this issue.


Create New Opportunities

Thrasio identified the potential for a new companion product for Angry Orange by using Brand Analytic’s Basket Analysis tool. When customers purchased Angry Orange, they were often also purchasing UV detection lights. Thrasio recognized this opportunity and launched a new product: the Stain Sniper, a cleaning spray with an attached UV light for identifying stains.

By gaining this insight into consumers’ buying habits, Thrasio was able to offer a product to better meet customer needs. 

However, you may not have access to Brand Analytics, but still want to find correlations between product purchases. This is where the Products tab of BlackBox can help by showing facts such as:

  • Products that are often checked out at the same time.
  • Products that are purchased close together in time.
  • Products that Amazon recommends advertising for.

Packaging Upgrades

Without the right packaging, a great product can go unnoticed. This means that rebranding your product can give it a new lease on life. 

Angry Orange began with a cluttered label that was filled with text and focused on the name, Angry Orange. After a rebrand, the label had a sleek design with far less text emphasizing the word ‘odor’ most prominently and the word ‘eliminator’ second most prominently. The transformation made the product immediately more appealing and drew attention to the most important customer need.

However, the rebranding team continued making improvements including adding easily understandable instructions and creating content that highlighted the end result of using Angry Orange.

Product makeovers can be a great way to elevate your brand and drive sales. If you are curious about how your branding stacks up you can use Helium 10’s Audience tool to poll between 50 and 200 people to gain fast market insights. This can help guide your branding decisions and ensure you pivot correctly for your product.


Promotion Strategies 

The final step in transforming sales of Angry Orange was to enhance the way it was marketed. When a product appears on the physical shelves of a shop, the graphics of the product packaging provide a fairly straightforward promotion. However, on the virtual shelves of Amazon, there are a few more angles to consider such as virtual hashtags and creative graphics that share the product’s USP, or unique selling proposition. In the case of Angry Orange, this meant highlighting the product’s massive value per ounce. 

Thrasio used a hybrid of strategies to promote Angry Orange including a variety of special offers such as Lightning Deals and Prime Exclusive Discounts.

SEO Elevation

At last, it is time to consider optimizing SEO in order to drive sales. 

When evaluating keywords, Thrasio used a variety of tools including Cerebro, Magnet, and the Helium 10 Chrom Extension in order to find what would work best for Angry Orange. This helped transition Angry Orange into a less saturated subcategory and contributed to Angry Orange earning a Best Seller Badge, which needless to say invites customers to take a second look.

Going Forward

The combination of innovative branding, well-researched customer needs, smart SEO, and eye-catching graphics can trigger a brand to grow at an impressive pace. Add the spice of creative promotional strategies and you might have a product Cinderella story like the one Angry Orange lived. By breaking the process of brand growth into achievable steps, you can tailor this process for your Amazon brand and lead your product to unlock its potential.

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