What Are the Best-Selling Products in May 2023

Amazon’s Best-Selling Products Set a Trend

The most profitable products to sell on Amazon are often the best-selling. If you’re wondering what the best-selling products are on Amazon this month (May 2023), you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a look at the best-selling products on Amazon that might give you some ideas about what trends you might want to jump on. Just for example, you could differentiate a best-selling product by offering it at a lower price or adding an unusual feature.

In any event, here are the best-selling products for May 2023.

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Cinco de Mayo Party Decor

Not surprisingly, the closer it got to this holiday, the more searches for this product. This is an example of how you need to prepare seasonal products well before the actual date arrives.

Odds are pretty good next month’s best-selling products won’t include anything related to Cinco de Mayo.

Drink Tumblers

Mother’s Day Drink Tumblers

Ditto. Do take note of the popularity of these food-grade stainless steel and BPA-free hot and cold beverage tumblers. But it’s hard to say whether beverage travel cups are going to be a big seller again next year, since presumably now many mothers already have one. Perhaps this is a category you might want to avoid if you’re going to plan on any products for a Mother’s Day sales push.


Mother’s Day may have passed by the time you are reading this, but there are graduations and proms, and other events coming up. Necklaces are trendy this time of year.


April showers bring May flowers, so it’s perhaps no surprise that buyers expect it to continue to rain. A particular best-selling product in the raincoat category is a foldable, lightweight, and long-length style.

Rubber Boots

If raincoats are a best-selling product, it stands to reason that rubber boots are also a best-selling product. Which they are. Specifically, unisex and waterproof rubber boots advertised as “anti-slip” were best sellers in May.
Ice Face Rollers

Ice Face Rollers

This beauty best selling product claims to reduce skin puffiness, inflammation, and redness to rejuvenate your face,

Agave Straws

Environmentally-friendly products are frequently best-selling products. The latest example is the biodegradable agave straw. Unlike paper straws, agave straws feel like plastic and don’t get soggy. Because an agave straw sucks, it is a best-selling product.

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Artificial Grass

No watering. No mowing. And it always stays green. What’s not to like? Apparently, nothing, as artificial grass is a best-selling product in May just as the outdoor backyard begins to beckon.

Outdoor Inflatables

If you’ve got kids, and even if you don’t, nothing says “fun” more than outdoor inflatables, available in a variety of colors and shapes, from an inner tube for the pool to a giant slide.

Waterproof Playing Cards

Speaking of pools and being near the water, extra-durable waterproof playing cards are best-selling products trending on Amazon.

Solar Patio Lights

As things warm up and the summer season gets closer, people are spending more time outdoors than ever. Solar-powered lights are easy to install and are a great option to light up a patio or backyard.
Cocktail Sets

Cocktail Sets

Cocktails are hip. And considering what a cocktail costs if you go out to a restaurant, practicing mixology at home is a rising trend. This is why cocktail shakers and strainers and other accessories are a best-selling product category.

Camping Accessories

This is the time of year when people start planning camping trips and other outdoor activities. This explains the uptick in Amazon searches for camping accessories.

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