What are the Most Sold Items on Amazon?

What are the Most Sold Items on Amazon

What are the Most Sold Items on Amazon?

Fast Growing Items on Amazon 

You want to look at items on Amazon that are the most sold to gain insight into consumer trends, as well as to consider if you want to private label a similar new product or one that complements trending items on Amazon. Particularly if you are just starting an Amazon business, you want to know which items on Amazon are in high demand to develop your product strategy. Getting in on items on Amazon that are trending, especially if there are relatively few competitors, is a great way to jumpstart your business.

Let’s take a look at some of the most sold items on Amazon and why they are red-hot:

  • Storage 
  • Eco-friendly products
  • Smartphone accessories
  • Home office equipment
  • Kitchen appliances and gear
  • Beauty Care
  • Pet Supplies
  1. Storage

You can never have enough storage. Never. Even for people who prefer to read on their tablets, bookcases are popular display items on Amazon. And for things that people need, but don’t want to display storage bins, racks and containers are “can’t have enough of” items on Amazon. This is particularly true of young and growing families that need someplace to put toys, extra clothing, and other belongings away in some sort of organized fashion. According to a Business Wire report,  U.S. consumer demand for home organization products is projected to increase 3.8% per year to $12.7 billion in 2023. 

The opportunity here is that for the most part storage containers are inexpensive to source, but command higher markup for retail sales. The drawback is that these products take up space in your inventory. If you don’t have access to a warehouse, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a great option to manage these kinds of items on Amazon. However, FBA isn’t free and large products incur higher storage fees, as they would with any third-party logistics provider. Consequently, whether you use FBA or another provider, be careful to select storage items that are likely to sell quickly. Avoid the unusual, whether color or dimensions, and stick to those storage items on Amazon that appear the most popular.   

  1. Eco-Friendly Products

Consumers overwhelmingly prefer items on Amazon labeled eco-friendly. Why buy something that has a negative environmental impact when you can buy something either the same or very similar with minimal or no environmental impact? This is why, according to at least one survey, the sale of eco-friendly products is expected to more than triple by 2025.

It’s not just that eco-friendly products are better for the environment in general, but also that consumers are also concerned about keeping potentially dangerous chemicals and toxic substances out of their homes. In addition, items on Amazon that come in recyclable packaging that needn’t get thrown away in the trash are generally preferred. 

Items on Amazon that are eco-friendly encompass a wide range of categories. They include cleansers, cosmetics, clothing made from sustainable products, laundry detergents, compostable trash bags, reusable shopping bags, and energy-efficient appliances. 

  1. Smartphone Accessories

These days, just about everybody owns a smartphone.  But not everyone has a screen protector or a dashboard holder or a case or a tripod stand, or even if they do, at some point they need a replacement or just something different. This is why there is an entire category of Cell Phone Accessories of items on Amazon. Global phone market accessories are projected to reach $284.06 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 3.1%.

  1. Home Office Equipment

The wide-scale resort to remote working during the pandemic is not going away. Even companies asking employees to return to the office are in many cases leaving open the option of some at least partial work from home arrangements. This is why the home office spending market size is set to reach $25.71 billion in 2022, with a predicted expansion at a CAGR of 15.7%  to reach $82.42 billion by the end of 2030.

  1. Kitchen Appliances and Gear

This is another of those items on Amazon stimulated by the pandemic. With more people staying at home, more people are cooking at home. And the more people cook at home, the more they are looking for different ways to cook besides a stove and microwave. That means rice cookers, blenders, and air fryers. Other items on Amazon related to kitchen use include such utensils as silicone spoons, cheese boards, digital meat thermometers, mixers, and pots and pans organizers. According to Grand View Research, the global tabletop kitchen products market size was $40.81 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.5% from 2021 to 2028. 

beauty care
  1. Beauty Care

Beauty care is one of the fastest-growing items on Amazon. This is due in part to the influence of social media featuring cosmetics and skincare products. According to Statista, the beauty care market is expected to grow annually by 8.6% CAGR over the next four years.

  1. Pet Supplies

More than 23 million American households, or nearly one in five nationwide, adopted a pet during the pandemic. According to one projection, the global pet care market grew to $261 billion in 2022; up from $245 billion in 2021. An estimated 6.1% (CAGR), will boost that figure to $350 billion by 2027.

Pet supplies  include:

  • Meals (dry and wet), treats, and special diet food
  • Leashes, collars, and harnesses
  • Toys
  • Beds 
  • Shampoos and conditioners, 
  • Brushes and grooming utensils
  • Sweaters and other apparel
  • Customized pet tags 
insurance policy

Insurance for Your Items on Amazon 

Trends for items on Amazon continually change. We’re not suggesting these are the products you need to sell or must sell, only that these are some ideas to start doing your product research. What we do suggest is that if you opt for FBA to handle your inventory and order fulfillment of items on Amazon, you make sure you get reimbursed for any Amazon mistakes.   

GETIDA (GET Intelligent Data Analytics) is a risk-free solution to determine if you are owed reimbursement for mistakes handling your items on Amazon managed by FBA.

Founded by FBA sellers who were looking for a cost-efficient way to recover their reimbursements, GETIDA combines a powerful software tool with an experienced team of former Amazon employees experienced in the reimbursement claims process. There is no charge to use the software or even to file claims. 

GETIDA is fully transparent. The only charge is a percentage of approved claims for reimbursement. Plus you can get the first $400 of Amazon refund claims for free. 

It’s also free to sign up for GETIDA. Even better, you can get $400 in free FBA Reimbursements to try them out. With your approval, GETIDA submits the appropriate refund claims and manages the entire process on your behalf. So you can focus on selling more items on Amazon.