What Shoppers Look For in Amazon Product Photos

What Shoppers Look For in Amazon Product

What Shoppers Look For in Amazon Product Photos

There are many ways to improve your Amazon listing experience for shoppers. Many ways will reflect the overall trust of your product and brand, in addition to improving conversions. One of the key ways to increase your overall listing experience and have a stronger competitive advantage is through the Amazon product photos you upload to your product listings. 

There are the obvious things that every “how to shoot product photography the right way” blog says such as having good professional lighting, using a DSLR camera, and always using a professional studio photographer. We are going to dive deeper into truly how to do Amazon product photos right. What is it that your listing needs to be equipped with to turn lookers into buyers with the power of product images that sell?

Set Your Amazon Listing Apart

One of the #1 things we hear as a product photography studio is clients telling us they want images just like their competitors. Although it may be a great way to find inspiration for your Amazon product listing, it won’t be the key to setting your listing apart from your competitors. Even though you may be going after the same market, what will be the reason they choose your product over your competitors? What makes your listing different? 

One of the best ways to quickly gain attraction towards your listings and increase the likelihood of you winning over your competitors is offering imagery that is original to your brand and product. That may be through engaging, colorful, and unique studio images or maybe through a lifestyle product photography photoshoot with models and locations that truly speak to your market. Whatever it may be, be different.

Add A Human Element to Amazon Product Photos

Add A Human Element to Your Amazon Listing

Humanizing your listing through the use of lifestyle product photography will create an emotional connection and familiarity with your listing. Creating images that show “use case” will bring an emotional trigger to your shoppers. Instantly they see themselves using your product and become comfortable with the notion of purchasing it as they see themselves utilizing it in the future.

Lifestyle imagery also showcases that you understand who your market is and speaks to. It is suggestive of who you are selling to. If your product is a rugged backpack for hiking but your images are of school children, it won’t speak to your market. In addition, if your product is a rugged backpack but you have no images showcasing the use of it; there may be confusion to the buyer on whether the backpack has use for hiking or for school children. Overall, it helps a shopper make a better-informed decision on purchasing your backpack.

Offer Angles and Showcase Features

Offer Angles and Showcase Features

It can be daunting for a shopper to make a purchase online without being able to feel your product and shop with their hands. In today’s commerce landscape people are shopping with their eyes, no longer with their hands. The #1 way to help your visitors on your listing to make an informed purchase decision is by offering a variety of angles that showcase all the features of your product and leave no part of your product unseen. 

Let’s go back to the rugged backpack example. Most rugged hiking backpacks offer multiple pockets, fitted straps, and different materials that it is made with. Having basic products on white images of the front and back will not help you sell the features that most likely make your product special and unique to your competitor. Even text in your description will not do your product justice enough. A great way to showcase those features is utilizing models using the features associated with your product or intimate/close-up images of those features.

Start and Leave with an Impactful and Lasting Impression

Start and Leave with an Impactful and Lasting Impression

Remember the old saying “you only get one chance at a first impression”? With Amazon listings, it could not be any more relevant. Your first impression begins when someone searches for your product. Your hero image (first image displayed) will be front and center somewhere between the first and last listing on the search results page. How impactful is that first image that you have in your listing? Impactful enough to have a shopper click on your listing? 

How about when you get that click through to your listing and the shopper has 3 or 4 tabs open comparing your product listing to your competitors? Are your other 7 images leaving a lasting impression on the shopper to want to stick to your listing, learn more and eventually click “add to cart”? It is imperative that every visual step on your listing is prepared with your best images that truly capture the essence of your product and showcase each feature with strong, intimate, and humanized images to create an emotional connection and make another sell.

There is one question at the end of the day you need to ask yourself and your team – What makes us different from our competitors? What makes your listing truly unique? How can you leverage the small amount of screen real estate that imagery is given to create stronger conversions and create a need rather than a want while a shopper views your product?

Kyle Nelson is the CEO and Co-Founder of Results Imagery. Results Imagery creates strategic media assets for brands and agencies. Through premium product photography and video production, Results Imagery helps Amazon sellers break through the noise and become leaders in their industry.

Final Word

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