Who are the Biggest Amazon Sellers in the World

Who are The Biggest Amazon Sellers in the World

Who are the Biggest Amazon Sellers in the World

Have you ever wondered who the top Amazon sellers in the world are? 

Let’s take a look at the latest rankings of Amazon’s top 1,000 marketplace sellers. In total, we’ll review data on trading across North America and Europe.

To start with, we’ll review the global top 1,000 sellers, and then we’ll venture to the top sellers in Amazon’s different global marketplaces.

Next, we’ll list the top 500 sellers in Amazon’s unified European and North American marketplaces. Let’s get started!

Who’s on the top 1,000 Amazon seller list?

Though there are many different dimensions to consider, we have ranked sellers by feedback. In particular, we have focused on feedback that those sellers have received in the last 12 months which should prevent seasonal product sellers from gaining an unfair edge.

As you probably know, feedback is hardly the only way to measure success as an Amazon seller, but it does indicate sales volume. According to Amazon the majority of sellers only receive feedback on approximately 10% to 20% of their sales. This means that the true sales numbers will be five to ten times higher than the feedback received, generally speaking at least. Feedback rates can vary quite widely and sellers themselves report rates as low as 2.5% and up to 18%, depending on the particular business.

Keeping these parameters in mind, let’s take a look at who the top 1,000 sellers are across all marketplaces.

the world

Where in the world are Amazon’s top sellers?

Next, consider which of Amazon’s global markets offers the greatest numbers of top sellers.

It is worth noting that the three top marketplaces have been the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany for the last four years. 

The United States tops the list with 434 of Amazon’s top sellers in 2021, though this is 15% down from the year before when this number was 512.

The UK emerges in second place with 273 of Amazon’s top sellers, revealing an increase of 24% since 2020.

Third place goes to Germany with 136 of Amazon’s top sellers. This has grown by 24% since 2020 when the number was 110.

An interesting development is the appearance of Brazil on the top 1,000 with two sellers primarily in Brazil making the cut. Meanwhile, Amazon Australia offers one seller in the top 1,000. This seller is Book Depository UK, though after a glance it is obvious this seller is, in fact, an importer to Australia from the UK rather than an organically Australian enterprise.

Amazon’s newest markets in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, UAE, and the Netherlands have not shown up with a seller in the top 1,000 yet, though these are marketplaces to watch for growth and development.

Top European marketplace Amazon sellers

As we analyze the data on European Amazon sellers it is worth learning that sellers on Amazon marketplaces in Germany, the UK, France, the Netherlands, and Italy may trade using one unified account. This means that feedback for these sellers is tied to one seller ID, making it difficult to identify the proportion of feedback coming from the different European marketplaces.

Trading across borders remains robust as shown by the fact that just 25% of the 500 largest European sellers receive feedback from only one marketplace. 

The trend towards cross-border trading is clear as many sellers have sales distributed across many European marketplaces. This is no small feat when factoring in cultural differences and language barriers that come into play for marketing.

Map of Europe

Unified Amazon seller accounts

You might notice that despite the trends toward cross-border trade, half of Europe’s top Amazon sellers seem to have sales in one marketplace. This can be because they use distinct accounts for each marketplace rather than a unified account.

For example, the top seller in Europe as well as worldwide for 2021 is MEDIMOPS and it only uses one account in Germany. The company does use other Amazon seller accounts for sales in different markets, for example, Momox in the UK and France.

Top Amazon sellers in North America

Upon closer examination, you will see that Amazon has also unified its marketplaces in North America. This means that a seller can more easily sell to customers in Canada, Mexico, and the United States from a single seller account.

Of the top 500 Amazon sellers in North America, 50% sell across multiple marketplaces. This is an increase of 32% from 2020, indicating a trend towards unification in the North American marketplace. Over 20% of these sellers receive more than 10% of their feedback from outside the seller’s primary country. The primary country of most of these sellers is the US, however, this does not stop them from gaining significant portions of the customer feedback from beyond the border.

We will need to continue to observe to find out if cross-border trading in North America imitates the European trends. Mexico’s marketplace is continuing to mature and take shape so its growth in the North American marketplace will be particularly interesting to watch.

As we keep an eye on the North American marketplace, remember the significant disparity in the size of the economies of Canada, the US, and Mexico in contrast to the comparable sizes of many European economies.

The unified accounts of North American sellers make it difficult to spot cross-border trading sellers, just as with Europe’s unified seller accounts. Taking a quick look at the top ten North American sellers, you might think two of them sell only in one market. However, Anker does sell in all three North American countries but does so by using a distinct account for each one.

Amazon.com’s top sellers

Take a look at the top 10 sellers in the Amazon.com marketplace and keep in mind that the feedback varies from the more global list because it is based solely on sales in the US marketplace. This means the numbers will be different for unified account sellers.

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Amazon UK’s top sellers

Next, let’s review the top 10 sellers from the Amazon.co.uk marketplace. Once again, please note that the data is exclusively for sales that occurred in the UK marketplace. This means that for unified accounts the numbers will vary.

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online seller

Germany’s top Amazon sellers

Here are the top 10 sellers from the Amazon.de marketplace, only using feedback received from sales that occurred in the German marketplace. Merchants selling to the broader European market with unified accounts will have different numbers than on the global list.

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Going forward

The Amazon marketplace is an ever-changing landscape so it will be interesting to watch how the numbers above shift in the coming years. Without any doubt, there is further potential to be reached in each Amazon market around the world.

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